Passenger Kicked Off Flight For Her Trump Mask. But That’s Not All It Said.

A passenger says she was kicked off of an Alaska Airlines flight because she wore a “Trump 2020” mask. She claims she was ‘discriminated against’ and has created a website to get the word out about many of the people who have had run ins with Alaska Airlines over masks as well as other, unrelated issues.

Here she is on TikTok, though the airline says she’s leaving out the most important part of the story.


Kicked off Alaska Airlines Flight for wearing a Trump mask! They told me to change it and I did then they came back and said they still wanted me off the plane.

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The video starts with the passenger explaining that she changed her mask. It doesn’t say what she changed it from. She claims she was “wearing a Trump mask” but the airline says that’s not all that it said, the mask also said “F- your feelings.”

According to Alaska Airlines this isn’t the first time she’s given employees grief over complying with their – and federal – mask rules, she’s been formally warned before, and F-bomb dropping masks aren’t going to fly.

Ms Gamache falsely claims that she was removed for wearing a mask with a pro-Trump political slogan.

In fact, she was removed for refusing to follow crew member instructions on multiple flights and because a profane statement appeared on the mask in violation of Alaska’s policy.

This was the second incident in which Ms Gamache defied crew member requests to comply with the federal mask policy. In January, Ms Gamache received a yellow card for repeated refusals to wear an appropriate mask.

We expect our customers to comply with Alaska policies and federal law when they choose to fly with us.

Both American and Delta have kicked passengers off over F-bomb dropping masks. American also kicked a woman off for an F-cancer mask and a shirt that promoting F’ing lots of things. So Alaska is hardly alone in its onboard decorum requirements.

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  1. So, let me get this straight, a passenger was wearing a mask that said “F- your feelings”. And, yet, her feelings were hurt when she was kicked out off the flight?

    Also, being a vulgar and an idiot is not a protected class under the current discrimination laws!

  2. Jerry Springer content, masks, Trump, This is a Gary Leff trifecta. Only top quality travel content on this blog. She shouldn’t have been allowed to board the plane in the first place. She was obviously going to be a problem.

  3. Well, that attention seeking fool is getting what she wanted. Attention. You’re feeding the trolls for clicks, Gary.

  4. There is just no logical excuse for willful ignorance.
    Re Jorge Paez’s comment – Einstein said it best – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over expecting different results” This Q-tRump cult clown was allegedly a chronic nuisance and has been welcomed into the No Fly Zone .

  5. These anti mask videos/incidents are so pathetic. Why did they even bother stepping on board an aircraft when they knew there’s a mask mandate. They certainly had to follow the TSA security rules, along with a dozen other rules or regulations to even get to the airport.

  6. Conduct and attire shall be consistent with the intended use of this facility.

    It’s the law. It’s Constitutional.

  7. I’ve seen more than one “F the Police” masks and no one said a word. This lady is an idiot but hate the double standard.

  8. @Andy
    She was kick off not “just” because she was wearing “F your feelings” mask, but she had been repeatedly warned by flight attendants for not wearing her mask and she was given a yellow warning card before this trip. Did you intentionally or unintentionally missed that?

  9. honestly, I’m finding this whole social media theater thing exhausting. And, increasingly, boring.

    There used to be shock value and compelling stories. Anymore, it’s tedious.

  10. Anyone who chooses to fly knows they must abide by federal laws and airline policies. Next time, walk or drive!!!!!!

  11. Why was this her “second incident”? Why wasn’t she banned after the first incident? An effective step to stopping such nonsense would be banning such idiots/attention-seekers from your airline.

  12. Why is she blaming Trump? He was the greatest prez in history of the world. Maybe even Universe. If his name was on mask, the plane would have gone faster. She is fake news. Cryin librul.

  13. I say these are the best kinds of protests. Ones that are non violent but cause inconveniences and with enough of them stop the enforcers from enforcing said rules due to just being tired of it.
    I think it was John Lewis who called this “good trouble”.
    Don’t like the vulgar language though.

  14. President Trump was our last hope against insidious forces that are undermining what made America great…the warriors in his defense are slowly being eradicated….this is proof

  15. Definitely a peach. Typical Trumpster. Looks like her husband has been kicked off at least 1 Alaska flight in the past.

  16. Another ignorant MAGA moron. If you fly an airline, go to a restaurant, etc. you have to follow the policies of that business. Another snowflake crying discrimination. When will they learn? Oh wait, the MAGAs never went to school.

  17. Jerry, Thoreau called it “civil disobedience.” The challenge is that those being disobedient are not civil.

    EricT, how is “great” defined? What set of characteristics was it in the past that made America “great?” Can greatness only be achieved by one set — that set — of characteristics? What are the specific characteristics that are making America not great? Specifically, who are the insidious forces? Is there truly no other person who can lead America to greatness? It is all a nebulous slogan that is calculated incite fear in and the passions of the mob.

    Our beloved Constitution’s nickname is “The Great Compromise.” Our Great Seal’s motto is E Pluriblus Unum — From Many, One. While we disagree, we get along . . . it’s about coming together . . . in a civil manner.

  18. Yet another “Chump Fool”, although she should be permitted to fly to Phoenix to attend Chump’s second inauguration in October provided she wears a mask that says “Chump will win in 2024 for fucking sure.”

  19. EricT Correct and the double standard! I have seen the ….the police and others tee shirts and masks and nothing Is done

  20. Yes, President Trump (as technically he still is) is the only defense of english speaking Christian America and the only chance against the great global “warming ” hoax and the scamdemic that the libs have done to try and control America!
    Support Marjorie Taylor Green!

  21. outstanding. you leave your freedom of speech (and apparently good taste) on the jetway to the airplane. i’m reminded of that scene in Scarface where Al Pacino says “F me? No – F you”

  22. EricT, I am surprised indeed that you have emerged from deep inside The Chump’s a-hole to register an opinion here. How’s the stink in there, pal? Is it strong enough to mask (ha ha) the putrid odour of dead antivaxxers piling up fast in MAGA-land? Evolutionarily inevitable result, I’d say.

  23. So this is idiotic but all these insane stunts you liberals pull is not? Ok, I think most of us are catching on. Do as liberals do and say right? LOL! Joke!

  24. Horrific. She should have been arrested for wearing anything indicating right wing paraphernalia. I’m surprised that she wasn’t put in prison for that. Anyone who goes against the standard of civil society should be incarcerated, ie: Republicans.

  25. Why is that Trump supporters think that if you don’t support Trump, that you’re a liberal? Or a leftist? Or worse – a Biden supporter? Some of us who hate Trump also hate Biden. Some of us are not liberals or leftists. We formulate our own opinions and have our own beliefs. Of course, Trump supporters can’t grasp that simple concept.

  26. Some of these comments are pure insanity. How can yall portray such adouble standard. Literally screamed how censorship is bad over the last decade and how it’s effects poc, lgbtq community and every other minority group but it’s fine if they have a different ideology than you. Goodbye freedom

  27. She followed guidelines and put the face diaper on. The airline is also sensitive to curse words though….so she changed it. The airline is throwing a tantrum…..pathetic.

  28. That’s right Biden, Trump needs to be back in the White House. If he was there more people would get vaccinated because they trust him. Don’t take my word for it, go hear Majorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz speak. They are the only hope for America to remain Christian and English speaking. They will defend us from the “environmentalists “!

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