Passenger Attacks Woman After Woman’s Kids Kicked Seat, “You Do What You Got To Do”

A passenger took justice into her own hands Sunday on a flight from Las Vegas to Portland when a 3 and 7 year old kicked her seat from the row behind. According to police, she attacked the childrens’ mother.

Daydrena Jaslin Walker-Williams pulled her luggage from an overhead bin and then turned and punched fellow passenger Nataly Hernandez several times, leaving Hernandez with a bleeding lip and lumps on her head, a probable-cause affidavit states.

Hernandez’s two children, 7 years old and 3 years old, reportedly witnessed the assault.

Walker-Williams admitted that she hit Hernandez “2 to 3 times in the face with her fist,” according to the complaint. She told police “she was upset Ms. Hernandez’s children kicked the back of her seat, and stated she told Ms. Hernandez ‘to tell her kids to stop it.’” She said Hernandez ignored her and later “hit her on the shoulder.”

The 29 year old passenger faces felony assault charges. Need I even mention that this happened on Spirit Airlines?

The woman sort of seems to be claiming self defense arguing she was ‘hit on her shoulder’ but no other passenger saw this and she didn’t contemporaneously inform a flight attendant, she just went all Stand Your Ground on the kids’ mother instead. She says that’s because her “first reaction was to fight,” which is everything you hope for in an airline passenger. “You do what you got to do,” she says.

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  1. If you can afford to fly, please fly an airline that carries passengers with proper manners. You might be safe flying with LCCs, but you’re asking for trouble flying with people who an barely afford flying and people who cannot afford manners.

  2. I’m surprised incidents like these are still a story for Spirit, as I just assume there are 2-3 fights per flight.

  3. Last time I flew Spirit there was a couple that was in the last row, stood up when we landed, walked to the front of the plane while we were still taxiing and told the objecting flight attendant “GO FUCK YOURSELVES”.

    LOL spirit

  4. Not condoning this attack at all. She should go to jail. However, I’m all for leg shackles for ill mannered brats and waterboarding for the parents who refuse to control them.

  5. The mother should have kept the kids from kicking the woman’s seat!!! It can be very annoying esp if the Mom is not taking any responsibility!! Granted she should not have been punched….but

  6. Just shows what garbage enjoys the right to fly. I feel sorry for Spirit’s crew in having to tolerate this.

  7. Spirit Airlines = Public Transportation If you expect anything different you are going to be very disappointed.

  8. Reminds me of when I worked for Muse Air which at the time was the only “No Smoking Allowed” airline in the world. We regularly had fights between non-smoking passengers and those who felt it was their right to smoke. The majority of the fights were to or from LAS VEGAS. Go figure.

  9. After repeatedly ringing the flight attendant, I stand up and “accidentally” dump my drink in the child’s face when they don’t stop kicking. I also wait until food is served and get creative with banging my seat backwards. After they realize I mean business, and they are now sitting wet, they then stop. Sure, words are exchanged, but I’ really, really good at lowering my voice to a bellow and letting them know EXACTLY what is next, and how much blood will be involved.

    I’ve never had to resort to hitting yet, but I’m more than ready and willing Usually you demand relocation, and watch to see if the kid kicks the set with the next person, who is usually a man. Note how they almost always do this to women.

    I agree with her action to punch the Mom. The Mom deserved it. This no-spank brat culture has to change.

    If you disagree with me, continue to allow your child to kick, and let’s hope it’s me next. I’ll change your mind very quickly, and I’m not afraid of jail.

  10. Of course the kids will do it again. And I say the policy should be brats in the back. Put a barrier up between the rows so what gets kicked is not a pax seat. And maybe the name should be changed to Spirited.

  11. It’s not just Spirit. Had something similar happen on Southwest, and even First Class on Delta where another “adult” was the culprit (apparently he wanted to put his feet between the window and my armrest because he wanted to curl up and work on his laptop). Ugh.

  12. I can’t see any reason to refrain from punching that mother out especially in front of her children. An object lesson never to be forgotten. Anyone who gets their kidneys in a twist due to brats with a parent who is obviously AWOL should without delay punch out the offender.

  13. Dear pissed off,
    Next time,
    Let me know if you need any refills of refreshments to “drop”

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