Man Wearing Women’s Underwear As A Face Mask Booted Off United Airlines

A passenger wearing a pair of women’s red underwear on his face was kicked off of a United flight in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday. And a second passenger removed himself from the flight in protest over the unfairness of it all. Naturally this happened in South Florida, and there’s video.

In a recording taken by another passenger on the aircraft, the man with ladies’ lingerie on his face can be seen asking whether a mask needs “some sort of certification that’s different than this” in order to meet requirements?

And indeed United’s website helpfully explains a mask is required “with no vents or openings that fully covers their nose and mouth. A face shield alone does not count as a face covering and bandanas are also not permitted.” The man, who was sitting in an exit row seat, was asked to leave the plane.

And that’s when the scenario gets even stranger (except that it happened in South Florida). Another passenger – who was not wearing a mask – decides to intervene and challenge the cabin crew.

He asks whether the earlier passenger was “kicked off for wearing a mask?” The flight attendant tells him that he has to wear a mask. He takes a sip of his coffee as an excuse to keep his mask down, but the crewmember tells him that he needs to wear the mask between sips.

And that’s when the second passenger kicks himself off the plane, declaring “I’m out of here. Forget it. I’m out of here.”

Here’s video of the incident:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a man on a plane don women’s underwear claiming it’s a face mask, sadly.

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  1. In that case, not only does he deserve to be dismissed from the airplane, but he doesn’t deserve a refund in my personal opinion. Who in their right mind wears women’s underwear as a COVID mask on a plane in front of people? I think something is missing upstairs in his mind if you personally asked me.

  2. The problem is that airlines often relent in situations like this and allow the person causing a disruption to fly later, which mitigates any sense that there are actual repercussions for acting so awfully.

  3. Glad these doofus are self kicking themselves off these flights. They were idiots before covid and continue to be during covid.

  4. Let me correct that headline.
    Adolescent adult male humors other adolescent grown male, wishes to be famous hero amongst thousands of other adolescent adults.

  5. Hope they can drive themselves to where they are going, ‘cus UA should ban them from future flights!

  6. So it begs the question…did he go like that through security and boarding or was he wearing a “normal” mask and changed it to this high fashion statement at his seat? I can’t believe security or the gate agent would not have seen it earlier.
    No frills ….?

  7. I’m still waiting for more organized forms of civil disobedience.

    Get 20-30+ people to take a flight and refuse to wear a mask after take off. Wouldn’t take much to arrange such a thing. Flash (your face) mob.

    Do this on a dozen flights every day until the restriction is lifted.

    I personally don’t like the mask mandates, but I hate flight disruptions more. A protest of one is useless and the equivalent of a homeless person shouting on a street corner. If you’re gonna change things at least organize and have a coherent plan. So either protest effectively or stop with these meaningless disruptions.

  8. Nice to see the overgrown toddlers contributing to the race to 1 million Americans killed by COVID-19. We’re already 80% there — come on, keep doing this and we get there faster and win bigly!

  9. He went through the TSA that way. The TSA says there is nothing that disallows such apparel being used as a mask.

    If he used his own boxers instead, he would have probably passed out before getting to the TSA screening checkpoint.

  10. He thinks he’s being funny. He’s not. What if everyone just ignored this doofus. Everyone ignoring him would make him look pretty damn foolish, which he is.

  11. It comes down to “social contract theory”.
    We choose to give up some rights to live in society.
    We stop at red lights, aspire not to be drunk drivers, and let people put in sidewalks and allow others to walk on them without shooting them. Generally.
    Clearly some choose not to participate in the social contract.
    There is a term for it: Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD),
    One’s mother, in the past would have said: “Stop acting like a 12 year old!” But the ASPD see no reason to conform as they believe it does not directly benefit them. And ASPD often get violent when not getting their way.
    The ASPD folks have really blossomed in the last 30 years, to the point of having thir own flags and boat parades. ASPD Mothers now buy their children guns and drive them to protests.
    And here we are.

  12. “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

  13. Where is the honor in a person wandering around with an underwear on their face? Sounds more like the guy wants to play the role of a preteen or teenage class clown in school and doesn’t really care to honor the mask rule.

    For a bunch of people with ridiculous rules that are interpreted on the fly, the TSA amusingly seemed rather supportive of this kind of panty-mask-wearing shenanigan. If only the TSA were to make less fuss over my refusal to show them my passports and non-federal ID and were to more generally accept my GE card, perhaps then I wouldn’t take this TSA reaction to the panty masker as yet another sign of the TSA being a clown show that found one of its own with the panty-mask clown.

  14. @GUWonder – I don’t think that he meant the guy was an example of “honor”… he’s an example of the other.

  15. Naturally it had to be Florida.

    Naturally it had to be white privileged trump deplorable “patriots”.

  16. @Ryan
    Exactly right. A few flights of 20-30 passengers refusing to mask while be quiet and polite but firm in refusal after take off will get the airlines to lobby for the end of mask mandate faster than one can say “Let’s go Brandon”. This is the correct way to protest but the oh so tolerant dems and mainstream media will probably try to frame these people as worse than the Burn, Loot, Murder crowd.

  17. Sad State,

    I haven’t cared to check into this guy and how he likely votes, but I know of some 3x vaccinated anti-Trump voters who are critical of mask requirements and found this situation something they wish they had done themselves if they could get away with it.

  18. The mouth breathers are slobbering on their keyboards.
    Looks like he had a red panty night and kept a souvenir.

  19. @Jerry

    No, while I can understand and even support wholehartedly the concept of peaceful protest, the outcome, if this happened today, would be the crew landing the plane and the uncooperative being taken off the plane. Fines and possible jail sentances.

    Again, it’s the social contract. You agree to follow the rules as currently written, and if not, then you choose to accept consequences. And even if you do not choose, they will be applied.

    The whole point of the peaceful protest (Gandi, MLK) is to point out and bring light to a massive injustice, not the protest itself.

    If you haven’t seen twitter today, there was a group of non-masked that bummed-rushed a Cheesecake factory (bypassing others on the waiting list), seated themselves, and insisted that they be served.

    They were shocked, SHOCKED, that they had 4 of their party handcuffed and arrested for trespassing.

    No shirt, no shoes… Fcuk around and find out.

  20. How many of you have had “just a beer or two” and decided to drive anyhow. Yeah thought so. Rules only apply to “them”

  21. Well – major props to United Airlines Airlines – United announced today they have BANNED this ignoramus & immature clown act from all United flights For Life .

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