Passenger Asserts White Privilege in Onboard Rant, Gets Choked & Carried Off on Stretcher

On a Frontier flight from St. Louis to Denver a passenger went off on a “drunken tirade”.

The African American woman sitting next to him videotaped the episode in which he declared he should get what he wanted — even though “crew members allegedly refused to continue serving him alcohol” — because he was playing his ‘effing white card’ (which I guess is like a joker or trump of some other kind).

The woman reports that the man had been drinking in the Chili’s at Denver airport. She lucked out stuck in the middle next to the man and his travel companion, and asked crew if she could move but they were no help.

She says flight attendants continued to serve the man even though he was “visibly drunk from the moment he got on the plane.”

A flight attendant came by and served the couple drinks. Infused with more booze, Cannon says his flirting escalated to include descriptions of his penis size and what he wanted to do with the woman in the bathroom. Cannon also claims he started rubbing his pants leg and groin area.

Once again, Cannon says she alerted a flight attendant.

“When he described his penis size, I couldn’t take it no more,” she says. “I told them what he’d said.”

That’s when the man was cut off, and his tantrum ensued:

He was allowed to continue flying, but police met the aircraft in Denver. An altercation ensued, and the passenger “was choked into submission.”

Here’s the passenger being carted off on a stretcher:

This incident happened in June but video was just posted online and media are just now covering it this week.

Shemekia Cannon, who sat next to the man, received a $250 voucher for a future Frontier flight.

Some have suggested that the man though ultimately used his white privilege card it seems because there’s no record of the incident that media could find or charges filed. I suspect it’s actually Blue Privilege, excessive force that led to the incident being swept under the rug.

“He kept screaming, ‘I’m a business owner, I’m a business owner,'” she recalls. “He wanted everybody to know is that he is a business man and he had white privilege and a white card. He was flailing and fighting everybody.”

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  1. Reminds me of a flight I took last night. This guy kept asking me to get up (I was in the aisle) so he could use the bathroom. At least 8 times. He told me, “I’m playing my yellow card. Do you know why?” I replied, “Because you’re Asian?” He said, “No, because I have a bladder infection you racist a**hole”.


  2. Ah yes Trump’s America. Apparently according to him and his low class followers, you’ll be subject to it for 7 years.

    Hey low IQ Trumpies…yes I AM making this about politics. You ignited the race relations crisis that is only just now building. YOU elected a racist moron from hell with no compasssion, integrity or soul. Most likely because that’s exactly who you are. You don’t admit it though do ya? not to your black classmate, or your normal neighbor, or yourself even, but if you voted for him… you’re the same as him, a racist narcissist.

    Buckle up cowboys, your countey will be ripped apart soon, unless you remove the despot bigot. You wont though, cos its probably too late, and no-one has the balls anyway. Pathetic

  3. “because he was playing his ‘effing white card’ (which I guess is like a joker or trump of some other kind)”

    I see what you did there…

  4. So it turns out white privilege isn’t real after all. Can we now quit using a made up term.

  5. Calvin: All terms are “made up.” That’s how terms work. Someone makes up a term to describe something. This one describes something that actually exists.

  6. Not all Republicans are racist, but from the top down a lot fewer Republicans would get elected without racist voters.

  7. Racism, an overused euphemism if there ever was one, is invoked so often that it has become meaningless. Time to move on folks. This isn’t the 1940’s. Unless you prefer to live in the last, which apparently some people do.

  8. Are black people not allowed to be business owners? What does owning a business have to do with being white?

  9. “In the 2012 rugby union Super 15 season, a White Card was introduced for incidents of suspected foul play where the referee is unsure of the identity of the perpetrator, or where the referee is unsure if a red card is warranted. The incident is later referred to the citing commissioner, and may result in a suspension for the offending player.”

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