Never Book A Prepaid Car Rental Through Expedia (Or This Could Happen To You) [Roundup]

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  1. I will never book anything through expedia due to their rental car customer service. I once booked a car through expedia for Firefly rental company at Boston airport. I was nervous because I had never heard of Firefly, so I tried to call their Boston desk to confirm, could not get through. After some investigation, it appeared that there was no such company there. I called expedia, and they guaranteed that Firefly was there, and that there would be a car their for me. I arrive, there’s no Firefly rental company in Boston. Expedia could not be easily reached and did nothing for me when I did finally get a hold of a real person. No apology or any support afterward. Luckily, National Rental Car honored the price that expedia quoted me and found me a similar minivan.

  2. It’s 2023, why people still need to go thought middleman ? just to save a few bucks? book directly with Airline or Car rental companies to save headaches 🙂

  3. Alaska is a shadow of its former self it’s now as crappy as everyone else despite having better than average flight crews.I’m done with them for the foreseeable future
    They also dropped my emerald status shy of 2000 miles to qualification
    But most of all their fares are wildly higher than American now double or triple in coach except in the most highly competitive markets
    On my last flight my luggage was 30 minutes later and at the airport the baggage Dept rep for Alaska refused the baggage guarantee reinventing the rules rudely
    I realize they dont need me so I’m gone .Now they lose children but at least they don’t break guitars 😉

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