Now You Can Enjoy United Business Class Meals at Home

United Airlines is reducing flight attendant staffing in their international widebody Polaris business class. Starting February 1, 2019 there will no longer be a dedicated flight attendant to work the galley preparing meals, and more meals will be pre-plated.

In the spirit of United no longer assigning a ‘mid-Galley’ flight attendant to cook meals, United is making their Polaris cookbook available for sale. That way you can cook your own meals!

The cookbook launched this past Mondayand features,

a collection of mouthwatering recipes inspired by the United Polaris onboard dining experience. With over 40 recipes from United’s executive chefs and chefs from The Trotter Project, you’re sure to fall in love with the ingredients, techniques and flavors of these culinary creations.

I will say, the soups are good, soups on planes often are. I’m not sure how those will translate for pre-plated service starting in February though.

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  1. Now I can barf before my holiday
    I haven’t dined on anything on a United Flight in 18 years that would come close to calling desirable dining
    Somebody call the food police and have the author of this book thrown in jail and the person responsible for even suggesting it or at least dragged off a plane bloody 🙂

  2. In 2020 they’ll be adding microwaves so you can cook your own meals. I’ll be avoiding Polaris flights after Feb 1st.

  3. You mean UA is matching the staffing levels of DL and AA on their widebody international flights? Why is this a surprise to anyone?

    That being said I’ve actually had some really great “Polaris” meals this year though I don’t think I need a cookbook.

  4. Buy a frozen entree from the supermarket (don’t spend more than $1.99), pop it in your microwave and there you have it—home cooked meal just like on UA.

  5. Hilarious–UA’s marketing is becoming as pathetic as Amtrak’s; just like each others food product. What’s next, just liquor from the well..?

    As for me, another reason to fly Lufthansa to Spain, even if not direct and longer! Who needs the aggravation and excuses, when their is a terrific alternative from flying UA?

  6. The funniest gift I EVER received from an airline was when AA mailed me their cookbook. I don’t think I ever even opened it.

  7. Omfg! I’ll finally discover the secret to cold, dry ciabatta bread, plain tasteless salads and insipid, unimaginative food!

    I’ve seen the precipitous decline in business class food in United throughout the years. And not only that but their liquor selection is going south.

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