Woman Who Took Private Plane To Storm The Capitol Feels Persecuted, Asks President For Pardon

Passengers from all over flew to DC this past week on American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and others to protest – and some to riot – at the Capitol. Many were maskless, some were kicked off flights. Others harassed Mitt Romney on the way to DC (and on the way home, harassed Lindsey Graham). Still others projected “TRUMP 2020” onto the ceiling of their aircraft. And others sat peacefully.

But Dallas-area realtor and radio host Jenna Ryan took a private plane. (HT: D.R.)

And she streamed the excitement of the trip from inside the plane as they prepared to depart the
US Trinity Aviation FBO in Denton, Texas.

Before events unfolded on Wednesday she laid out what was going to happen, she said “we’re going to be breaking windows” and would have to “deal with the tear bombs and gas bombs” and not only that she had to “dress warm” because it was cold old. And this was all because – with no self-awareness of having flown to DC on a private plane – “they’re taking everything” away from her.

She declared that “All these working class people taking the week off … We flew here for freedom. They want to steal the election, they want to steal everything…We the people are pissed off … We flew by a private jet, God wanted us here today. Trump is my president.”

And for her the storming of the Capitol wasn’t an embarrassment.

The good news of course is that by flying private, other passengers didn’t have to sit next to her in either direction. And some may revel in the fact that the woman who said she ‘answered the call of her President’ has been arrested and her social media stream is the evidence,

she posted a bathroom mirror selfie on Facebook with the caption: “We’re gonna go down and storm the capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s why we came and so that’s what we are going to do. So wish me luck.” She added: “This is a prelude going to war.”

In one now-deleted video, she filmed herself in a crowd going into the Capitol through the Rotunda entrance. She walked past broken windows, up some stairs, and said, “We are going to [expletive] go in here. Life or death, it doesn’t matter. Here we go.”

Then, she turned to the camera and added, “Y’all know who to hire for your realtor. Jenna Ryan for your realtor.”

By the time Ryan made it to the door of a building “clearly desecrated, with broken glass windows shattered, and security alarms sounding,” she yelled “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and “Here we are, in the name of Jesus!,” the complaint says.

Now she feels she’s being persecuted, and is asking President Trump for a pardon. (HT: D.R.)

After all, she’s the real victim here.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong. Her behavior is inexcusable. Kind of like when NBA players making millions of dollars complain about how terrible and unjust it is to live in the USA. All this whining (on the left or the right) rings hollow from folks that are filthy rich.

  2. Whutta double standard. In 2018 when the “resistance” raided Capitol Hill over Kavanaugh’s appointment the media lauded their pr0test.

    “The good news of course is that by flying private, other passengers didn’t have to sit next to her in either direction.”

    I guess if these folks were protesting Kavanaugh this whole media blow up would be a non-event. Hypocrites. What happened last week wasn’t even that bad..

  3. No – it isn’t a double standard. What happened on Wed was wrong, illegal, seditious on so many levels. This is something you can’t control and could end very, very badly for all of us. Trump lost and he must be removed for inciting violence. Trump is a cancer and nothing he is doing or attempting to say is real. The funny thing is, he knows it and freely acknowledges it and yet so many fall for the con. The actions on Wed is not comparable to any of the BLM protests nor can it be justified by politicians, the very fraudulent right-wing media, or anyone that has repeated pledge of allegiance. Trump must be removed in a proper, legal manner and many of the people who incited this violence must be given a proper trial. Trying and convicting is justice and justice is needed right now.

  4. Guess you didn’t notice those things called “propellers” on the so-called “jet”. FWIW, it’s a Piaggio Avanti.

  5. While we clearly condemn any violence we also need to understand that there are 72 millions of Americans frustrated. When the left extremists were burning and rioting cities the media barely covered those events and KH had the nerve to say that they were “peaceful protesters”. Yes, this lady who flew in private jet is a nut head and of course I condemn marching into the Capitol and the violence. I am neither for or against Trump. I try to be objective here, but it’s hard when you see one party wanting to prevail at any cost. First by refusing to accept results of the elections (Trump didn’t force his way in the White House), then coming up with all sorts of conjectures against him making his life miserable at any steps and insulting his supporters, and in the end to top it off stealing the elections. Not to mention the media blatantly biased against Trump to the point of cutting him off completely from social media.
    Again, I am objective here. I don’t side with any party. Of course we all know that Trump often behaves in non presidential ways and comes out as a bully. But there are people who obviously don’t care about that.
    The hypocrisy of the left and the media bias is so evident that one must be blind in not seeing it.
    I believe in open dialogue and communication. If both parties continue on this path nothing good may come out and more violence will be incited from supporters of either parties. I am pretty sure that if Trump would have won the elections then the leftists would have marched on the Capitol. I feel very sad for the direction this country is going. As an immigrant I feel all the American values that made me want to be part of this beautiful country are slowly getting eroded. When one party unilaterally wants to impose its views it’s just a slippery slope towards a communist regime.
    And those of you who believe in communism really don’t have any idea what life in a communist society is. Name a communist country where the economy thrives and people are happy.
    That’s an utopia.
    Quite frankly personally I don’t care for either parties. I just care that American values can still live and pray that both parties would find a peaceful way to coexist through open dialogues and mutual respect. As Golda Meir once said “you cannot shake hand with a closed fist”.

  6. Well, 81,000,000 people don’t feel that way.

    Trump math:

    74, 000,000 is greater than 81,000,000.

    Yes, 74 million voted for Trump, their voices were heard, they LOST, repeat, they LOST. Just because they cannot accept it, the 81 million who voted for the other candidate should not be subject to their hissy fits. They are now the Snow Flakes, boohoo.

    Same math used by Cruz and Harley. I think that Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Oxford, may disagree with the math their alumni uses.

  7. All folks need to understand the one thing
    Attack on Capitol hill is symbolic attack on democracy, how do one justify to attack the cradle of democracy and calling themselves patriotic,
    Would we be okay if some other country attack our capitol hill?
    If no, then why we are okay with few among us attacking capitol hill is okay
    If this is not treated seriously then in future people won’t hesitate to attack city town hall, state capitol buildings, other federal buildings just because they are frustrated and reality does not match with their perceived or assumed reality

    Think, what is important democracy or loyalty to person
    We have seen kingdom and countries where people started becoming loyal to person instead of their own country

  8. Liz, please stop lying. You can start by telling the truth about your history as a Trump supporter and acknowledging that Biden is at least as fairly and squarely the President-elect today as Trump was 4 years ago today.

  9. @Liz. It’s a knee jerk reaction to compare them. I get that. But, It’s apples and oranges. First of all, as a resident of DC I can assure you there was a vast difference in the BLM protests and Trump Deplorables. Yes, there were bad apples that took advantage of looting and burning on the heels of BLM…but this was hardly “burning cities down.” Once again, a lie developed by Trump to divide and create hate.

    More importantly, I think you are misguided in comparing the reasons why people marched with BLM…black, white, and brown, compared to the entitled white trash of the Trump Deplorables. BLM was rising up against 200 years of systemic racism in this country and the murder of young black men and women at the hands of police. Trump Deplorables were raging over absurd conspiracy theories and idiotic lies created by Trump.

  10. @Stuart – You are absolutely correct. An insurrection and BLM cannot be seriously compared. Spot on.

  11. Reading the comments make me realize that Trump supporters are unable to comprehend the facts or reality of what’s happening/happened.

  12. @Liz almost no Democrat believes in communism. Its a tired, 80-100 year old charge and not tied to reality. Stop the both sides nonsense, it didn’t work for Charlottesville and it doesn’t work now.

  13. Amazing…..Trumps claims of voter fraud have been scrutinized and pored over by legal experts, Judges and the Supreme Court. Every official that was in charge of their states election and whose only perspective was making sure the vote count was accurate have not seen a hint of voter fraud. None.
    Many were republicans who wanted Trump to win but could not muster up the dishonesty that Trump wanted from them and simply fell back on doing what is right. There is not a single shred of evidence that indicates voter fraud turned this election. The only people making an argument backing Trumps lies are questionable to say the least……and now they are actually comparing storming the Capital as “not that big a deal”, yet call themselves “patriots”.

  14. one good thing did come out of this though….Mexico now says they will gladly pay for a wall, Canada wants one too!

  15. However when liberal trash burn cities down it’s ok. When liberal trash try to storm the supreme court that’s just fine. When Biden withholds millons of dollars from Ukraine until they fire the prosecutor going after his corrupt son, that’s ok too.. When Biden’s corrupt son accidently walks away from his laptop computer with evidence of his corupt deals with China and his dad “China Joe” getting his cut, the wicked media and the liberal trash say “just walk away, there’s nothing to see here”. The radical, extreme left media and the democrat party has become a social terrorist organization.

  16. Sorry Liz, you are deceiving yourself if you think you are truly “objective.” Make sure you get your news from legitimate news sources-and they are not all “leftist.”

  17. All the dead people voting for Biden and What about the Martians and illegal voters from the Moon?I mean how much more proof do you need?
    Giuliani verified all of this even if it meant his hair dye running off his head
    Worse than a fly stuck on your head

  18. If you have the money to fly on a private jet, you should stay home because of Covid-19 and let some small fry protest.

    There is a double standard. Protests where there is looting, arson, or just damage and not too much reaction. Congress gets their main building partly trashed and they get so bent out of shape they want impeachment. Not surprised but that doesn’t justify the riot.

  19. @Liz:”Again, I am objective here.”

    Do you even know what that means? Classic trumpist. So deluded and self righteous. This country hasn’t seen the bottom yet.

  20. Absolutely double standards here. When pretentious and racist blm spreads hate and violence, loots all over the country, takes over towns like Seattle and Portland, sets criminal laws there, takes down statues which up until that point didn’t bother anyone and causes other absurd stuff to happen, it’s called peaceful protests. When some people frustrated with elections go to protest to Capitol, they are the violent rioters and democracy is at threat. And then even the victims are demonized.

  21. Liz does not sound objective one bit. A Trump supporter in denial (or disguise?). Can’t wait for that hateful person to leave the WH in less than 2 weeks.

  22. Right wingers watching other right wingers attempt to murder senators and burn down the capitol:

    “Here’s why all of this is the liberal’s fault”.

  23. ” I am neither for or against Trump”

    Then proceeds to list a litany of grievances that only a Trump supporter would list…at the top of which; “and in the end to top it off stealing the elections”.

    Liz, if you can’t be intellectually honest at the start why should we believe or listen to anything you say?

    And, for the record, I too thought too many on the Left made too many excuses for violent behavior and didn’t do enough soul searching regarding letting something reasonable (questioning/protesting police brutality disproportionately impacting their community and demanding change) get so out of control that their message got corrupted by their actions.

  24. Whenever comments on articles that have a political leaning I find the following occurs.

    The article is about topic A that is bad.

    A commenter says something about topic B that was done by the opposition and how it’s hypocritical. I can’t help but believe the sole purpose of these sorts of comments is to create anger and division…because that’s the outcome.

    What we should instead do is agree violence, destruction, and unlawful action at anytime is bad.

    Instead the comments section create a division about who and what is worse, creating a divide among people.

  25. Where is OneXMarine to comment on this?
    or perhaps another of Gary’s alter-ego screen names designed to generate clicks?

  26. @Liz
    You sum it up exactly how do i feel. But after 2016 the dems were like loose dogs and i got so disgusted with dems that i would NEVER vote for anyone from that party.. And frnd call me liberal with my views. I am pretty sure i am not alone who got fed up with this neomarxist movement called democratic party who are ANYTHING but not democratic.

  27. The only glimmer of hope to come out of the past Wednesday, and the past four years, is that the Republican Party as we knew it is now completely dead. The riots put the nails in the coffin. There will be a spinoff white nationalist party (with whatever name) formed in the near future by Trump and his hardcore followers that will further splinter and emasculate the Republican party by pulling away the 60% or 70% that are overt racists/nationalists/fascists/conspiracy theory whackos. And the rest of the conservatives won’t have enough support to move forward on their own. It will take decades for the right to recover from this; they likely never will.

  28. The week-end after Trump’s inauguration One MILLION women marched against him.
    We didn’t destroy the city.
    BLM protestors are protesting the murder by the hands of law enforcement, black people, particularly black men. They have a righteous cause.
    The insurrectionists who desecrated our nation’s capitol did it for a LIE. A big fat lie!
    They did it on Trump’s instructions, he told them to go fight, so fight they did.
    Look at this woman in this video in this article, she went there to destroy, to destroy for a LIE.
    Their cause is not righteous. Their cause is a lie, Trump lost a fair and free election.
    Sore losers each and every one of them, just like Trump.
    And remember that executive order Trump signed about 20 years in jail for desecrating monuments? He did this after people pulled down confederacy monuments. Well…. what goes around comes around, our US Capitol is our biggest U.S. Monument so I hope the Justice Department asks the judges for 20 year sentences for each and every one of them. After all Trunmp decreed it and they all clapped back then, right? Amirite?

    Things will get better now, we have an honorable man taking the oath of the office of the Presidency in just a few more days. We survived the Trump battlefield, now we can finally relax and enjoy the Biden administration. It will be like being on holiday 🙂

  29. Sorry, @AverageJoe, your intellect seems well below average. Please try a little harder to make sense.

  30. @Liz You are not objective at all and are parroting right wing talking points without even acknowledging the large number of daily lies Trump has put out over the past four years just shows that you are a Trump supporter trying to pretend to be an independent.

  31. @Liz: “…lashed against me…” I assume you mean “lashed out” or was there some kinky whipping going on?
    You proved your own point that your writing (in)ability demonstrates your likely ability to think logically. Better to give up before embarrassing yourself further.

  32. @Bill, the term you are looking for regarding Liz is concern trolling.
    Liz is concern trolling us in her comments.
    Concern trolls always start off stating that they are neutral, they take no sides.
    I SEE BOTH SIDES, BLAH BLAH BLAH, then they start to “share” concerns they have. They are not taking sides mind you, they just have “concerns”, and then they proceed to state, heavily negatively slanted towards one side, their “concerns.” They always throw off a few deflecting concerns, minor points criticizing their real but hidden side, but the far majority of their “concerns” will be about the side they hate.

    They have not taken a position mind you they just have “concerns.” (Eye roll)

    Liz is a text book example of a concern troll.

  33. January 6 was just like every other lynch mob and race riot by honest, law-abiding, patriotic folk just out to do the right thing and preserve their way of life. Seen this movie before.

  34. After a harrowing few months Trump supporters need a vacation, at government expense of course.
    Some sort of camp where they can relax, reading some supervised government approved literature, interesting talks from visiting celebs, with a spot of arts and craft activity too.
    You know the type of no-frills places; the Chinese have built some recently for their Uiger folk, to brush up on their language skills and current affairs general knowledge. Very educational.
    Bookings with FBI Entertainment Ticketing.

  35. OlderWoman, that was very well put. Used to be the Republican party was about keeping a check on
    taxes and over regulation, now they are simply the party of hatred, anger and dishonesty.
    I’m looking forward to having adults back in our Government……
    Still can’t believe people are convinced the election was a fraud when there is mountains of proof it wasn’t and the only people saying it was haven’t produced a shred of evidence and are either mentally unstable or proven liars….or both.
    The biggest joke is the trumpies screaming communism and using the Joseph McCarthy playbook because a democrat is in office. Just think where we would be with civil rights, the environment and Social Security/medicare if it wasn’t for the democratic party.

  36. Oh, and the absolute classic is the trumpie’s saying the attack on our Capital was actually antifa.
    Yet these terrorists have all been posting on social media how proud they are of what they have done and the ones getting arrested have left a long trail of pro trump social media behind them……how can people rationalize that these people getting arrested could have been coerced into storming the Capitol by antifa and the Trump family egging them on had nothing to do with it????
    Weird, just flat weird what people can be suckered into believing.
    Must be the Chemtrails!

  37. @Whiplash Kid
    My dear. You’re so smart. Yes. I meant lashed out. You are correct. And no, I don’t feel embarrassed for a simple English mistake given that after all English is not my first language. But I thank you for pointing it out. One never cease to learn.
    I realize now based on the many replies to my comments that I should have kept my concerns for myself.
    This is clearly the wrong forum.
    Lesson learned.
    America is really changing. Sad!

  38. Liz, since English is your second language I’m going to take the liberty of giving you a history language based on a lifetime living here. America is always changing, it’s not sad, it’s what makes us great. We will get through this just like we got through so many other terrible political moments. McCarthyism, Watergate etc. We have the Greatest Generation in our past but we also have the KKK.
    Good ultimately survives and we move forward. What Trump unleashed was an appeal to the worst of us and many bought into his lies and overlooked his lack of character. Now the truth about trumpism has been laid out for everyone to see and even most Republicans (the ones with character anyway) realize we have to do better then this.
    We now have adults returning to Washington DC on January 20th and positive change will come.

  39. @JohnW. I am looking forward to a positive change. I really hope we can return to embrace those American values that led me here in the first place.
    I had lost hope, but your non confrontational and educational reply restored it.
    You exemplified what I advocated in my original post. Open communication, not insults.
    Thank you.

  40. More clickbait from the succubus gary left, To those who support America – if you are looking for fair exchange on a travel blog I hate to inform you that most of these people are hard leftists, such as “thought leader.”

  41. Looks like we can officially add Gary to the long list of things Trump has broken. Left-wing Gary is obviously more concerned with provocative, useless politically deranged/partisan clickbait than productive or otherwise useful travel information.
    Keep these TDS-saturated posts comin’ Gary! Calling out those evil, uncivil conservatives by helping to stir up the division and hate yourself is brilliant. You’ve got the whole lefty hypocrite, virtue-signaling, holier-than-everyone else thing down pretty well. You must be bucking for a spot on CNN or MSNBC. smh/lol

  42. Hey trumpeter Brady – looks like your statement (“Left-wing Gary is obviously more concerned with provocative, useless politically deranged/partisan clickbait”) was more proactive that. gary’s post. Good luck the next 8 years…

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