No, 23 Cruise Ship Passengers Weren’t Injured By EVA Air 777 Dumping Lavatory Poo on Their Heads

Things falling from the sky cause grave problems.

In The Gods Must Be Crazy, a biologist who analyzes manure samples and his tribe live off the land, believing that the gods have provided for them until a Coke bottle is thrown out of a plane and comes to earth unbroken. They believe it’s a present from the gods, and make use of it as a tool, but since there’s only one Coke bottle the tribe descends into chaos not knowing how to share it.

Mysterious things falling down to earth from planes simply cause problems. Residents of a Pennsylvania town thought their homes were being TP’d from the sky with rolls of toilet paper falling from airplane lavatories. The FAA was.. skeptical.

No matter how smelly the poo in the lavatory you don’t evacuate it on the people below even if it means turning the plane back around.

A shocking story appeared in my Google News feed this morning: Reportedly a “Boeing 777 airplane belonging to the Taiwanese airline EVA Air, dumped human excreta midair while traveling from Japan to Hawaii.”

Unfortunately, the content of the toilet tank was jettisoned into the sky while the plane was flying over the cruise liner Lady of the Pacific, which was hit by “large chunks of blue ice”.

…Five passengers were critically injured and 18 more were severely hurt, but the ship’s medical staff intervened rapidly and was able to stabilize all of the victims.

…North Pacific Cruise Lines, who own and operate the Lady of the Pacific, confirmed they would file a lawsuit against the Taiwanese airline.

Here’s the thing.

  • Taipei-based EVA Air does not fly from Japan to Hawaii. In fact they no longer offer scheduled Hawaii service at all.

  • The only results I can even find Googling ‘North Pacific Cruise Lines’ are references to this story.

  • There doesn’t appear to be a ship Lady of the Pacific operating in the region either.

Nonetheless the story is being picked up around the world as though it were true.

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  1. Lol yea Gary, BR is a Taiwanese airline. It wouldn’t make sense for them to hub in ICN.

  2. Have you read your own links? Two aren’t in English, but the first one is obviously to a fake news site. The other headlines are “teen who turned blind after masterbating says it ain’t worth it,” yoko ono claiming to have had an affair with Hillary Clinton and Japanese whaling crew eaten by killer whales. So why in the world would you take this story seriously enough to feel like it needs to be debunked?

  3. People act like you were saying it was true instead of letting people know it was fake news

  4. Guys, sometimes I think Gary writes the little blurbs just to give us a laugh. There is the saying, truth is stranger than fiction, so something like this can make you stop and go, “huh”? And even better, you can show it to a gullible co-worker; you know the kind, who believes contrails are part of a huge conspiracy. Has nobody ever watched The Office? Remember Jim and Dwight?

  5. And when it went from fake news to real news, did no one question how ridiculous and awful the Photoshop job is? The photo doesn’t look even remotely real.

  6. Can we add some EVA jets to the USAF? Then Trump can warn North Korea that any further provocations will be met with Flush and Fury. Let Kim Jong-un be warned what will rain down on his head!

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