Passenger Shoves Carry On Bag Into The Sizer To Show It Fits, But Couldn’t Get The Bag Out

If your bag fits in the sizer at the gate, you can take it on board, because its dimensions are within the rules your airline has set for carry ons. At least that is how it is supposed to work.

Passengers bring things that don’t fit all the time, and gate agents don’t enforce the rules until they do. But if challenged, the sizer is supposed to be a neutral arbiter. One passenger decided to take this to the extreme and jammed their bag into the sizer, even sitting on it It’s in, therefore it’s allowed! And the man celebrated with a bit of a strut.

But things turned south when he realized that he got the bag into the sizer… but couldn’t get it out. He tried everything, even turning the sizer over and trying to push the bag out.

Here’s a bag that actually fit in the sizer, but the passenger couldn’t get it out. You’d think the sizer would be the ultimate arbiter of what fits but I’ve covered a bag that clearly fit in the sizer, but where a United employee wouldn’t let the passenger take it on anyway.

Remember that carry on bag dimension rules include handles and wheels while the dimensions that luggage manufacturers list for their bags usually do not. So a 22″ bag may not fit in a 22″ sizer, though some airline gate sizers are actually larger than allowable dimensions in order to avoid constant conflict over this.

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  1. Haha. This is awesome. If only the airlines could come up with a similar penalty for those who try to board before it’s their turn.

  2. It would have been great if this happened in the overhead bin itself. Imagine the fun aircraft maintenance would have had . . . as well as the passengers on the following flight for that aircraft.

  3. The lady narrating that video cracked me up. She just loved every minute of it, from his “success” in getting it in the sizer to his inability to get it out. lol

  4. 17 inch carry on bag , dies the trick for me , I never check bags . Never !!!

  5. Open the bag and take some material from the bag, then take the bag out from the sizer. That will work!

  6. I wish all airlines forced people to use the size. It is dangerous to put heavy oversized luggage/backpacks in the overhead compartment. If the plane hits any turbulence the compartment doors can open and the luggage can fall on a passenger.
    Most often not the owner of the bag.

  7. Would be nice if they had a “sizer” for people to purchase a single seat. If they don’t fit, they have to buy 2 seats. I’ve been squished many times by oversized travelers next to me. (not alone I’m sure) FA’s just shake their heads and keep on walking.

  8. TC – I expressed similar sentiments about oversized persons occupying my seat space and some moron gave me grief over my comments. I can imagine what their size was/is…

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