New Tourism Booster Shot Requirement & Elite Status Match Poison Pill

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Israel requires tourists to be boosted, not just vaccinated. Following the science, the recognize prior infection (within the last six months) as vaccination and recognize a single vaccine dose with prior infection, as well as declining effectiveness – so tourists whose vaccination is more than six months ago must have had a booster to enter.

  • A status match “poison pill”

  • Once they stopped testing for marijuana, one casino hotel was able to find workers.

  • Not as much as bare feet on the seat back.

  • Violent thug on Frontier Airlines faces no charges

  • Just as there should be a proactive maintenance program to ensure that seat power outlets work (something American Airlines considered and rejected due to cost) they should ensure proper maintenance here, too:

  • United Airlines Senior Vice President of Sales Jake Cefolia, missing for over a year, been found

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  1. Further evidence here to:

    A) Not fly Southwest (that image is worse than bare feet on the seatback).

    B) Seatback IFE is not something I want or need.

  2. @gary or anyone else -that airline status match poison pill tweet – what airline does that refer to ? Just curious

  3. Boosters are not available everywhere and in the U.S. they are only given to members of some groups who are less than 65. So are they saying that most people cannot enter again?

  4. A match or cigarette lighter, correctly applied, would fix that hair over the seat problem in ..oh.. about five seconds 🙂
    Only joking, of course.

  5. You can get a booster if you want one, at least in Florida. I got 2 doses of Pfizer (mRNA) in January, and then selected the J & J (adenoviral vector) vaccine as my booster almost 3 months ago.

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