Passenger Who Handed ‘Worst Note Ever’ To Flight Attendant Has Been Banned By American Airlines

The note a disgruntled passenger passed to an American Airlines flight attendant has gone viral. In the note, the passenger objected to being told their mask had to cover their nose and called the crewmember “a glorified MAID” a “mask nazi” who should be “cleaning motel rooms for $2 tips and meth” and that her life is “a waste.”

To add insult to injury the Washington DC-based flight attendant who received the note is slated to be furloughed by American Airlines effective October 2.

The flight attendant filled out an incident report, which was reviewed by American’s corporate security department. The passenger was identified and now, according to an internal memo from Senior Vice President Jill Surdek, they’ve had their travel “suspended” pending an “investigat[ion of] the incident.”

Surdek also offers that they have “been adding more and more cusomers” to the “face covering refusal list” of passengers who will not be allowed to travel on American until the face mask requirement is lifted.

This customer, however, really should receive a permanent ban.

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  1. […] At the beginning of the month a passenger handed a flight attendant ‘the worst note ever’. It was so bad – calling the crewmember “a glorified MAID” a “mask nazi” who should be “cleaning motel rooms for $2 tips and meth” and that her life is “a waste.” – that American Airlines suspended the customer’s flying privileges. […]


  1. The letter writer was a complete jerk and I have no problem if AA wants to ban her. However, the over the top comments about publicly outing this person and getting her fired are equally part of the problem. The histrionics have to stop. It’s juvenile and tacky and shows a real lack of dignity.

  2. It sad that people like this woman doesn’t realize what flight attendants real responsibilities the minute we enter the aircraft. Our 6 weeks of training from safety, emergency landing, fire and medical emergency and much more just gone out her mind. I am ashamed to this kind of passenger/s who demoralize,, criticize who we really are as flight attendants especially for those of us who are educated enough but choose what we love, she have a very small intellectual mind, uneducated act, she should not fly on any airline period. this person should be banned on all airline she is hateful and mentally retarded

  3. [redacted[ the flight attendant. She could have turned a blind eye to a moronic mask rule. Instead she was a [redacted]. There’s a reason airlines are firing everyone: guys like me refuse to wear mask on airplane and thus you are getting killed pandering to Karens. Yet you [redacted] us taxpayers for 25 billion in bailouts. [redacted] her

    ([redactions] made by gary)

  4. I have yet to fly during the Covid times, but I have suffered mistreatment by flight attendants in First class cabin before. Rude and full of hot air, sorry to say. And on top of that threatened to be reported of who knows what three years ago!
    Nowadays, I just royally ignore them!

  5. I was hoping AA would do this and in fact recommended it when I first read the post. Good job AA. I am behind you 100 percent on this one

  6. To all the people saying **** the flight attendant, she was just doing HER JOB. Flight attendants, despite their personal politics, are forced to enforce certain disliked policies (including mask enforcement). They can be reported and fired if they allow passengers to fly outside of compliance. Airlines are a business and if you don’t support their policies, don’t fly with them. If you DO buy a ticket then read the fine print. You are consenting to abide by their policies and by the rules and regulations of the FAA. There are multiple disclosures through basically every Check-in process. It’s not a blindside and it makes this particular passengers cruel aggression even more idiotic and naive.

  7. I think it’s disgusting that anyone would speak to someone who is just doing their job in such a horrible manner. It shows a complete lack of kindness and intelligence. Basically, it’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum because they can’t get their way. Flight Attendants don’t make the rules but it is our job to make sure everyone complies for the well being of all. Flight Attendants have delivered babies, done cpr on heart attack victims and saved thousands of people over the years when planes have gone down. I would ban her for life!

  8. Disclaimer: I am biased because I personally know two flight attendants–one of whom works for American Airlines. But I have read about the training of flight attendants, along with pilots and other aircraft crew members and I can attest to their training, their dedication and their willingness to invoke the regulations and rules in the interest of airline and public safety. All of us who are passengers should obey the rules of cabin and cockpit crews–they should be looking out for our safety. (I am quite sure there are a few rotten cabin and cockpit crew members in the profession as there are in every profession. If a passenger should be suspicious of how a cockpit or cabin crew member behaves–such as being under the influence–that passenger should summon help immediately. Indeed, that has happened with a few passengers calling the authorities in regards to pilots being under the influence.)

  9. I am appalled at the ignorance and rudeness of this so called passenger. Drunk or not, there’s no reason to be rude to Flight attendants. There job is not to placate or bow down to rude, ignorant ass people such as that one. Had that been me as a flight attendant, I’d make it a point to ignore this lunatic and ban them as well….

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