Passenger With Hair Draped Behind Their Seat Back Prompts Every Seat Mate’s Revenge Fantasies

A passenger hanging their hair over their seat back, in front of the passenger behind them, frequently creates a social media stir. And it immediately prompts fiendish dreams of cutting off the passenger’s hair with a pair of scissors. Fortunately the person trying to work on their laptop on a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday had no such impulse – or scissors.

While it may have been a new one for the passenger whose laptop screen had suddenly grown hair, it’s unfortunately not new for a passenger cabin. This is one we’ve seen several times before.

In fact a year ago someone made a TikTok purporting to take revenge on a passenger who draped their hair over the seat back by cutting off some of the hair using nail clippers, sticking a lollipop into the hair, and dipping the hair in coffee. I remain skeptical that it’s real, as much as it fulfills every ‘passenger behaving badly’ fantasy.

The Southwest Airlines passenger didn’t go to that extreme but does say that they closed their tray table on the passenger’s hair.

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  1. Men are so rude why don’t they just say excuse me but can you move your hair two young lady instead of being so abusive….. we get tired of…it by the time you’re in your forties you don’t want to have nothing to do with men….. can’t trust you…. It’s such a heartbreak

  2. I guess you wouldn’t publish it because I didn’t give my full name I’m guessing but you know what I’m an older woman and women get tired of being abused that’s why a lot of us a single because it’s easierVery sad
    all you have to do is just say can you move your hair Learn to communicate to get what you would like instead of being rude and abusive… American men are a total letdown in my life….

  3. I think you people are men that don’t want to hear me or don’t want to publish what I’m saying I filled out all the required Fields as marked… One more time…. All you have to say the young person the woman is could you move your hair I can’t see my screen and communicate most young girls and nervous anyways about life and traveling they don’t think of it they don’t do it purposely if you guys were a little nicer you might get some luck as an older woman in my forties I have want nothing to do with men anymore cuz you’re also mean.

  4. Start braiding the hair and see what happens. Then you can say, ” oh I thought you meant for me to style your hair and that’s why you draped it of the seat.”

  5. I would put my tray up on the persons hair!!!! If you have to have the long crap….then put it where it belongs!!!!! Certainly NOT in the persons space behind you!!!!
    Why should the person that has the unwanted hair hanging in their space ( that they paid for) be so polite????
    The person that has to flip and play with their hair all the time realize where they flip and flop it, so its NOT in some one else’s space!!!! The hairy one needs to be aware and considerate!!!!!! Sick and tired of females (Older) that think it must be sexy?? Get a clue!!!! You would look lots younger with that cut off!!!! And have a cute style!!!! That’s so sexy!!!! And more attractive by FAR!!!!!!!

  6. You think the person with the long hair hanging it over the back of their seat would be considerate of others. I have long hair and I am considerate of others. Just for that fact that others may not like your hair. I would not want other people to be handling or touching my hair. So to the ladies that have long hair be considerate of others. You never know if they have Filthy Hands.

  7. You women are complaining about rude men.
    When in fact, SHE’’S the one being rude!
    She has to know how long her hair is, and how long it hangs down behind the seat, (where someone is sitting behind close by).
    This is just plain inconsiderate, rude and these people deserve no sympathy when told off!!!

  8. I would have politely asked her to move her hair. If she gets an attitude then call the flight attendant. If that does not get the job done, pretend all is good until after the flight and then pit something in her hair. LOL
    But the female should have common sense and consideration for the person behind her. Also, I would not want my hair dangling over anything because it could get caught on something.

  9. The comments are wild, I’m a women and I find that really nasty. I also have long hair you have to go out of your way to get your hair lay over like that.

  10. I’ve always found long dresses to be quite lovely commercial or lovely come on so I’m not sure I understand the complaint. I’m quite sure the young lady was not thinking that her hair was so long it would hang down in front of someone else’s Laptop. Most of us don’t even visualize the seat behind us and wouldn’t be thinking of there being a tray table in the back of the seat, even with one staring us in our own faces. When people are boarding a plane, they are just trying to get out of the way of everyone else, get seated as efficiently and comfortably and quickly as possible, and are much more busy worrying about whether the plane is going to blow up or crash on takeoff, as oppposed to picturing what is going on behind them. If it’s a bother, it takes absolutely zero effort to say to the young woman, “Excuse me, But your hair is falling down over my computer screen. Could you please move it?”

  11. This happens a lot, and some of us women feel the same way he did. Especially when you fling your hair in my drink. Common sense, I should not have to ask you to move your hair. You know someone is behind you, just like someone is in front of you. I think it is rude and inconsiderate.

  12. It’s as simple as asking the person to move her hair…there’s no need to ask a fa. People over think simple situations.

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