Watch This American Airlines Agent Fire A Customer

Watch this American Airlines agent fire a customer. The passenger, it seems,

  • Wasn’t wearing mask (though she’s now wearing one in the video), and
  • Called an American Airlines employee a vulgar name

And so the agent declares to her, “You can find another carrier to fly. I’d suggest Spirit.”

Social media reaction has viewed this agent as a rock star. In the video, viewed tens of thousands of times as I write this, he was… calm. He retained his poise. And he clearly isn’t going to accept abuse of a colleague – as he shouldn’t. And the Spirit Airlines line is priceless.

Of course in the current environment where leisure travelers dominate, every airline’s passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now. Or, as American’s CEO Doug Parker has said, today’s passengers are “somewhat different from our normal clientele.”

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  1. Good for him. It’s time people stood up to entitled women, I know I’m repeating myself.
    Women especially those raised in the United States have an extreme entitlement complex.

  2. Wow! He deserves a bonus for being so calm. No drama, just the truth. I wish someone at AA would see this and commend him.

  3. Entitled women… I was having a friendly plutonic conversation with a woman on a cruise ship and she ordered a drink… when the guy came she looked to me to pay. Awkward. Sometimes we want gender equality and sometimes men are just chumps.

  4. Kudos to him! He states the airline’s policy very clearly and doesn’t lose his cool. Impressive.

  5. He would have succeeded if he had left Spirit out of the conversation.

    The irony, of course, is that Spirit is preparing for a massive expansion at Miami and, by its second month of service will be the 2nd largest airline there with service to about 20 cities.

    So, yeah, it might be fun to tell a customer to take a hike – but when you suggest they go to a competitor that is out to each your lunch, the competitor might have the last laugh.

  6. If she was black they would have let her slide, you know because she was just venting her suppressed rage at the white devil slave master.

  7. It’s the typical female attitude that most women have nowadays. Thank God, I’m gay!

  8. Bravo, he called her on the carpet, as a liar! As far as sending her to Spirit, bravo again. There is no reason to have to provide service to people who won’t follow the rules. Let Spirit have those pompous asses!

  9. @Marv

    Na she has entitled big city lefty written all over her. Most of those annoying entitled women are all democrats.

  10. He was extremely professional and courteous in his handling of this woman, and sticking up for his employee. How can I give him all my “atta boy” certs? He also deserves a promotion IMHO.

  11. @Snowe…sorry but America’s white trash, such as the piece of work in this video, are the essence of Trump’s acolytes. The AA employee senses this too which is why he suggest White Trash Airways (aka Spirit/Allegiant/Frontier)

    @Marv is absolutely correct.

  12. Congratulations American Airlines for flexing against this woman, who yes made a mistake, yes didn’t briefly comply with an unconstitutional, illegal move by the CDC (tacitly acknowledged by SCOTUS in the Alabama Association of Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Services case). Way to go in putting her on a No Fly List. Bravo, you really showed whose boss. Now try this power trip crap on a LaKisha. You won’t? Wonder why.

  13. @Darth Apu except the most conservative member of SCOTUS (Thomas) didn’t even bother referring a case to the entire court about the mask mandate from some chump living at his mom’s house in FL.

  14. A “vulgar name”…..what, did they accuse him of working for American Airlines? It doesn’t get much more vulgar than that!

  15. But was the other airline employee being a bitch? Seems to be relevant to this story.

  16. @Tom K

    Thugs are raping our daughters left and right and turning our cities into no go zones. Some whites may dress like Walmart shoppers and not have their hair professionally maintained, but a country with only those people is preferable to the thug culture that runs wild and fills our streets with violence.

    This is a very dangerous precedent. Managers are low level employees who shouldn’t have power to ban anyone for more than a day. They often make decisions based on arbitrary and capricious standards. They will ban someone just because they don’t like someone’s face or how someone speaks. It’s dangerous for federally regulated air travel where individuals can’t create their own airline. If someone doesn’t want to bake a cake, a person can go somewhere else or bake a cake. That can’t be done with air travel.

    Flight attendants in the U.S. provide the worst rated service in the world. They will abuse their authority over flight safety and abuse their positions as gate agents to excuse anyone who brings up a legitimate complaint.

  17. @Tom K from Seattle

    It’s pretty clear she’s a libtard. Entitled as can be.

    If she was black they wouldn’t have said a thing to her

  18. Gary, do you read these comments? Is this really what you want your site to be?

  19. Genuinely surprised that this video would elicit this number of racist and misogynistic comments.

  20. And that’s how you deal with an asshole. Kudos to the manager for his tact, patience, and defense of his frontline employee.

  21. First off, they need to get the %!@!$@ over the whole mask thing….it’s amazing how when they want to inconvenience passengers, they claim they have to follow the CDC guidance. Now that the CDC guidance means passengers can have a bit of humanity back, they don’t seem to care what the CDC thinks any more.

    Second, it amazes me how many people here are willing to just agree to screw the woman over without any idea what happened before this video. For all you know, the previous employee was a complete and total bitch to this woman and this guy is just blindly standing up for the previous employee because he can. I travel quite frequently both domestically and internationally….and I can tell you that in all of my experience of 35 years of travel, in the past 10 years or so the airlines staff deserve 90% of the abuse they get from passengers. The past 18 months or so since COVID, airline staff have just gone wild with power and deserve to be put in their place every time a passenger who is screwed over feels the need. They deserve it because the airlines screw people over left and right and they make the choice and get paid to be the face of that. They could very easily go get a job making the same money or better for another business that does not routinely abuse and commit fraud against their paying customers with impunity.

    I don’t know what happened before the video above started rolling, neither do any of you judgmental pricks commenting in this post. In the end, it’s just a piss poor excuse for journalism that is only made to sell ads and make money.

  22. I agree with Ms Marirose- racist and misogynistic comments should not be posted

  23. @Jackson Waterson
    Hey Jack. Talking about someone who is arbitrary and capricious. That’s you in a nutshell.
    Why don’t you go bake a cake in Europe where you came from. Go back to your own country and bake a cake. I’m sure some white fool like you will help you decorate it. The dangerous precedent is having some fool like you make decisions.

  24. @snowe @snow
    Hey snowy, since you can’t make up your mind what your name is, maybe you can give us some facts about who can fly after making comments to flight staff.

  25. If only all airline Customer Service supervisors had this kind of backbone and kajones, perhaps in-flight staff off would have fewer in-flight issues.

  26. Awesome p[presence, professionalism and preemptive action by this agent/manager.
    Some great supportive comments.
    tim j and Tom K are spot on as are others supporting the American Air gate agent. – I will follow tim J’s lead and submit a reward AB card as this airline professional likely saved the cabin crew and the passengers from a potential disruptive event.

  27. Kudos to the manager. Lots more patience and tolerance than I would have had…suggest we cannot label the woman as ‘Left,’ ‘tRUMP-er,’ Black, or anything else…how do they know (weren’t even there), and there are good & bad, nice & nasty, smart and stupid women and men in every segment of society. THIS WOMAN WAS RUDE, ACTING ENTITLED, AND SELFISH. And got exactly what she deserved.

  28. Good! More of that, and forced de-planing, is needed until the flying public is brought out of that “me, me” attitude and subscribes to the “we” concept.

  29. The passenger being rude to agent was wrong. NO ONE but those who were there know what ACTUALLY happened….BUT, American Airlines is only two seats away from Spirit in horrible service and charge more. But I think American’s staff are THE MOST RUDE PEOPLE that ever worked at an airline. Their indignant attitudes only add to the insult. So many people truly gripe about the customer care and the airlines lack of transparency about cancelled flights, yet still fly them. I was boarding a flight and paused to allow the captain to hang his jacket in the first class cabin where I was going to be seated, regardless of the class of service I was a paying customer trying to be nice… He looked at me and said, “Come on ( in a raised voice). I explained that I was yielding to him out of respect, he dismissed me. That was the last time I ever flew them. American Airlines is a disgrace and to have that name is why other countries have a bad opinion of us. Terminate the toxic management and act more human to passengers in general. No one should physically or verbally abuse anyone. But prior to COVID, their staff left much to be desired when it came to customer service. Remember AA, there are other choices, that provide better service. And remember passengers, if the airline does screw you, you deserve what you get if you give them another chance. Last I heard many many many people never got a refund for flights they couldn’t take because they were canceled and you’re still flying the airline doesn’t sound very intelligent to me!

  30. Regardless of what this entitled person,… or so she thinks, she is no better than anyone else. She needs to be taught, like a child should be taught that no, you are not. I worked with the general public for many years and found that people like her look down their noses at workers, perhaps that is because she has never had to put up with someone as rude as she is. Maybe she should be slapped across the face, with a chair. Listen you idiot, you make the rules for anyone coming into your house, do you not? if they do not want to follow your rules you have the right to tell them they are not allowed in your house. The airline is doing exactly the same, telling you not to return. Regardless of what the CDC says or doesn’t say, the airlines have the right to make the rules in their house. If you don’t want to follow those rules then just don’t fly, feel free to drive.

  31. Why are all these people still talking about Trump? Has nothing to do with the story.
    Though it is better to be legally elected, than to be illegally elected !

  32. Only pathological narcissist tRumptards have a problem with masking up. “Libtards” don’t take consideration of other peoples rights to health and well being as a personal assault on their freedumb. So, nice try all you right wing internet tough guys. STFU and put on your face diaper, you manly men.

  33. Great job by American Airlines! Passengers need to respect the rules. It is not s ‘right’ to fly but a privilege.

  34. @Marv

    Because “trumptards” are smart enough to actually follow the science that shows masks don’t do a damn thing.

    Real fascists want people to be forced to wear a mask and get a shot. I won’t wear a mask and I won’t get a shot.

  35. Well since this went viral I’m willing bet he got a good talking to from his bosses and likely a suspension. (Also could be fired). While you may welcome his words (unless they were said to you of course) they were not in line w AA taking points and he likely paid as a result

  36. Not all of us women feel entitled! Secondly, I don’t believe they would have let a black passenger slide! Thirdly, as far as the woman who expected the man on the cruise to pay for her drink… I hope you did not! You had no obligation to! Finally, this woman makes all women look bad! I think the manager deserves a raise for kicking her trashy attitude of the airline! He handled the situation professionally, courteously, and is a credit to the company he works for!

  37. It’s never acceptable for anyone to be rude or disrespectful.
    I am literally beside myself trying to understand why so many incredibly disrespectful are traveling on American Airlines. Really, where did they come from and why do they feel they can be so callous in their treatment of others.
    Perhaps they were in lockdown so long that they forgot their manners or how to behave in public.
    Always remember to be kind in all things, takes no effort at all.

  38. @Rog, We can always count on you to show up and continue to show the world just how big a waste of air you really are. You really should make the world a better place and kick that nasty breathing habit of yours.

  39. @ Suzanne Hustad: “Great job by American Airlines! Passengers need to respect the rules. It is not s ‘right’ to fly but a privilege.”

    In the United States, Canada, and many other countries, you do not need to have a government-issued “privilege card” to fly domestically. However, you are mandated to have a boarding pass in exchange for payment from a revenue ticket, non-revenue, space available (NRSA) ticket, frequent flyer miles, or a buddy pass.

  40. To Snowe:
    A couple of points that I disagree with you on.
    America is not forcing you to get a shot. You are free to make that choice, and I would hope that if you get COVID you do not go to your local hospital and put those health professionals in jeopardy.
    Also, this situation was not about a particular color of a person or gender, but rather dealing with a person who did not conduct themselves as one should in an ordinary business transaction.

  41. If a disrespectful action verbal or physical
    from an airline passenger occurs with witnesses.
    All you need is a “Red Card” whether verbal
    or an actual red card, it is sufficient.
    * No mention of another airline is necessary.
    * No need to call someone a liar,;
    * Just say “When we have a disruptive passenger, our policy is for you to be placed in another flight with your own arrangements.”

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