The Strange Covid Theater Precautions In Mexico

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  1. I thought the Mexico security theater was going to be the “sanitize your shoes” thing resorts down there are having people do before entering restaurants/lobbies/etc. Because we all know COVID is transmitted when somebody is walking with the bottom of their shoe covered in it, and then another person licks the floor where those shoes were.

  2. Yeah COVID theater is pretty ridiculous in Mexico. I’ve been staying in CDMX for ~2 months now. Some places like museums have some sort of disinfecting spray, and they make you spin around so they can spray it on your clothes. Everywhere has the ridiculous shoe sanitizers. And virtually everywhere you go takes your temperature, but they almost all do it wrong and half the time they don’t even look at the actual temp. Pretty silly.

  3. I was in Merida, MX, last month. The Yucatan went from yellow to orange in our week there. Everywhere on the plaza, there were workers spraying hand sanitizer on people’s hands. In that time, most tourist attractions closed. So, we missed seeing quite a few things. Masks were mandatory, everywhere including outside. Which is probably going to come back in the USA, because only the vaccinated were supposed to go maskless. Welcome to the 5th wave!

  4. Does the sanitizer stop include an aggressive timeshare sales pitch? “Let me rip you off señor”

  5. Yep, I just experienced the shoe cleaning thing at the Hyatt . I thought that was hoof and mouth disease .

  6. Yep, the shoe sanitizer requirement in MX cracks me up, but maybe not as much as when my friends came a few days after I did and went to a local cenote to swim–and were required to leave their masks on–in the WATER.

  7. At least they are using Ivermectin to treat people rather than demanding the gmo jab.

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