Mid-Air Carry-on Bag Robbery and TSA Rejecting DC Licenses

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  1. Not sure how celebrating anything Xmas related is “progressive”. If anything, it’s the common road most-traveled. Also, the conservative society that I’d like to see most fundamental change is the American one. Let’s see what we can pull off after Trump.

  2. About the theft, the author doesn’t mention inspecting his bag after security to ensure the cash was still there. If he didn’t, based on his own descriptions, it seems far more likely that the theft occurred during the security check and not on board.

  3. Really not that surprising that Etihad would have a Christmas video. The Christmas story (birth of Christ) is part of the Islamic faith.

  4. As noted above (‘Xmas”), there is little left in the holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ. It is all about parties and giving presents. I am guessing that a very few people could even explain what the word “Christmas” means, or the fact that it is a Christian celebration.

  5. Years back I had trouble getting into Chicago bars with my New Mexico drivers license. They didn’t seem to know it is a state and thought it was something I bought in Tijuana or something. Maybe those guys now work TSA at ORD.

  6. @omnifos, that’s a good thing! Better to bring this winter holiday back to its roots–the celebration of the passing winter solstice–rather than the manufactured usurped celebration of another sky lord!

    Don’t worry, I’m a proud atheist and I still celebrate. I even say Merry Christmas!

  7. @ Truth, the timing of Christmas has little to do with Pagan holidays. Though birthdays were not celebrated centuries ago, it was a widely held belief that martyrs died on the date of their conception. Count nine months from the known execution of Jesus and you’ll find yourself on December 25th. Atheism is the least scientific belief in the world. You have to suspend logic to believe it. Merry Christmas to you too.

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