Passenger Put Her Carry On Junk In The Trunk To Avoid Bag Fees

Low cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier are also high fee airlines. Those fees aren’t just about generating revenue, they are about getting passengers to pay in other ways. Passengers go out of their way to be as efficient as possible for the airline. They pay by doing the tasks that airlines usually have to spend money to accomplish.

  • You check in yourself, to avoid paying a fee
  • You check bags, because carrying them on comes with a fee. That means boarding faster, avoiding delays, and reducing time a plane needs to be on the ground and not making money.
  • You pay for everything in advance, online, avoiding the need even to have staff processing transactions.

Other low cost carriers organize themselves in similar ways. Airlines that frequently offer connections may have… long connections. The idea is that passengers wait on planes rather than planes waiting on passengers.

Passengers fight back. They’re choosing the airline to save money and they are going to save money. But they’re also going to bring the clothes and other items that they need for their trip.

Low cost airline customers have altered their boarding pass to make it looked like they paid for bags and stuffed their luggage inside a shopping bag to trick gate agents into thinking it was a personal item.

It’s pretty common for passengers to view it as a ‘hack’ to wear a jacket with lots of pockets (think Scott-e-Vest) and stuff their bodies full of their carry on items instead of using luggage.

One woman flying Frontier Airlines tried a tact I hadn’t seen before. She… stuffed everything in the seat of her pants (“extra junk in her trunk”).

Shewana McGee, from Birmingham, Alabama…stashed a large backpack on top of her derrière. The bag was secured in place underneath figure-hugging leggings and further concealed by a denim jacket tied around her waist – creating the illusion she’d had a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL.

@theonpoint1 Keep it FREE sis#frontierairlines #blackwomentravel #instantBBL #doingwhatigottado ♬ Da Butt – Larry D

@theonpoint1 Replying to @Sash This was before removing items out of the bookbag. I got it flat enough to fit in their bag sizer #wheretheresawilltheresaway #blackgirlmagic ♬ Black Girl Magic – Joshua Kenneth

She saved $60. After all, what could agents do? And it’s great publicity for flying Frontier, and reminding everyone that they’re cheap.

It seems like a Frontier Airlines status match is a much better way to avoid fees though?

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  1. “Wait on” is completely incorrect, and poor usage. Please use “wait for”. Anyone with a plane waiting on them will be quite dead.

  2. More TikToxic profile publicity you call news? I’m starting to agree with others I’ve read, you’re severely lacking the quality anymore. Especially with your “roundup articles” where you don’t really write anything and just give us a collection of search results.

  3. I use one of those travel vests, but not to try and avoid any kind of baggage fees…it’s to get through security faster.

  4. @Roger: The day I got off the bus at basic training was the first time I heard it: We are waiting on you! Then, for the next two years of mandatory ( in those days) military service, I heard it a thousand times. I never knew if it was a military thing or a southern thing, but it grated every time I heard it.

  5. I hope she had to sit on it the whole flight but I suppose she inconvenienced her seatmates by spreading out

  6. Really? There’s zero chance this worked with jackets removed through security and pat downs for anything extra on the body scan

  7. Well, lowlife scumbag moves from airlines like Spirit deserve every subversive trick that passengers can think of. Recent September R/T on Spirit from EWR-AUS – Paid for the bundle which included a checked bag plus a carry on. It also included a bonus extra 10 pounds to make the checked bag 50 pounds. Well the extra 10 pounds was not included on the return trip. WTF! Darn right I stuffed my pockets and carry on. Those trolls at Spirit do not deserve my $80usd for the “overweight” bag charge. Bad Bad People. I flew Spirit only because the timing was necessary but you are right about saving money. If there wasn’t a need to check a bag and I could board with only a personal item, the base fare was an amazing low price of $90usd R/T. Should have used UPS to ship my luggage. It would have been 30% less than the total cost of the flight with the bundle.

  8. @Roger E Keller “Another source, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) has an interesting thought: “One reason for the continuing use of wait on may lie in its being able to suggest protracted or irritating waits better than wait for.””

    Not just used, but perfectly acceptable. Especially appropriate in this context.

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