OnlyFans Model Dries Her Underwear On Southwest Airlines Flight

OnlyFans model Vvs Diamond took off her underwear on a Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago Midway airport and dried them underneath the air nozzle above her seat.

She was enroute to the ‘Exxxotica expo’ (an “adult, love and sex event”) when she spilled her adult beverage on herself prior to boarding. She acknowledges being drunk from the prior evening when she continued drinking in the airport (“a few strong mimosas”).

I was wearing the panties under a skirt, and I spilled liquor on my skirt and it soaked down to my underwear. So, I took them off and I held them up to the fan to dry. I just figured, ‘Why not?

She held her underwear up “for three minutes.” Friends on her flight filmed it, and she decided to post the footage to TikTok. And, she says, he “put the panties back on before the end of [the] flight” while still at her seat.

@itsvvsdiamond What airline am I on? 😭 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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  1. Exactly how “strong” can a mimosa get? At least she found a way to make money with that education.

  2. I wonder if Southwest Airlines will revise their Contract of Carriage to prohibit in-flight drying of moist passenger panties from the comfort of an aircraft seat utilizing the overhead air nozzle.

  3. I am so impressed with these moronic people who manage to garner attention doing the most disgusting things in public. Imagine how boring life must have been before you had a chance every day to prove to the world that you have not the slightest bit o self-esteem. We saw a 300-pound woman at the grocery store yesterday wearing what looked like a tiny bikini … hard to tell with those enormous rolls of fat hanging all over. Three cheers to the trashy component of the human race.

  4. This kind of drivel is not in line with ‘Thought leader in travel’. Just saying..

  5. The things people will do to get attention…and the articles I waste my time commenting on…ugh!

  6. Reading & seeing this makes me want to vomit! Next up some fine individual will defecate in their seat, ask the flight attendant for toilet paper and then ask the flight attendant to remove the dump! and it will be filmed of course!

  7. Gary, come now. This pic is a hundred years old. And are you becoming buzzfeed now with all the clickbait, or should we stay tuned for the FF news?

  8. @jon: “Reading & seeing this makes me want to vomit! Next up some fine individual will defecate in their seat, ask the flight attendant for toilet paper and then ask the flight attendant to remove the dump! and it will be filmed of course!”
    Why soil your seat when you can use the aircraft aisle as your porta-potty? Read the article listed below as published in Flyertalk.

    The Winner – Mom Who Found the Solution to the Problem of Tiny Airplane Lavatories
    It is understandable that when small children are involved, bathroom emergencies can simply be a fact of life. Parents are sometimes faced with making uncomfortable battlefield decisions about a potentially mucky potty crisis and when this sort of urgent situation happens to occur in an enclosed airplane cabin at 35,000 feet, the results can be unpleasant for everyone involved.

    An unfortunate incident this week on a Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)-bound Shenzhen Airlines flight wasn’t the first time a small child pooped in an inappropriate area of an airplane cabin and it probably won’t be the last time it happens. What made this cringe-worthy situation special was the fact that the tot’s mother and another relative were helping and encouraging the kid to do his business on the carpeted area of the plane near the restrooms. More disheartening, when a flight attendant stumbled on the somewhat disconcerting scene, she noticed that both of the lavatories were unoccupied at the time.

    When confronted about choosing to soil the carpet rather than taking the child to the toilet, the seemingly unconcerned mother simply explained, “Your bathrooms are too small, the three of us can’t get in. It’s so spacious out here.”

  9. Talk about feeding the beast – this is nothing more than a manufactured publicity stunt to up her subscription count and someone fell for it.

    I don’t normally criticize the host’s choice of content, but this is a new low.

  10. And why is this story fit for publication in this blog? Just cuz “flight attendant “?

  11. Yeah, the article refers to her as a “bombshell”, but she looks like a common streetwalker to me. And no, I’m not some prude – I enjoy a fine adult model as much as the next guy. But, if I were seated in her row, I’d be concerned about getting an airborne STD from those nasty undies!

  12. More people are going to have to turn to only fans for extra money now that we are in the Biden bear market bust.

  13. @ Tim j – Read it again. He said American airline with a small “a” He was referring to all airlines based in America. Does that help?

  14. @Rog

    It has but never at 20% in a matter of months and never with this much historical inflation.
    Not to mention even babies are starving now because of the biden bust.

    The democrats are going to get slaughtered and it won’t be because of your “gerrymandering” excuse.

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