Passenger Kicked Off Flight After Turning Her Coach Row Of Seats Into A Fort Using Plastic Wrap

Airlines will usually be happy to sell you more than one seat for your trip although they really don’t advertise it. One woman, with three seats to herself, felt that wasn’t quite enough and decided to build a fort.

She turned her row in coach into a business class suite with walls, using plastic wrap. She even gave herself a roof while a passenger across the aisle from her filmed the pre-departure construction project.

The whole thing began to look like a giant spider web, and then she… covered her face in plastic wrap, which is generally inadvisable for breathing and continuing to live reasons. It turns out she was just using her face to hold onto stretched pieces of plastic wrap until she tore it off of the sheet, so she could use it for pieces of the roof.

Maybe the best part is when she climbs into her new abode and sits upside down – with feet pressed up against the overhead bins – to work on her new roof from the inside.

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A crewmember finally came over and started to tear down the house, letting her know that this isn’t permitted. He threated to have her detained, while she yells for help. The flight attendant is correct – because the plastic wrap would be an obstruction in the event of an emergency. The passenger is mistaken when she declares, “I can do whatever I want.”

After her plastic wrap home is demolished, the passenger threatens to rebuild it – pointing out that she has a “backup” roll with her.

Usually alcohol is involved in these sorts of situations, but the woman doesn’t actually appear to be impaired? It’s unclear where she was headed, or if she attempted another plastic wrap construction effort on her next flight after being removed from this one. Of course, since I don’t recognize the cabin lighting but it otherwise looks like Delta seat backs this may have been in a mock interior. But it is amazing.

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  1. Gary this is not real, most likely a training video for the inflight crew! Come on! Several little “tells” anyone in the industry can spot.

  2. These people are doing it for views, by covering this story the person basically got what she needed. Why not give her a fine, delete any video of the instance then kicked off tik tok

  3. @Dan77w – good eye yes this looks like a Delta mockup cabin for training. Not sure it’s an actual training video, or something some participants in a real training video created for fun. The “we’re going to talk to the air marshall” line is one of many tells here. That and the lack of geniuine emotion on the part of anyone in the scenes.

    Wonder if someone is going to get wrist slapped for creating and distributing it on TikTok.

  4. @Dan77W: It is odd. No logos, generic uniform, 3-row cabin (??) w/empty bulkhead, IFE turned off, and cables to additional strip lights along the wall? Really fishy.

  5. @Michael-

    I mean the really bad acting is a dead giveaway, that and the clear subtitle STATING IT WAS A RE-CREATION! But people can’t be bothered to even watch the whole clip before they make their comments.

  6. This blog is becoming entertainment in and of itself to see what kind of sensationalist or false things it is promoting.

    Clearly not a real plane… so many signs (such as ABC being on the wrong side of the plane), obviously a Delta mock interior, engine noise stops and starts, overhead bins clearly fake, the ceiling is not an aircraft ceiling, flight attendant clearly not in any sort of uniform, etc. etc etc.

  7. @ David R. Miller

    Your comment has nothing to do with the original article/post. It would be polite to keep your political remarks off this string.

  8. @Greg,

    Not to mention, IFE is not operative, the FA is not wearing any recognizable uniform, not to mention an ID badge (or belt for that matter).

  9. @Dan77W. Yeah, I wondered if this was somehow staged. The window shades are all down, the feel of the setting just doesn’t seem real, they stop before she’s physically hauled off the plane, plus the people behind her are *helping* her block their own video screens.

    But it’s still pretty entertaining….

  10. Gullible much, Gary? This is clearly fake. Cabin interiors indicate it is a DL flight, yet the “FA” is not even remotely in a uniform. The acoustics of it make it sound like there are 3 rows on the “plane”. Your observation skills are about as sensible as your love for AA.

  11. @David R. Miller
    Thank you for again confirming your total lack of intelligence and displaying to all that you are noting but a right-wingnut. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Moronic Republican voter can’t read or can’t figure out if a video is real or not.

    See I can make nonsense generalizations too

  13. How do I block from seeing dumb articles like this ? She wasn’t kicked off. It’s all fake TikTok bs. And you decided to make an article about it. Why?

  14. I can’t believe anyone would even watch the video. This is the dumbest ever.

  15. What would you all expect of Gary lately? 80% of what he’s posted in the last month has been trash – including this fake video

  16. Staged. Totally. Window shades down while crew are seated? Takes exception to being filmed early on but then continues without even another glance for the duration. Economy cabin far too quiet. Crew uniform and lack of badges. Poor acting. Just 4 people in an economy cabin. Can’t believe you feel for this, Lucky!

  17. I was hoping it would end differently when she started wrapping her face with plastic wrap

  18. Way to push fake news with this. It’s obviously not real but sure blast it all over the internet like it might be. Anything for clicks right?

  19. @Gary: You’re a click-bait posting liar and you know it. The headline says “Passenger Kicked Off Flight After Turning Her Coach Row Of Seats Into A Fort Using Plastic Wrap.”. After spending a whole article describing the videobas if you believe it’s real, you don’t get to put one sentence at the end about how you don’t recognize the interior and cover your lying post.

    Look, if you’re the travel expert you market yourself as, you should be able to easily spot a fake cabin/video. So are you actually so gullible that you didn’t notice, or did you notice and you’ll just like for clicks? Only two options.

  20. Why has no one but Dan77W noted the clear subtitle, about 10 seconds in: “This is a dramatization based on ACTUAL EVENTS,” followed by “Yes. Actual Events .” Gary, it’s not April Fool’s Day, so you have lost credibility and insulted your readers by posting an obviously fake video — for all of the reasons everyone mentioned, plus the fact that the video itself tells us that it’s a fake — and not treating it as a humorous fake video, instead treating it as if it’s real except for one (your penultimate) sentence.

  21. Why are you weirdos making comments about liberals? So odd. You need to get out of the house and stop being so strange.

  22. I’m reading this news while listening to Depeche Mode’s famous single from the 70’s-80’s “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

  23. “David R. Miller says:

    May 18, 2023 at 2:12 pm
    Just another liberal DemocRat voter … Is ANYONE surprised?”

    Hahaha. What I’m not surprised about is that some trumptard thinks this is real. Those dolts will believe ANYTHING! hahahaha

  24. Good acting and original..American government is highly jealous of tick tock.becausd the Chinese make billions from the adds and jokes.

  25. She is completely insane, she is a threat to people and the surroundings, she should undergone psychiatric evaluation immediately!!!

  26. it is America freedom, why ur fight attendant violate human right when someone without disturb other… hehe

  27. People like this should not be allowed to purchase and wear makeup to disguise the insane monster that is there true nature. Its like buying your dream car that wentbthrough a seawater flood.

  28. @David Miller Just another Tumper thinking this is real … Is ANYONE surprised?

  29. To all you human beings with the only super power of being nasty to other human beings.
    “ such a waste “

  30. Another one of these stupid influencers doing supid ish on planes fir view’s,their gettingvout of hand‍♀️ one will cause a serious accident.

  31. Folks, it’s a mock video. The cabin interior is not aircraft worthy except for the seats. Gary seems like you pissed off a lot of people on this one. Good way to ruffle the feathers keep doing that and you’re going to lose your reader base.

  32. The woke Left loves this! It’s all about emotions, not logic, facts or reason.

    Your personal safety / sanity is secondary to their illiberal insane (lack of) logic that has no basis in reality.

    When you reward bad behavior, your are GUARANTEED to get more of it.

    America — it’s time to just…say…NO! Stop the nonsense. Push back. Don’t accept cancel culture or political correctness. It is TOXIC, divisive, hateful and narcissistic.

    You can NOT run and hide to a safe place from the madness of left wing lunatics. Stand up, say no, protect your families, and be a real man in support of SANITY!

  33. What about the person in the red pants seated behind her, with her bare feet on her seat painting her nails!! Eeewwweee!!

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