Oh, Hi Teens! TSA Here. We Have an App Listing All Sort of Forbidden Toys.

A 12 year old boy’s toy grenade was found by the TSA last week at Jacksonville airport.

That was a pretty dumb thing to bring through the checkpoint.

In fact, all you have to do is ask the TSA app and they’ll tell you grenade-looking things are a no-go.

If you spend a bit of time with the TSA app, you’ll know in advance that nunchucks can only go in checked luggage, and that a horse saddle probably has to be checked not because it’s dangerous but because it’s large.

Since a toy hatchet was also found on a teenager last week in Orlando the TSA is reminding parents and teens not to bring ‘realistic’ looking toy weapons through the checkpoint.

Like this one:

In fact, in addition to toy weapons, it’s also a good time to review other items that you cannot take through security:

  • scissors longer than 4 inches
  • ice skates
  • pool cues
  • wrenches, pliers or any other tools longer than 7 inches
  • more than one book of matches
  • snow globes that don’t fit into a freedom baggie alongside your toothpaste and deoderant

The TSA would also like to offer this public service announcement about the screening process:

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  1. Props for the “Son of the Beach” video. Notch, Kimberly Clark, Chip Rommel and the others are all missed.

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