Watch This American Airlines Agent Fire A Customer

Watch this American Airlines agent fire a customer. The passenger, it seems,

  • Wasn’t wearing mask (though she’s now wearing one in the video), and
  • Called an American Airlines employee a vulgar name

And so the agent declares to her, “You can find another carrier to fly. I’d suggest Spirit.”

Social media reaction has viewed this agent as a rock star. In the video, viewed tens of thousands of times as I write this, he was… calm. He retained his poise. And he clearly isn’t going to accept abuse of a colleague – as he shouldn’t. And the Spirit Airlines line is priceless.

Of course in the current environment where leisure travelers dominate, every airline’s passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now. Or, as American’s CEO Doug Parker has said, today’s passengers are “somewhat different from our normal clientele.”

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  1. Jackson Waterson was the only person who actually called out the right people. AA has been getting away with horrendous and abusive service for YEARS. I’m disabled and they blatantly discriminated against me 5 years ago leaving me no choice but to sue them…

    All of these pathetic comments about entitled women and political bashing? What is WRONG with all of you? If we can no longer comment without ripping peoples’ characters to shreds, then we are far worse than the people we are insulting. Sunce when is ANY gender or political or sexual preference bashing OK??? Zee Mann – what if I made discriminatory comments about you being gay? Would that be OK? Why do you get to insult Women?

    We, as a society, need to learn how to engage in conversations without destroying each other and GROW the hell up and stop acting like petulant children.

    As dir the AA Manager, he acted above his authority and chastised HER for insulting the flight attendant but in a hypocritical turn, he insults her, another airline and also uses profanity himself.

    His hypocrisy was amazing to me. He ACTED like an arrogant ass…

  2. While the agent handled the situation well, I can’t believe the arrogant comments on here. All this stuff about “entitled women”, are you kidding me?!?!?! Men act just as entitled as women. In society in general men have more power than women, and they use it accordingly to get what they want. To make these offhand stereotypical statements is offensive. I’m sick of reading crap like that. There are nice people and there are jerks. They come in all shapes and colors – men and women.

  3. This manager did a great job with the non compliant passenger. It would have not gotten to this level unless the event was serious and there were witnesses. The woman appeared “not so brazen” once she realized that she was not flying on AA to her destination. This needs to happen more often. Now that COVID is rampant again, morons like her will spread it in every public venue. She deserved to be banned. Mr. Manager was calm and professional. Kudos. She can thumb a ride from DFW to MIA.

  4. GREAT JOB Mr Manager! Is it going to take a plane crashing before something is done to unruly passengers? I’m fearful of that!
    Once someone raises their voice either at check in gate or in-flight, handcuff them, sit them in the back of the plane so everyone using the toilet can snear at them in disgust. This has to stop. We are at 30,000 feet and anything could go wrong. NO ITS NOT OK TO BE NASTY TO ANYONE. And you are not entitled, you’re just Like any of us flying. PUT ON THE DAMN MASK or drive wherever you’re going. Shame on those passengers!

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