Mom Travels On Plane With Her Husband, Kids, And 22 Tinder Notifications

Doing math on a plane may get you identified as a terrorist when other passengers mistake the symbols for Arabic. And don’t watch explicit scenes in movies because other passengers can see your screen. What you do on a plane isn’t private when we’re all squeezed in close together.

One woman is going viral because her phone screen was visible to other passengers on a flight. Bored passengers look for interesting things – and a married woman’s screen was interesting enough to inspire a TikTok video. The woman, wearing a wedding ring, was traveling with her husband and her kids – and her phone showed 22 notifications from Tinder.

“Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring, and 22 Tinder notifications” and people were left very confused.

@callmekarima Maybe they have an open marriage? I am confusion (Spam @Karima ♬ She Knows – J. Cole

My own theory is that the previous time this family flew together, the husband went to sleep leaving his wife watching the kids alone. Now she’s interviewing replacements for him – or just seeking revenge.

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  1. God, people have no more respect for others privacy!. What she does or doesn’t do is her own damm business and doesn’t need to be blasted on social media. To the idiot OP Karma is a bitch!

  2. Maybe they have an open marriage? Maybe they are swingers? Maybe it’s her PRIVATE phone….You’re better than this and should delete this post.

  3. Adultery is illegal because it affects the fabric of society. It is rational for us to care about it.

    22 Tinder notifications are rookie numbers. Women who are halfway desirable get thousands of likes per day. That’s because dating apps are 80% male so the men have learned to lower their standards.

    Famously, a high profile woman, who I will not name for her privacy, posted a screenshot after amassing 10,000 likes. She has crooked teeth.

    Tinder is not great for serious relationships. Bumble and Hinge are better suited for finding a husband. Match Group owns both Tinder and Hinge.

  4. Gary, I’m a huge fan of your blog for many years and have used many of your referral links, but I’m disappointed in your complete and utter lack of ignorance here.

    Privacy issues of this woman aside, seriously, have you ever heard of consensual/ethical non-monogamy/polyamory? It’s entirely possible that this couple has such a relationship. Go read Sex at Dawn or any number of numerous thoughtful pieces on the web on this topic.

    My wife and I have a loving, sexual, romantic relationship AND I have a serious girlfriend who I love who is married to a man who I’ve met many times who knows about the relationship I have with his wife. It’s more common than you may think.

  5. Confused as to the purpose of this post. More disappointed in me for having read all it. The title caught my attention. I read it because I treated the author of the blog. Shame on me. I’ll do better next time. I don’t care to read and know about the information you posted. No relevancy to the purpose of the blog. Please don’t post such information again in your great blog. Keep it to its purpose.

  6. Matt, there is no such thing as ethical polyamory, you may all be consenting adults, but you are tearing apart the family structure that our civilized society has worked collectively hard to build and to maintain.

  7. Sharpay, what is so sacrosanct about this “civilized family structure” you speak of? Go read Sex at Dawn to understand that humans are not biologically monogamous species and try not to be jealous about the fact that polyamorous people have multiple lovers who love each other transparently.

  8. Feel sorry for Matt whose life revolves around being horny. Nothing to be jealous of. What is sacrosanct about civility? Well for one it is keeping you alive. In olden times humans gathered in tribes and if you were different, like you are expressing right now, you were ostracized and left for dead.

    Even Mormons have recanted their polygamous times.

    You know who probably bragged about polyamory… Hitler.

  9. I am sure this will get page hits for being salacious. But WTF cares. Everybody makes their own life choices. Of course if you do it in public then don’t expect privacy.

  10. No one cares … same is valid for your useless blog. Selling a bunch of crappy credit cards is nit. Asking you a blogger. So out of here.

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