Missed Connections: Woman Desperately Wants to Find Seatmate From Her Seattle Flight

Jomaica Alfiler is looking for the man she sat next to on a Lufthansa Frankfurt – Seattle flight.

She was in window seat 43A on flight LH490. He “sat in 43B, helped her with her luggage, her seat and even offered her his blanket.”

“I was walking down the aisle and looking for my seat and there he was sitting and looking,” she said.

“We exchanged smiles. I had small luggage with me that I had to put above the compartment before I sat down.

“He offered to help me out but I insisted on trying to do it myself because I’m a strong independent woman.

“In the end he helped me anyway because I was too short to even reach it — I’m 5’1.

“He asked me if I was cold since he wasn’t using his blanket so he could give it to me.

“He also tried to help me recline my seat back but we both failed. However, I still thanked him.”

Alfiler purposefully didn’t use headphones to try to encourage him to start a conversation, with no luck.

She failed to get his full name or contact information so they could meet up in six months in Vienna without spoiling the romance.

Alfiler reached out to Lufthansa on Facebook hoping for help tracking down her seat opponent, to no avail. Lufthansa blames GDPR.

She probably should have tried to start the conversation. Although maybe if he didn’t make the attempt, he just wasn’t that into her? Or spoken for, and a decent guy? Nonetheless if you sat next to this woman on Lufthansa, give her a poke on Facebook or something? Although if you want to screen her a bit first here’s her blog

(HT: Tommy L.)

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  1. Was his name Bryan? As in secret agent Bryan Sisco? In that case, photographer Danielle Valimont was not amused and complained to the police.

  2. They sat next to each other on an intercontinental flight from Frankfurt to Seattle and had zero conversations after putting up her luggage and getting settled in their seats? And she’s a “strong independent woman” who passively waited the entire flight for her fellow passenger to initiate a conversation?

    File this one under “Not Happening” and move along folks, nothing to see here.

  3. She’s cute, way too cute for such a ploy that smacks of desperation. It’s nice that at least some people get seated next to attractive girls, I always get stuck next to a heavyset gentleman.

  4. >If a guy did this it would be considered creepy

    No, if he’s attractive it would be suave and romantic.

    If not, he’s creepy.

  5. yikes. getting some serious attention seeker vibes from her. why do we indulge this mental illness?

  6. Based on the range of comments, I would say this is a sign of the times.
    It is ironic that the flight was destined for Seattle. Could the mystery man have been Tom Hanks, disguised as Captain Sully, Or Captain Phillip’s, or Captain Underpants? Stay tuned…

  7. “because I’m a strong independent woman.” I lost interest when I read her comment. My Asian wife for the last 46 years would never say that about herself.

  8. So thirsty and pathetic! She probably falls in love with anyone who smiles at her.

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