Nearly Naked Man Snuggles In For American Airlines Flight

A passenger on board an American Airlines Airbus A321neo took off his shirt, took off his shoes, and snuggled into his aisle seat for flight. Wearing only shorts for his sleep, he nestled into the head rest and reached out across the aisle, bracing himself against the passenger’s seat on the other side of his row before closing his eyes for some much-needed rest.

American’s contract of carriage requires passengers to “dress appropriately” which specifically includes no bare feet.

  • If this man wasn’t wearing shoes (or a shirt!) in the gate area, he shouldn’t have been permitted to board. But now that American only staffs gates with a single agent to do everything necessary to get a flight out on time, they’re distracted and can’t pay much attention to passenger attire (or whether passengers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

  • If he disrobed on board he should have been told to get dressed, or removed from the aircraft. But some cabin crew right now may just be ‘letting it ride’ unwilling to go out of their way, as contract talks drag on with their union – which has already asked the government for permission to strike. Some crew are getting frustrating that they’ve been told they cannot yet engage in a work stoppage.

My main reaction here is to point out that the man’s body is having direct contact with seats that don’t get cleaned as often as you think, and floors that don’t either. And also that this is a reminder that you don’t know who sat in the seat that hasn’t been cleaned before you.

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  1. What’s surprising about this is that AA generally keeps its cabins absolutely freezing on overnight flights. By the end of the flight he might have needed to put on thermal underwear.

  2. Exactly, Mak. I could see doing this on Lufthansa or some Euro carrier that keeps it sweltering.

  3. This looks like an accidental spill of hot coffee or someone walking quickly down the aisle without looking situation.

  4. I thought this was bizarre until I saw that it happened on an AA A431neo. Stripping down might be the only way to get comfortable on that flying cracker box.

  5. Well unless you’re a Scarlett Johansson lookalike, I don’t want to see a almost naked guy. And his hand blocking the aisle is an invitation for an “accident”.

  6. I would have cut off his hand if he grabbed my seat like that or if he grabbed the seat with my tray table on it impeding with his ugly mitt and forcing me to smell him. Moreover he was blocking the aisle, a definite FAA violation. He should have been kicked off the flight, but since he apparently was left to behave in that way, every flight attendant on that AA flight should be fired.

  7. Gary,
    So many times I have wanted to comment on your ridiculous posts. You clearly have a personal vendetta against American Airlines and its flight attendants. If any flight attendant had approached this man and told him to put on his shoes and shirt you would be writing about that instead. Maybe one day you should try walking in the shoes of a flight attendant and see what they are up against. You post a single tweet from someone with no back story information or any other witness. Flight attendants are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Most are choosing the road with less conflict right now. He is a grown man and should know better. Just as is most of the case involving bad behavior. Tell me any other job where you put everything on the worker? We are to fat, to old, to snappy, not present, no polite, not willing to assist or the other end we are so called “sky nazis.” What we are is underpaid, harassed and critiqued everyday usually with a camera. This would not “ fly” in any other office. And you Gary are one of the worse. Yes, I am a career flight attendant who loves her job.

  8. I’m chuckling at everyone offended that this guy being shirtless in an airplane seat makes the seat any dirtier than you should naturally expect anyway… people’s skin come into contact with airplane seats, and EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT!

    If you think the seat is “disgusting” because a shirtless person sat in it, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your entire world is disgusting.

    I definitely don’t want you to think about the particles that are sprayed all over the surface of any restroom…

  9. These social media situations are so outlandish that you really have to question how realistic they are.

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