Passenger Lights Plane on Fire, Making Travel Free, and Imaginary Friends at Heathrow

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  1. Forget imaginary friends; I just wish that LHR would be carry-on friendly. I grow tired of having them empty my entire carry-on because someone saw a “dark spot” on the x-ray screen.

  2. @Doug, I constantly hear this complaint about LHR and don’t understand it. I’ve carried plenty of items that the TSA made me take out through Heathrow (T5) and they’ve never stopped me. One time I had twenty 7-inch tablets in my carry-on in 2 packing cubes. At JFK I had to take each one out and lay them in the bins flat. At Heathrow I let the person know, she disappeared for a second to ask someone, and told me it was fine to leave them in the packing cubes.

    I’ve traveled through T5 at least 40 times and never had my stuff pulled aside even once.

  3. +1 Doug. I’ve only been through 2x, but both times had the same experience. Last time, I was so distracted trying to put it all back together, I ended up forgetting my cell phone, which 5 min. later, when I returned, was long gone. (The most frustrating part was that is was an American burner type phone, that I only took with me so I could call my ride at the US airport when I got home. It was useless to anyone else and I’m sure the thief tossed it as soon as s/he saw it was a “dumb phone.” Of course, it had all my phone contacts in it, so to ME it was a real loss.)

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