Woman Who Took Private Plane To Storm The Capitol Feels Persecuted, Asks President For Pardon

Passengers from all over flew to DC this past week on American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and others to protest – and some to riot – at the Capitol. Many were maskless, some were kicked off flights. Others harassed Mitt Romney on the way to DC (and on the way home, harassed Lindsey Graham). Still others projected “TRUMP 2020” onto the ceiling of their aircraft. And others sat peacefully.

But Dallas-area realtor and radio host Jenna Ryan took a private plane. (HT: D.R.)

And she streamed the excitement of the trip from inside the plane as they prepared to depart the
US Trinity Aviation FBO in Denton, Texas.

Before events unfolded on Wednesday she laid out what was going to happen, she said “we’re going to be breaking windows” and would have to “deal with the tear bombs and gas bombs” and not only that she had to “dress warm” because it was cold old. And this was all because – with no self-awareness of having flown to DC on a private plane – “they’re taking everything” away from her.

She declared that “All these working class people taking the week off … We flew here for freedom. They want to steal the election, they want to steal everything…We the people are pissed off … We flew by a private jet, God wanted us here today. Trump is my president.”

And for her the storming of the Capitol wasn’t an embarrassment.

The good news of course is that by flying private, other passengers didn’t have to sit next to her in either direction. And some may revel in the fact that the woman who said she ‘answered the call of her President’ has been arrested and her social media stream is the evidence,

she posted a bathroom mirror selfie on Facebook with the caption: “We’re gonna go down and storm the capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s why we came and so that’s what we are going to do. So wish me luck.” She added: “This is a prelude going to war.”

In one now-deleted video, she filmed herself in a crowd going into the Capitol through the Rotunda entrance. She walked past broken windows, up some stairs, and said, “We are going to [expletive] go in here. Life or death, it doesn’t matter. Here we go.”

Then, she turned to the camera and added, “Y’all know who to hire for your realtor. Jenna Ryan for your realtor.”

By the time Ryan made it to the door of a building “clearly desecrated, with broken glass windows shattered, and security alarms sounding,” she yelled “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and “Here we are, in the name of Jesus!,” the complaint says.

Now she feels she’s being persecuted, and is asking President Trump for a pardon. (HT: D.R.)

After all, she’s the real victim here.

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  1. @Johnw. Not sure how you missed this, but 75 million Americans voted for Trump. More than voted for him in 2016. (More votes than Obama got. lol).
    Anyway, speaking of incivility and “appealing to the worst of us”, apparently you haven’t met Nancy Pelosi? The Left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.
    P.S. we can all thank the Party of Slavery (the Democratic Party) for the lovely organization of the KKK. The Left loves to ignore/erase history. That’s why they’re the ones who will doom this nation into repeating the same mistakes THEY made.
    But you’re right, good will ultimately survive, but unfortunately, so will evil as proven by racist and thoroughly corrupt Joe Biden and that equally corrupt walking cadaver Queen Nancy (Cruella DeVille). But by all means, keep going with the whole pot yelling at the kettle deal. lol

  2. Hey Cal…you are…trust me you ARE a F>n piece of human garbage. An absolute moron and a man with no soul. The world would be better without you

  3. So the election part is like this. We all put beans in the jar, say orange and blue. The blue goes first mainly because the orange refuses to go first because someone told them only cheaters go first. Most all of them put their beans in, then the orange puts some beans in, and the last remaining blues are put in. They start counting from the top and when all of the orange are counted and they are counting the very first blues put in the jar, the owners of the orange start yelling to stop counting now! Every bean counted now is illegal and the orange was ahead and would stay ahead if you just quit counting right now. These beans on the bottom were somehow added later and are not legal. And that is how this election has been. It is ludicrous and crazy. No one in their right mind can believe that the whole election was rigged but somehow we end up with people like this woman who believe it anyway. They want to believe it. It is not believable but they NEED AND WANT to believe it, so they do. That is easier than admitting defeat. She needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and even riots in the street do not compare to trying to overthrow our lawfully elected government.

  4. @UA-TDS

    Reading comprehension. He said OBAMA.

    Obama 2008: 69,498,516 votes
    Obama 2012: 65,915,795 votes
    Trump 2016: 74,216,722 votes

  5. Trump 2016: 62,984,828 votes

    Not that the total popular vote matters. There is no national popular election in the US.

  6. @Andy

    Seek psychiatric help, post haste. Or at least chillax over some drinks with Michael Beller, Esq. He probably has more time on his hands now that he’s gone from his day job.

  7. @Jenna’s probably working on a scam to sell time-shares in the prison she ends up in to other idiot Trumpsters!

  8. “The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science,” 1 a 2014 book.

    What is so striking about all of the people embracing unorthodox views isn’t that they are insane, but rather that they seem so normal. They are high-functioning individuals, who for reasons that within the book are only hinted at, have a deep flaw in their psychological understanding of how the world works.

    Indeed, what is wrong with these people? They are deeply tribal; they construct story lines to help make sense of the world; when evidence is presented in direct conflict to that narrative, they find ways to dismiss it or ignore it. Their compulsion for emotional narratives overwhelms any sense of data or evidence-based analysis. They are homo sapiens operating the way homo sapiens wetware has operated for hundreds of thousands of years. What is so shocking is not that these people are so awful or believe in awful things, but that they are otherwise rational and sane people.


  9. @Cargocult – don’t be a troll, this was an all-time election turnout driven by Trump being terrible.

    74mm sounds great til you realize it was dominated by 81mm. Because math.

    Go back to hating yourself and everyone else now.

  10. @ Gary. — Let’s see, if Trump pardons these people, he will be convicted by the Senate. Anybody wanna guess which he chooses?

  11. The Biden regime seems to have prioritized fighting this pandemic and rebuilding the economy over name calling. I’ve heard much more about what he’ll do to accelerate vaccine distribution and the experts he is bring in then any comments about Trump, as it should be. Seems pretty clear that President Biden is a man who believes action speaks louder then words. Pretty much the opposite of what Trump has done during the pandemic and his words (lies) have brought this Country to it’s knees at a time when leadership was needed the most. You can rebuild economies but a lot of people have and will die because of Trumps manic focus on himself.

  12. I’ve literally never seen anyone accuse Democrats of having TDS do anything other than follow it up with a completely insane tantrum about Nancy Pelosi.

    0 self awareness must be a wild ride.

  13. Btw , can you imagine if Trump pardoned her? The outrage that would cause? It would almost be worth it just to add another log on the fire that will burn the Trump legacy into ashes when history looks back on this time, not to mention the hell her life would become from the public backlash .
    Can’t wait to see the Trump “ brand” collapse as history clearly spells out the havoc he has wrought.
    Can’t imagine a lot of his base spends much time traveling and staying in luxury hotels.
    Maybe that my pillow nutcase will help him out with free pillows!

  14. Anyone thinks you can storm the capitol and break windows because some delusional monster brainwashed you into thinking he won an election deserves the harshest sentence available to her. Go sit in prison, pay your price for your crime and come out a better person. It is the only hope for people like her, not pardons.

    To watch President Trump and think he is good president, good man or anything other than a complete idiot is hard to fathom. I never once saw anything in him other than a monster long before his political days.

  15. Trump will go down as the worst president in modern history. Political policy aside, there is more to a president and he is the epitome of pure evil. Not saying the democrats are good people. Not saying Pelosi is not an absolute disgrace, she is. I am talking about Trump. Trump never once rose to the occasion. Never once stood to be the better man, he always stooped down to the lowest level and brought out the disastrous greed in our society like that awful woman seen in those videos.

  16. These punks are so lost in their cult that they don’t understand that Trump has one agenda in relation to any decision he makes. Him. He could care less about his “followers.” Especially now. Pardon? lol. What’s in it for him? I bet he is even using his classic line, “I never met these people, have no idea who they are.”

    I am laughing so hard at this idiot pleading for a pardon on TV. The schadenfreude is a pleasure as the cultist thugs are starting to realize that their leader was nothing more than a false prophet.

  17. Jenna dear, you are one sick POS and a coward to boot. Not interested in taking responsibility for your actions? Pathetic.

  18. This woman is deluded thinking he will pardon her.Trump only cares about himself, see how he turned on Rudy once he had served his purpose.

  19. From Tom Nichols, Professor Naval War College:

    This is the unseriousness of modern America: People engaging in sedition and insurrection as a Happy Hour party in order to brighten up their miserable, dull lives, because they feel like the world is a completely safe TV show and there are no longer consequences for anything.

  20. Nice post Jaymar and so well said by Tom Nichols…..when all the rhetoric and emotion calms down, as it will, the voices of the intelligent thoughtful people will drown out the Sydney Powell’s , Trumps, Giuliani’s etc. So many respected conservative Republican voices are now speaking out against just how destructive Trump has been and the damage to our country was hardly worth a few less taxes and regulations. Even the Evangelical Church is backing off ignoring everything Jesus taught in their support of Trump and starting to realize that being the religion that supports violence and lies over basic human dignity and morality is probably not a great path to head down.

  21. I watch and read a lot of news from around the U.S. and the world. I force myself to watch the likes of Fox and Newsmax just to try to understand WHY these people feel the way they do and where this crazy stuff comes from. I’ve said for the last several years that we don’t have a two party political system, we have a multi-channel system. You watch Cnn, MSNBC, read NYT or WAPO? You’re a liberal Democrat. You watch Fox, Newmax and read NY Post? You’re either a conservative Republican or a Trumplican.
    I’ve watched Fox News consistently spread OUTRIGHT LIES. I mean verifiable, provable LIES had any of their audience even attempt to verify them. They have their “entertainers” at night with their opinion pieces so hate filled that you can barely stomach them.
    I often wonder why so many people outright HATE Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi? In a word, Fox. When you ask any of them WHAT EXACTLY they think either of these ladies did to deserve such hate, they spew a bunch of outright lies at you, none based in reality. 400,000 Dead from Covid, none of them blame Trump. 4 dead in Benghazi and you’d swear that Hillary flew in and killed them herself! McConnell and Republicans put Hillary through NINE HEARINGS for Benghazi. Even though they found NOTHING in any of them, McConnell said the point wasn’t to find what they knew wasn’t there, it was to ruin her public reputation among people so that she would be a tainted candidate! HE KNEW there was no fault but it worked! How many people said they “just couldn’t vote for her” but none had a good reason even though she was clearly the most qualified candidate..and dare I say it, if she’d been in office during Covid, none of this $hitshow would be where it is now!
    Pelosi has spent years working to help poor, low and middle income families and small businesses by pushing for programs for everything from healthcare, school lunch, elder care, social security, education programs and a long list of others. But yet a large number of Americans hate her, many of whom are the DIRECT RECIPIENTS of her efforts, many have no clue of any of the good she’s done for them.
    I have a clueless Fox watching cousin who recently told my mother she was angry at Pelosi over her stopping the $2000 stimulus checks! What??? Yup, even though Pelosi and Dems pushed for 8 months for the bigger checks and more help for everyday folks and less for big corps, even though McConnell explicitly said he would make sure they never passed, Fox and other media convinced all those people that Republicans wanted to do it but the Dems just wouldn’t let them. Total LIE but they have a media that pushes whatever they say and repeats it over and over until their audience believes it.
    The same has happened with the Trumpies. They’ve been told over and over again a whole host of lies about how Trump has worked for America…you know, like those tariffs…the ones WE ARE PAYING FOR! The ones he tells them that China is paying so much for? Yeah, those. IF you ever buy anything on Amazon or from overseas (who doesn’t?) then you know that your prices have gone WAY up over tariffs. But they TRULY BELIEVE that Trump is making China pay those tariffs, and then he used the money to do a buyoff and paid farmers money hoping to keep their votes with some of the funds. They are mostly clueless about all the off-the-wall CRAP he’s pulled. The destruction of the planet, removal of nearly all EPA regulations. They think he’s brought or kept jobs here, even though we’ve actually lost manufacturing jobs. They’re convinced that those “conservative” judges were put there to eliminate abortion, the truth is that they don’t give a damn about abortion, they care about the CORPORATE INTERESTS THOSE JUDGES WILL PROTECT. They care that those judges will rule against average people and in favor of big corporations every single time!
    He gave tax cuts to billionaires and managed to convince poor people that somehow he helped them, even though the poorest are paying MORE NOW! It is all in the marketing. I’ve said it before, Pelosi and the Dems shoot themselves in the foot because they need better MARKETING and self promotion. Trump, by all accounts, is nearly broke, he is way over-leveraged but has still convinced a bunch of poor people that he’s not in debt up to his eyeballs. Marketing.

  22. Where is OneXMarine when we need him to tell someone there spelling or grammar are incorrect?

  23. Trumpsters: What would you be saying if an armed mob of Blacks calling themselves patriots attacked the capitol and caused the deaths of five people? I’m guessing you would be fairly disturbed about it and not condoning it. Just saw the policeman on the news last night who described his beating during the insurrection and feared for his life after one in the crowd shouted ‘take his own gun and shoot him with it”. Patriots?

  24. Gary, I’m one step away from cancelling my subscription to you.

    I’m sick of stories like these. Do not weigh into politics and pretend it has to do with travel because she flew private. You said nothing about the agitators who flew in to BLM riots in cities around the country.

    Enough. We don’t care. Stop with the mission creep.

  25. To add:

    Look at the comments section. People are shouting at each other and calling each other names. We have enough of that already. Why add to it?

    Stick to your mission.

  26. @Jack Johnson – if you knew about stories of BLM protestors flying private why didn’t you share those with me? Could have been interesting!

  27. Why are we so surprised by all these morons? They all watch the same channels, listen to the same talking heads, socialize in the same online groups. They’re dumb enough not to know they’ve been brainwashed.

  28. Did she say the Democrats had their knees on her neck.. Well now she knows how Floyd felt.

  29. Agree with @Jack Johnson, a post like this is just inflammatory and has nothing to do with travel. The comments here are just sad, people who are so invested in a person, party or philosophy that they waste their lives trying to argue about it.

  30. Guess we are giving up all pretense of this being a site about travel with articles like this.

  31. My guess is that she is willing to perform the same sexual acts she performed on the private jet for the President if he grants the pardon………..but only if he chants “Thank you Jesus” while she performs…………..

  32. On one hand I agree with the perspective that there is a time and a place for politics, however what’s going on does effect air travel. The potential for domestic terrorism or…more likely a rash of passenger induced inflight disturbances is important to shine on a light on. I never used to be very political and was fine with the balance often struck between democrats trying to promote legislation that improved people’s lives and republicans trying to support businesses that could fund a better society. However now that equation has been thrown out of wack by greed, dishonesty and narcissism promoted by the “Trump brand” and has victimized millions of vulnerable Americans. Saying I don’t want to talk about it is a disservice to the Country.

  33. @ James, Jack and Bill. Thank you for a few sane words. It’s refreshing to read a comments from rational people that don’t live politics 24/7. The usual suspects commenting here are very boring and disgusting with their political diatribe.
    Happy Landings

  34. I decided to channel my outrage and ask a higher authority for action in the case of this self-entitled and deluded twit. I lived in DC for many years and love my adopted city. I hate the fact that people like her come to DC,, turn it into a shitshow for the folks who actually live there and then think they are going home to their comfortable meaningless lives with no consequences.
    Having been a real estate broker for many years, licensed in seven states, I wrote to the Texas Real Estate Commission, attached the article detailed her arrest for serious felony crimes, noted her violation of ethics and the public trust and asked that the Commission consider immediate suspension or revocation of her license.
    I suggest many of you do the same. Here’s the email address:


    I’m sure if he knew me, Jesus would love me too!

  35. @UA-TDS

    Cal’s original comment was about Trump receiving more votes in 2020 than Obama did in 2008 or 2012. Do you deny the truth of this fact? Neither he nor I contested the fact that Biden received more total votes in 2020. That you are trying to move the goalposts shows how specious your reasoning is overall. I debate the points presented. I don’t make up new rules. I suspect Cal’s point was that Trump has immense support among the electorate. You are welcome to make up some fake “fact check” about “math” if it makes you feel smarter. It will only provide more evidence to me just how incapable of reason you are. Biden won with the same number of Electoral College votes that Trump did in 2016, by the way. Math! Go shake the ignorance and hate out of your body with some box jumps, fatty. So full of hate. Sad!

    My statements above have nothing to do with supporting Ms. Ryan. I think she is a deluded buffoon. I have no problem with condemning anti-social behavior. It was the hysterical left that refused to do so during months of rioting in our cities.

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