Crewmember Drags Homophobic Disney Rant Woman Off American Airlines Flight

A passenger on board an American Airlines flight from Dallas – Fort Worth to Orlando went on a homophobic rant in which she accused Disney of having been “corrupted” by advocates of same sex marriage.. or something to that effect.

The disruptive passenger, who was unwilling to wear her face mask over her nose and mouth, was pulled off the aircraft by the arm by a flight attendant, after the aircraft returned to the gate.

While the incident took place on June 12, video was only shared widely online this week. Due to the vulgar language earlier in the video I’m embedding it to begin 28 seconds in. This is a family blog.

One passenger in the video responds to the rant,

I’m in a lesbian marriage and I fought for this country. Please get off this plane.

And with that the woman is, indeed, taken off the plane and this passenger was escorted away by law enforcement.

According to American Airlines, in a statement provided to Paddle Your Own Kanoo,

We expect our customers to comply with our policies when they choose to travel with us, and we take action when that is not the case. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and we thank our team members for their professionalism.

What we really needed was for this American Airlines hero agent to send her to Spirit.

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  1. Walt Disney wouldn’t have this “Karen” visiting his park anyways.

    and she is NOT right.

  2. Ignorant, theocratic white trash heading to Floriduh from Texas….I’m shocked this worked out poorly

    It’s almost always Floriduh

  3. Hey Mets fan in Nc – Why are these travel comment sections magnets for bigoted trumper losers? No where else left to spread your hate since you’ve been banned from every other platform?

  4. @Mets Fan in NC…I saw on Facebook that the Covid vaccines have a secret chemical made by George Soros’ company which will turn you gay! Along with the tracking chip that Bill Gates included, the vaccines will destroy your life. The Deep State power brokers at Hillary’s DC pizza place will be able to track you loitering at truck stops and afterhours mensrooms with double doors.

    Oh and the Dear Leader still needs you to send more cash to his fund he’s using to overturn the election. He only has about $200,000,000 on hand so more is critical right away.

  5. Tom K you forgot to add:
    Please don’t get vaccinated. Covid is doing for us what redistricting has done for the Republicans. Pretty soon nature will re-balance the 2 digit IQs.

  6. @METS fan in NC, must really eat you up that the NY METS are an inclusive organization who 100% supports the LGBTQ+ community. Go find yourself another place to troll.

  7. @Paul…You’re right brother. My posting may be far too subtle for @Mets Fan to process.

    I need to use shorter words too.

  8. If @MetsFan knew anything about Walt Disney, they might not post such ignorance. Disney was far from supportive of anything non-white, non-conservative, non-religious.

    Another FL and TX connection. No way the South ever turns Blue, they just keep getting dumber.

  9. At Paul: it’s called “thinning the herd.” Hopefully it will come soon…..

  10. I mean, based on these comments, do we really even have to guess if liberals really care about other people and what their true intentions are for people who don’t agree with their lifestyles? Such disdain and hatred.
    Forget 1984, watch the Hunger Games for a realistic view of our future.

  11. You keep dissing Spirit in every passenger gone wrong post, despite most of the recent incidents happening on American. Your catch phrase should now be – all passengers are American Airlines passengers.

  12. Gadzooks, no wonder other blogs have eliminated the ability to comment on stories. What kind of idiot needs to insult other posters who are expressing their thoughts? Do these people think they can elevate themselves by trashing others’ comments? Ignorance is bliss they say, and reading this kind of drivel surely makes that point.

  13. That woman needs to be permanently muzzled, perhaps with a small feeding tube.

    @Jerry, you are just another phony! What a hypocrite! The hatred created by the conservatives far exceeds what is posted here! What I really want to say is F#ckoff, you bigot! Sexuality and skin color are not “lifestyles”!

  14. As I predicted a few weeks ago we would get a few Karens again after back to back instances of Shaquanas in Miami.

  15. @JohnB
    Thanks for proving my point. Also, never heard one mention of race in that video, though like most dems, want to make everything about it.

  16. Jerry above. Y not just say ” I am a homophobic bigot and those who believe gay people should have rights are evil, ”
    U seem to be a proud bigot I bet u hate Black and Brown people also

  17. @Allen

    You seem like an unhappy , negative person and maybe that is why people don’t like you or JohnB, not bigotry.

  18. We certainly shouldn’t applaud a flight attendant getting violent over constitutionally protect speech. It’s one thing to ask a passenger to leave (with the captains permission) and call security personnel if the passenger refuses. However, to drag a passenger in a violent fashion by the arm is unacceptable. That flight attendant has no place working as a flight attendant.

    It is sad what Disney has become FYI.

  19. Karen can go on a public sidewalk and scream anti LGBT drivel all she wants, as it is her first amendment right. American Airlines is not the govt and they don’t have to tolerate her big demeaning mouth on their property if they don’t want to. And now she knows,

    I really feel sorry for frontline airline staff, over the past 2 – 3 years the number of Karens they are forced to deal with is way to high.

  20. @snowe and comments like yours are why I laugh as trumpers continue to die in droves due to a preventable disease. Fuck all of you cultist losers

  21. snowe said ALPHABET people LOL what a homophobic piece of shit.

    snowe move to Afghanistan they love people like you there. You would be a hit. Take Dee and Jerry with you and that ugly bitch from the plane too… oh wait she’s probably on the no fly list now so she couldn’t go.

    You all hate so freely but the minute we give it back to you its all tears and snowflake bullshit – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  22. That woman is the true definition of mental illness. An everyday thing on the packed flights to everywhere. She needs a shrink, meds and maybe a lockdown psych unit. A fine line between a danger to herself and others. Sick of the freaks imposing on decent people. The deterioration of the USA.

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