Airlines Require You To Wear Masks – But Let You Be Creative About How To Wear Them

By now most people who pay attention to travel, or who are traveling, know that U.S. airlines by and large require passengers to wear masks. Allegiant is an exception.

Here’s an observation, though: they do not provide much guidance on what constitutes a mask. One man flying Spirit Airlines stuck womens underwear on his face and called it a mask.

I’ve even suggested pulling an eye mask out of an old business class amenity kit, it works as a mask.

But there’s one other observation, airlines do not provide much guidance on how you’re required to wear the mask. If an eye mask is a mask, does it count if you’re using it to cover your eyes as one man did, as shared by via Passenger Shaming

Potter Stewart famously said of pornography “I know it when I see it.” But if you’re going to make a rule – the FAA and TSA today cannot legally mandate masks – you need to clarify what constitutes a mask and how it must be worn. Airlines instead are following the ‘know it when they see it’ approach, or more likely see no evil, hear no evil and in many cases not enforcing the rule at all.

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  1. At least his nose is covered and his mouth is closed. I’ve seen so many people wear a mask to cover their mouth but the nose is wide open.

  2. I don’t understand why people aren’t using this nonsense to get ff miles… last week, they told me o had to put on a mask. I told them my disability prevents me from doing so. FA gets mad and calls purser. Small argument with him, but eventually lets me not wear a mask. I call United after flight asking if they are going to continue discriminating against my disability. They apologize and give me 25k points. I know of another guy that I work with has already done this 3 times, each time with various decent hauls of points. ADA lawsuits can cost them a loy more than the points!

  3. I’m personally aware of two instances where the airline did not enforce their mask rules and in one case, the individual was upgraded to a better seat because a number of the sheep were uncomfortable. The lack of enforcement is encouraging, but what we need is for the current non-thinking masses to start pushing back. The fear mask mandates are ridiculous, ineffective and does nothing more than embolden those who wish to control us.

  4. @James N
    I see you are still talking nonsense. The case for masks is clear. We are not sheep, it is you who is the lapdog to the anti-science crowd.
    If you call it “fear” when a person looks both ways when they cross the street, then you are the one who is ignorant and sucks up to the nonsense spewed by the non-thinkers.
    Unfortunately, you will never let facts spoil your opinions and prejudices. You and your ilk are the reason the USA has one of the worst records in the world when it comes to the spread of this virus.

  5. @Pamela Maddox
    So, you are not only an anti-science non-thinker, but you are good with cheating the airlines. It figures.

  6. The way people have behaved over the last few months makes me feel like we need China style social scoring.

  7. NFW I get on a plane as long as these yahoos are allowed to game what should be a reasonable accommodation to a pandemic. For one thing, I would no more fly Allegiant than I would lie in a puddle of bum piss. Second, I will not get on a plane until there is something to protect me from these proud boys and their “rights”. Like a vaccine. If the airlines conclude that there are just not enough tiki torch bearers to fill out the balance sheet and they need more mainstream customers, I will rethink. Til then, you go proud boys.

  8. @WileyDog

    Wiley – your statement is ridiculous. The US has poor numbers from a failure to wear masks?? China has many more deaths vs US though the CCP won’t say that in public. Everyone wears masks in China and they still have outbreaks and deaths. Hospitals are labeling everything Covid19! Testing means nothing. So unreliable. Many people already had (or didn’t even know they had) Covid, recovered from it and can still test positive.

    The people of the USA are the sickest out of the top 17 industrialized nations. We consume the most medications out of all countries. We have compromised immune systems from poor diet and lifestyle. Sugar spectrum off the charts which combined with a serious lack of Vitamin D equals death from Covid.

    This “virus” has been around since August 2019 and in the US way before March. Lockdown was a serious mistake that has and will continue to cause serious harm.

    Big pharma is controlling the narrative. They want you sick as they make no money if you are healthy. They will scare you to death, which is exactly what is happening.

    Wake up and start researching other narratives.

    You can begin here….

  9. @Wileydog…It’s not difficult to determine which camp, I mean pen you’re in. Baa, baa….

  10. @James N – you STILL are taking the blue pill it seems? Don’t you realize you are living in the Matrix? Take the RED pill mannnnnnn

  11. @Todd
    OMG, a response from an anti-vaxxer. LOL. Sorry, along with James N and a couple of others, I find it difficult to converse with those that get their medical advice from lawyers and right-wing politicians and bloggers, though I fully agree with paragraph 2 of your rant. This country is obese and has very poor dietary habits which do contribute to the severity of this pandemic.

    Talk about lapdogs. Ruff, ruff. Just more right-wing crybabies whimpering about the big, bad gov’ment and pharma.

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