Man Dons Womens Underwear As A Face Mask On Spirit Airlines Flight

Airlines are generally requiring passengers to wear face masks on board. They aren’t necessarily enforcing the requirement, though. Many people do get health related exceptions, including young children, and putting flight attendants in a position of adjudicating whose claims are legitimate during the flight is awkward.

Besides, while cloth masks provide some protection from spread they’re not as effective as hospital masks, and nowhere near as effective as respirator masks. But they do provide some level of comfort to other passengers.

And though the requirement says face masks there’s not much definition of what constitutes an acceptable mask. Someone might want to tell Alyssa Milano, by the way, that crocheted masks with holes in them aren’t helpful.

With personal protective equipment in short supply, people have made due with what they have. Airline amenity kit eye masks work. One passenger decided to test the limits of what would be acceptable.

What about a man on a flight out of LaTrobe, Pennsylvania who put womens underwear on his face and called it a mask? This happened on Spirit Airlines, natch. The carrer says this was not an ‘appropriate’ mask.

By the way this does not even appear to be an isolated incident on public transportation.

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  1. This problem isn’t going away. Somehow masks have become a form of virtue signaling on the left (see Alyssa Milano) and a sign of oppression on the right. In a hyper-political election year this is unlikely to improve. In the absence of any strict requirements, I would still imagine that a majority of flyers would wear a mask of some sort, particularly for boarding and deplaning. As with so much of life, we would be better off if everyone calmed down a bit and minded their own business.

  2. Well, it certainly qualifies as a face covering, but it’s also pretty offensive, and I think an airline would be within its rights to offer the offending passenger a more suitable face covering and, if he declines, to remove him from the aircraft. Like what if the guy showed up dressed in skimpy women’s lingerie? I think they could de-board him. (Well, these days, I’m not entirely sure!).

  3. Anyone tweeting Alyssa Milano about her crocheted mask were told, quite curtly at times (as in “troll-level” curtly), the crocheted had a carbon filter inside and her mother makes these.

  4. @CR That maybe true if you believe Alyssa. As she is a person with demonstrated bad judgement, it is obvious she did this to provoke. I highly doubt she had any “carbon filter” inside….

  5. “Like what if the guy showed up dressed in skimpy women’s lingerie? I think they could de-board him. (Well, these days, I’m not entirely sure!).” – why not? Some airlines have a fit if a woman shows too much cleavage.

  6. Seems a little judgmental to say that the guy was wearing women’s lingerie. It may have been intended for women … but if he identifies as one, then it’s his lingerie and for him … just not wearing it in the usual way during flight. Yeah, haha.

  7. @paulz you and I are in agreement. That’s why I mentioned her “troll-level” curt responses. She is an activist actress, after all. It wouldn’t surprise me if her claim was correct but strategically posted. Provably false wouldn’t fit her polemic.

  8. I think people who do this think it will grab attention. It definitely is not out of necessity. They could have worn a handkerchief tied over their face or alternatively do something different.

  9. I think those pictures are kind of funny. LOL: Maybe the dude with the pink underwear lost a bet to his girlfriend.

  10. Actually there is a video out there of how to turn a jock strap into a seems-effective-while-not-being-too-offensive mask.

    Also I hope you dolts realize just because a mask is crocheted on the outside doesn’t mean the inside is made improperly. As with so many other things, it’s what’s inside that counts.

  11. I love the idea… it shows how silly the whole mask idea is. I’m thinking about making one with some melted chocolate smeared on it and wearing it around like the other proud fools wearing their cootie masks.

  12. This schmuck is a bonified jerk off.
    What, he couldn’t afford a dollar store face mask?
    It’s offensive and out of line.
    If he happens to ready this…”hey buddy, you like wearing women’s undergarments as a face mask”?
    “OK, my 92 year old neighbor has IBS and keeps tossing her triple x large bloomers into the trash”.
    “Want me to collect a few for your future travel plans”

  13. As with many safety issues, ” minding my own business isn’t an option when I’m required to breathe same air, use the same confined space as a person who is either not wearing a mask or is only half wearing a mask. Think about this the next time you’re in the check out line and the person passes a lot of very foul smelling gas. You have to be there to pay for your items, the person in front of you just wasn’t concerned about the people behind him. I find both equally offensive.

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