Passenger Kicked Off Flight After Turning Her Coach Row Of Seats Into A Fort Using Plastic Wrap

Airlines will usually be happy to sell you more than one seat for your trip although they really don’t advertise it. One woman, with three seats to herself, felt that wasn’t quite enough and decided to build a fort.

She turned her row in coach into a business class suite with walls, using plastic wrap. She even gave herself a roof while a passenger across the aisle from her filmed the pre-departure construction project.

The whole thing began to look like a giant spider web, and then she… covered her face in plastic wrap, which is generally inadvisable for breathing and continuing to live reasons. It turns out she was just using her face to hold onto stretched pieces of plastic wrap until she tore it off of the sheet, so she could use it for pieces of the roof.

Maybe the best part is when she climbs into her new abode and sits upside down – with feet pressed up against the overhead bins – to work on her new roof from the inside.

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A crewmember finally came over and started to tear down the house, letting her know that this isn’t permitted. He threated to have her detained, while she yells for help. The flight attendant is correct – because the plastic wrap would be an obstruction in the event of an emergency. The passenger is mistaken when she declares, “I can do whatever I want.”

After her plastic wrap home is demolished, the passenger threatens to rebuild it – pointing out that she has a “backup” roll with her.

Usually alcohol is involved in these sorts of situations, but the woman doesn’t actually appear to be impaired? It’s unclear where she was headed, or if she attempted another plastic wrap construction effort on her next flight after being removed from this one. Of course, since I don’t recognize the cabin lighting but it otherwise looks like Delta seat backs this may have been in a mock interior. But it is amazing.

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