Mitt Romney Heckled As A ‘Traitor’ At The Airport And Inflight To DC

On Tuesday Senator Mitt Romney was flying from Salt Lake City to Washington DC on Delta – along with a plane loaded with passengers heading to the nation’s Capitol to support Donald Trump in advance of Congressional counting of electoral votes which will formalize Joe Biden as the next President.

Romney – who has said he did not vote for Trump’s re-election – has opposed efforts by some colleagues to attempt to dispute the results of the Presidential election.

In the Salt Lake City airport, a maskless woman came up to him. Before she could accost him he told her to put on her mask noting it’s a legal requirement. She said “Don’t tell me what to do” but then she did it anyway, and then asked why he isn’t supporting Trump. He said he does support the President “in things I agree with.” He wouldn’t go along with her request to support Trump’s challenge to “fraudulent votes.”

Romney responded,

We have a Constitution and the constitutional process is clear and I will follow the Constitution, and then I will explain all that when we meet in Congress.

Onboard a female passenger told a group of Trump supporters to tell Romney “what we think” and the group responded, calling him “Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!” along with “Resign Mitt!”

Another man nearby told him “Your legacy is nothing” while the original woman shouted “You’re a joke, absolute joke.” Another demanded “We want to know your connection to Burisma,” the Ukrainian company on whose board Joe Biden’s son sat.

A Delta flight attendant made an announcement for passengers to sit down and clear the aisle.

Mitt Romney frequently stands on principle, it’s just that those principles keep changing. He was pro-choice as Governor of Massachusetts, then he ran for President. He instituted Romeny-care, very similar to Obamacare, but then campaigned on repealing Obamacare. He condemned Donald Trump during the primaries in advance of the 2016 Presidential election, but then sat down with Trump as a Secretary of State posting was dangled in front of him. Running for Senate he offered ‘targeted praise’ of the President before turning into a critic, with six years until any re-election. In other words he’s a politician.

And Joe Biden was probably elected because in swing states people were reading for a return to a normal politician.

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  1. Surprised and impressed he appeared to fly by himself without any security, in economy. Handled himself well in the interaction with the nutjob as well

  2. A good politician WILL change his mind, according to the needs and desires of the constituents being represented. In a liberal, progressive, progressive state like Massachusetts, his duty is to follow the wishes of the (pro-choice) people, despite his personal beliefs. In a conservative state like Utah, he is ethically obligated to represent the majority.

    In all instances his primary duty is to uphold the Constitution.

    These MAGA fiends need a lesson in Civics.

  3. @ It is very scary that all of these uneducated, brainwashed people are running around exercising their power to vote. The US is screwed in 4 years, when we elect the next psychopath. Most of my life I couldn’t understand how Hitler happened. Not anymore.

  4. Your characterization of Mitt is unfair. You can argue that he has been politically expeditious in the past, but in the age of Trump he has been the most principled politician in the senate. He isn’t acting out of what’s best for his re-election; he’s doing what he believes his oath of office demands of him. Refer to his impeachment vote for all you need to know about the man. We need many many more politicians like him.

  5. @ ramalama8 — I’ve often wondered which would have been better: 8 years of Obama + 4 years of Trump + 4-8 years of Biden/Harris or 4 years of Obama + 8 years of Romney + 4-8 years of ???

  6. The last 2 paragraphs are not fitting for this article. Whether readers like or dislike Senator Romney, most don’t come here for American politics. It’s “View from the Wing” not “View from the Gutter”.

    If it were a school exercise, it would be easy for students to come up with 2 short paragraphs on why Biden is bad but Romney good. Or why Biden should leave the Democratic Party and form a new party with Romney. Like China and Taiwan, both Biden’s party and the Democrats would claim that they are the Democratic Party.

  7. Mitt always flies commercial. A friend of mine saw him on a flight, in economy class. He also flies with no security, and often alone. He knows that our democracy is at stake today, and will do the right and lawful thing. Trump and the cultists are a disgrace.

  8. @derek – +1, 100% agreed. I get why the blog covered these incidents given that they happened on a plane/at an airport (plus moar clicks!), but certainly don’t need an opinion of Sen. Romney’s political career at the end of the post.

  9. @Gene
    “ It is very scary that all of these uneducated, brainwashed people are running around exercising their power to vote “

    this is probably the funniest thing i will hear all year.
    Thank you

  10. Agree with the comments about not acting consistently, but his service in the senate has been honorable–particularly in light of so may of his colleagues.

  11. My friend was in the US House of Representatives for several terms. He flew back and forth every week from Chicago to DC, always in coach. He flew more than enough to have top status and would have likely been upgraded on some, if not most flights. He always stayed in coach. When I ran into him at DCA and asked why he didn’t take an upgrade offered to him, he replied “the optics are terrible. People would assume I was wasting taxpayer dollars on paid first class tickets.” He was a Republican btw–a sane, centrist one. He lost reelection when his district was re-drawn.

  12. With Freedom comes Responsibility. America is turning into a cesspool. Most of the people have serious mental issues. I’m happy when my time comes I’ll be retiring back to Europe. Only here for the beer as they say.

  13. Newsflash: The ease with which a large segment of Americans and Republican politicians reject democracy and the Constitution reflects the psychosis that has plagued this country since its founding.

    Those idiots who think we need more politicians like Trump have allegiance to a man not our country.

  14. These loser are telling a man who ran the Salt Lake Olympics, started a very successful consulting firm, was governor of Mass, is now a US Senator and also a Venti millionaire that is “legacy is nothing”.

    What a joke

  15. The MAGA mob has made the USA look like a 3rd world country. They make it look like we don’t run fair elections, and now we can’t even secure the WhiteHouse. Trump has done nothing to discourage these whackos. Makes us embarrassed to be Americans.

  16. When politicians in elected office and others who may have chosen such a life of public service end up being afraid, the political class changes and becomes like what happens in third world countries: those most able and willing to become politicians are thugs with their own army of thugs for “security” and other shenanigans.

    Stand up for America and oppose thuggery and the politics of intimidation.

  17. This is indeed a national and international embarrassment. Putin and a bunch of other thug foreign political leaders in third world countries are smiling and cheering on this national disgrace to the US.

  18. Trump’s approval rating (at least until this week) has consistently been more than 2X that of Congress… and that is pretty much true for most presidents.

    Congresspeople fly on commercial airlines because that is what the government requires in order for travel to be expensed. It is also part of why Delta’s DCA-SLC flight exists at all.

    This huge event in DCA provided the airlines with tens of thousands of passengers in a period when they need every cent of revenue.

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