Multiple Fights Break Out As Passengers Get Off Flight In Minneapolis

Several fights broke out as passengers deplaned a Frontier Airlines aircraft in Minneapolis just before midnight on Friday and headed to baggage claim. Despite the entire incident being caught on video, and shared to social media, no one has been arrested for the Terminal 2 Tussle.

Reminiscent of the best of Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s former governor, airport spokesperson Patrick Hogan said “some of the individuals threw stanchions and broke chairs.” I still have my Ventura for Governor t-shirt 23 years later, “Retaliate in ’98!”

It took about a minute and a half for airport police to respond after being called, and a minute after that more officers arrived. It’s still surprising how long the video goes on without intervention.

Bloomington police responded to the Terminal 2 baggage claim to “keep the peace” as airport police broke up the fight in the gate area and directed those involved to retrieve their luggage.

“The focus at the time was on restoring peace and getting everyone safely to ground transportation and away from the airport,” Hogan said.

Paramedics responded as well, though only minor injuries were reported, and no passengers were hospitalized. Charges may follow.

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  1. What’s most concerning is that most of them do not have their masks covering their noses and some aren’t wearing masks at all! I hope and expect that they will be severely fined for violating federal Aw and banned from all future flights. Also, the Justice department should look into charging them.

  2. The flight landed in Minneapolis but what was the origin? My money is on Fort Meyers, Orlando, or Tampa…

  3. A minute and a half is not a slow response time. Give the police a break. Obviously, they cannot police every square inch and every moron that enters a US airport nowadays

  4. …..Actually this might be a replay from the Aria, Wynn, Bellagio or Cosmo from last June before they wised up and raised the rates to keep out the riffraff. Raise the fares Frontier!

  5. Don’t even have to comment…Guess it’s good when everyone knows what everyone thinks without even having to say it at this point.

  6. Can you really blame the cops? If anything, they should have provided weapons to the combatants and let them take care of each other.

  7. @Jerry and the rest of you with similar comments: I guess what you aren’t willing to say is America has turned into a 3rd World country. There, I said it. None of you know how to act because you all have your “freedom”. Doesn’t matter what the issue is at hand, none of you can live for the good of all.

  8. “charges may follow”? Seriously? How about we start putting some of these people in prison and sending a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated? They should all be put on the no fly list as well.

  9. Well, so much for a reasoned, well thought out debate amongst adults.
    Really guys!!?? You can’t bring your
    A game? Gutter level insults do not advance your argument.
    It’s the verbal equivalent of violence.
    And yes, I’m prepared for your suggestions as to my anatomy.
    It’s just sad that adults today are so full of frustration and hate that they can’t talk civilly. You know, the Russians started this. They are sneakily trying to get Americans to go for each other’s throats. Looks like they are succeeding…..

  10. Oh, and Ray? Don’t go there until you have actually lived in a third world country. America still is an overall great place to live. Seems like entitled Americans are the only people unhappy with this great land.
    All those immigrants from actual third world countries are voting with their feet! America’s the place to be!

  11. It’s kinda like the Jerry Springer show – they stop ’em from fighting way too early. I say let them fight it out. Don’t intervene. The last hoodlum standing is declared the winner!!

  12. Meanwhile Trump supporters were joyously reliving the fun and games of January 6th.

    “These scum only trashed an airport. We took out the US Capitol and killed cops” proudly proclaimed a MAGAmoron

  13. Interesting, but not surprizing comment on comment regarding main concern was to them safetly to transporation. Should have called animal control since that’s all these morons were.

  14. To many police. They should have sent one peace consultant with flowers and pillows so all those fighting from micro aggressions by white males can talk about their feelings

  15. They want to act like animals treat them like animals!! Throw them in jail and throw away the key!

  16. They must be returning from the defund the police convention. America has really fallen to beyond low..

  17. Please ship all of these wild out of control creatures that do not belong in society to Singapore.
    an hour of proper swift caning and bleeding bruised rear ends may make them reconsider their jungle habitat behavior again

  18. It’s Minneapolis, duh. Kind of have a recent history of using violators “solve” things, don’t they? Stupid is as stupid does.

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