Passenger Who Broke Southwest Flight Attendant’s Teeth Got Drunk, Couldn’t Be Sentenced

The world was shocked last May when a Southwest Airlines passenger attacked a flight attendant, chipping her teeth, bruising her and sending her to the hospital for stitches after being asked “to fasten her seat belt, stow her tray table and wear her face mask properly.”

Vyvianna Quinonez was charged for her violent behavior on board that San Diego-bound flight on May 22, 2021. She pled guilty. But was she too drunk to be sentenced?

She “admitted that she stood up and assaulted the flight attendant by punching her in the face and head with a closed fist and grabbing her hair,” according to a December news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego. Quinonez reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, and the court accepted her guilty plea on Jan. 7. She was scheduled to be sentenced in March.

The woman’s sentencing was delayed by a DUI. She claims driving drunk wasn’t her fault – blaming her gastric bypass surgery. Her smaller stomach meant that drinking led to higher than normal blood alcohol concentration. The rub though is that she’d been warned not to drink let alone drink and drive.

Since her DUI violated her pre-trial release conditions, she was arrested and held – and her sentencing had to be rescheduled. She’ll be in prison until her rescheduled sentencing hearing on May 27.

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  1. More lame, lying bullshit from a law breaking feminazi who does not appear drunk in the video.And if she was “drunk”, that is still no excuse for physically attacking someone. She belongs in prison.

  2. It looks like after this woman (I’m a biologist) got punched she wasn’t wearing a mask. Can you imagine how many people may have been exposed?

    I hope AA paid for the quarantine of all the passengers and provided financial support from those suffering from the virus.

  3. Her court orders said you can’t drink.
    Her doctors said don’t drink.
    And…..she drinks. Geez…..

  4. “The world was shocked?” I hadn’t even heard about this until just now. I was busy being shocked by the atrocities in Ukraine.

  5. great just get her drunk again so she wont feel anything while in prison, same goes for those under mentally incapable excuses, they wont feel bad or anything

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