One Airline’s CEO Killed It for Halloween and How Banks and Airlines Score Your Profitability

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  1. I’m sorry but his business behavior day to day is no different then his Halloween
    performance .Creepy & weird
    Probably thinks he’s bonding with his customers and employees while we the traveling public suffer with his decision making as does his frontlines
    Luckily we have alternative choices while some of Americans professional hardworking finest suffer with his horrible chameleon copy cat behavior of Delta & United
    His tenure has been the ultimate deal killer for loyalty and brand satisfaction for everything the company once stood for
    I’d take absolutely any CEO the company had in the past as a fantastic replacement
    Now having said that I’m glad to see he’s having fun on the job!
    No reason to be miserable just because you make your customers that consistently

  2. The blog IS weird. Isn’t that the point? Who would want to read something that most people in the world would consider normal?

  3. re: Dwondermeant

    I too avoid American airlines due to constant bed news coming out about that airline and it’s CEO’s decisions but regardless of how upset we get, him letting a little loose is pretty cool. Goofy or not, he’s trying to have fun.

    Major CEO’s are always in the limelight and its refreshing to see when they open up a little.

  4. Now if Parker will throw himself into running AA like he did with his costume AA might actually have some hope…

  5. This blog is weird?

    No, Doug Parker dressed like Boy George and a chameleon dancing…that’s weird.

  6. Looks pretty ridiculous to me…I mean if the guy wants to dress in drag, I’m pretty open minded, but is it necessary to waste employee time having them watch you? I’d prefer he spend his time building a good product.

    Weird, yes, I must admit that this blog isn’t what I expected (I thought it would be a points/miles blog) but it is interesting in nature and I do occasionally get some good tips about how to use points or miles. I wouldn’t recommend it as such for that, it is more quirky travel news bits than a how to use points miles for travel blog but I do read a lot of odd trivia here…I’ve got a wealth of weird info stuck in my head to share when I do get to travel.

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