Passenger Discovers The One Correct Thing To Do When United Airlines Screws With Your Reservation [Roundup]

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  1. If there is nothing you can do about the situation at hand it is best to think positive and work through the problems and get through the day which is exactly what she did.

  2. Sometimes these blogs really have interesting and helpful information. Other times – and too often – they are complete junk. Why is it news that someone reacted with zen to flight delays (although this woman seems a bit extreme) or that “man kicks dog on flight” or “lady has meltdown when she can’t use lavatory” or any of the other nonsense that we have to sift through to find the helpful info that is sometimes on the Boarding Area blogs? I would love for these bloggers to stop writing articles about this mundane stuff that is far from newsworthy or informative or any meaning.

  3. @Jeff – different people find different things valuable, a reminder that you are in control of your own experience while traveling is… useful, at least to some

  4. Love the post about UA changing a flight. She ‘woke up 2 hours before departure time to find the email’. Seriously, who isn’t at the airport two hours before departure time these days? A real disaster, cuts into her time to practice her pouts in the mirror at home.

  5. @Jeff – Many people don’t know this, but it’s possible to see something that doesn’t interest you on the Internet and simply move on with your life. It takes maybe three seconds to figure out what the topic of the post is, and scroll on past. I can never understand why people keep coming back to a blog, knowing that the blogger has a wide variety of interests, some of which you don’t like.

  6. @Jeff … readers are in control of what they read .

    My sort of story is the girl and her pillow . Opens up a lot of possibilities , yes ?

  7. I like the “no microwave” hack. The trouble in Las Vegas (drove) this week was that the ice bucket was plastic and would probably melt. Besides the ice bucket was in constant use melting ice for drinking water, which was also expensive. The hack could be used to melt ice with the hair dryer farther away. Next time, if there is a next time, I will take more packaged food with me and an electric kettle. A couple of nestled bowls can make what is essentially a double boiler by putting boiling water in the outer bowl and the food you want to get hot in the inner bowl. Food is now very expensive when traveling so buying it at home to take with you for a much lower price can save a lot of money.

  8. @Adrian Pater – because I did not see/notice it? You can always send me an email to flag a concern or be more specific and I’ll look into it.

  9. @Gary, @Randy Cobb and @Alert – I actually stopped clicking on the click-bait articles about things like “passenger farts in first class seat” long ago that seems to predominate some of these blogs. But this one (and others) actually teased with a headline that made it sound like it can be useful information for someone who flies United a lot — “one correct thing to do when United screws up your reservation.” Had I known it was nothing more than about a whackadoodle twitter posting about someone clearing her energy by realizing this was divine intervention, I certainly would not have clicked. But that requires a correct headline, not one that implies travel advice. That is my problem with these blogs too often.

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