Passenger Attacked On Miami Flight After Taking Too Long To Retrieve Bags From The Overhead Bin

On Sunday night’s Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami, two passengers got into a fight as the aircraft started deplaning – because “the person in front of him was taking too long to get his bags from the overhead bins.”

First the passenger forced to wait an extra few moments “used a racial slur against the second passenger and then punched him.”

According to fellow passenger and hip hop artist Milli Miami, who recorded the incident,

You can see the white man on top of the Black passenger just beating him between the seats. The flight attendant got involved. The white man’s wife got involved. His son, I believe, and his son’s girlfriend — everyone was just involved.

Passengers and crew managed to separate the two combatants. However as the first passenger starts to leave, the assailant momentarily starts to go after him before changing his mind.

The second passenger was told to stay behind – but didn’t. Police “walked right past” him. And while the passenger who was slow to retrieve his carry on from the overhead waited to file a police report, he decided “not to press charges.”

According to Frontier Airlines,

Yesterday as a flight from Philadelphia to Miami was deplaning at MIA, a physical altercation broke out among passengers who were towards the back of the aircraft. The flight crew requested law enforcement assistance. All passengers involved were asked to remain on the aircraft however some disregarded the flight crew’s instructions. Ultimately, local law enforcement became involved.

Since the man who was attacked was black, and the man who got away with it white, social media discussion focuses on the racial elements of the incident. Although you might say this is just what happens on a Frontier Airlines flight bound for Miami.

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  1. It’s still a friggin’ VIOLENT racial incidence 🙁 A hate crime with the verbal epithet 🙁
    And white privilege and systemic racism prevail ;-(
    Stay woke, Gary! 😉

  2. White men need to learn patience. As a POC, my brothers and sisters bear no obligation to rush ourselves to make the path clear for white men.

  3. Frontier, lol. And these idiots think it’s racial. You’re flying Frontier, this is the free entertainment you get

  4. @P Ness

    Pretty sure it was as usualy the PoC people causing the violence and then trying to play the victim. We see this daily.

  5. “According to fellow passenger and hip hop artist Milli Miami, who recorded the incident”

    Yeah we’re really supposed to take her word for it even thought she recoreded it and the video shows no “racial slur” being used”

    The oppression delusion is real.


    Why he’s the victim?

    The black oppression delusion is real.

  6. Why are all the crazy people flying to Miami?
    All of you nutcases, please stay home or go somewhere else. We don’t need you here, we’ve got our own crazy ppl!

  7. Wow, and this wasn’t on Spirit Airlines! Seems like a lot of rage on flights to and from Miami.

  8. Didn’t hear the racial slur maybe it was said maybe it wasn’t. Certainly don’t hear any such thing in the video. I understand this is a race baiting article which is par for the course with this blog. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the black woman who was pounding on the white guy. Weird how the comment totally leaves that out when that is the person in the video you see throwing the most punches of everyone. Of course Gary has the facts wrong. The black guy was apparently mouthing off to the white guy for taking too long to get his bag. Get it? Doesn’t that seem more logical being that the white guy is in front? Like why would a white guy be complaining if the guy behind him is taking too long to get his bag. If you are going to write jerry springer articles at least get your facts right, instead of trying to slant the story to meet your own political viewpoints.

  9. @Bill and @snowe: both chime in to rescue their white racist brothers………………as usual. Two pigs in their pigsty. They still think Trump won and Arizona audit will prove the facts.

  10. This is just one of the reasons more than 300 million Americans wake up every day and choose not to fly Frontier.

  11. It is unfortunate that so many jump in with an opinion on this event even though no one knows what precisely happened and who was the instigator.
    You need to check your preconceived notions at the door.
    And Mr. Leff should use a bit more caution before throwing around opinions based on limited information.

  12. At the 6 second mark or so there was a clear racist epithet used towards a Caucasian woman when you can clearly here an individual sarcastically say, “ok Karen.” Apparently that is ok as the comments here seem to dismiss it. Racism in ALL forms should be denounced and unacceptable.

  13. Klye, I’m sure u voted for Trump. Your logic is so white Supremicist. U really care about racism in all forms? U just want to justify racist white folk. U and trump have had your day

  14. Allen u clearly hate ur self for some reason as ur ignorance shines through. I am African American you absolute moron. I denounce ALL racism, regardless of who it is directed to. Ur an ignorant fool.

  15. @P Ness. There are à lot of people who could use some more patience. I’ve been known to lack in that area myself but I never attacked anyone.

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