New Free and Easy Star Alliance Award Search Tool

Star Alliance frequent flyer program Copa Airlines ConnectMiles has introduced online award booking across the Star Alliance.

You can use their search tool without logging in (or even having a Copa account).

There’s the ability to search all Star Alliance airlines, or just a single specified airline.

And they even include airlines like Singapore that the website doesn’t offer.

In general I have been using Aeroplan’s website to search Star Alliance award space.

  • The United site is convenient without the need to log in and with handy award calendars but it does not offer all Star airlines and its display of availability can be glitchy.

  • The ANA website used to be the ‘go-to’ but it’s no longer as reliable for some Star carriers as Aeroplan.

It’s great to have another streamlined and easy to use tool at our disposal for searching space. I’ll be testing to see:

  1. Whether it’s as accurate as the Aeroplan website
  2. Whether Copa has more or less availability with some Star carriers than other members of the alliance

In the meantime, though, this is fantastic! The site does accurately reflect Lufthansa first class award space that’s available to partners. So great for searching out those visits to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.

And Singapore Airlines award space matches what is offered to other Star partners, rather than to Singapore Krisflyer’s own members.

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  1. Doesn’t appear to find anything out of ATL for some reason. ATL-FRA, ATL-HNL, ATL-BKK all give errors.

  2. “Select Airline” Tap is not available under the provided link.

  3. Link does not give option for airlines, you have to re navigate thru homepage, and gives an error on the flights that are available on united.

  4. The “select airline” field only appears when I’m logged in into my ConnectMiles account

  5. Just says “No flight options were found, please try alternative dates or routes.” on all my searches.

  6. Your link seems to work as it takes me to the search page and it lists options for all airlines or just specific airlines. Only problem is it doesn’t work. For every search I do it responds with

    “No flight options were found, please try alternative dates or routes.”

    Even when lifemiles or others show space.

  7. It worked on a couple of simple routes – JFK-FRA for example, but … useless in it’s current form.

  8. Could not get many international destinations to work, keeps coming up with ‘Errors’.

  9. Works for me. I expect to stay busy tonight with baseball on the radio and imaginary routings on that site.

  10. Personally, randomly finds flights but only gives one option on United, vs just going to United’s site and seeing they have several options (all at the lowest reward level). Could be good down the road if they fix it.

  11. I navigated to it directly via the Copa site and did not log in, but all I get is “No flight options were found, please try alternative dates or routes”. That error came back so quick, I’m 99% sure it didn’t search anything. I’ve tried some easy searches and even tried to recreate the one you did with no luck.

  12. For flights that don’t show in UA’s portal, but do show via Copa or another site, what’s the best to book them using UA MillagePlus miles?

  13. Crappy site. Just shows errors. Waste of my time. They show none on sample flights but shows availability on UA and Aeroplan. Good Luck. I was happy reading this post, but as usual it was a letdown. Thanks anyway.

  14. Can we use United miles to buy an award on Copa to Cuba? If not , when will we be able to do this? PTY to HAV for example.

  15. Let me add my voice to those who say that search results are: ” “No flight options were found, please try alternative dates or routes”.

    That error came back immediately…..too quickly to have been a search

    And for all destinations and all dates.

    Obviously not working !

  16. Didn’t work for me either. I tried some pretty obvious options out of JFK to De Gaulle or Orley, tried All Airlines then tried Lufthansa and United. Error message “No Options”.

  17. Didn’t work for me. Said no flight options available for St. Petersburg, Russia to San Diego, when there are many options.

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