Passenger With Hair Draped Behind Their Seat Back Prompts Every Seat Mate’s Revenge Fantasies

A passenger hanging their hair over their seat back, in front of the passenger behind them, frequently creates a social media stir. And it immediately prompts fiendish dreams of cutting off the passenger’s hair with a pair of scissors. Fortunately the person trying to work on their laptop on a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday had no such impulse – or scissors.

While it may have been a new one for the passenger whose laptop screen had suddenly grown hair, it’s unfortunately not new for a passenger cabin. This is one we’ve seen several times before.

In fact a year ago someone made a TikTok purporting to take revenge on a passenger who draped their hair over the seat back by cutting off some of the hair using nail clippers, sticking a lollipop into the hair, and dipping the hair in coffee. I remain skeptical that it’s real, as much as it fulfills every ‘passenger behaving badly’ fantasy.

The Southwest Airlines passenger didn’t go to that extreme but does say that they closed their tray table on the passenger’s hair.

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  1. OBSERVATION: They are ALL white girls (drops mic ️)!!!!
    Women of color: 1000
    White girls: -100 (and y’all stink like wet dog!!!)

  2. I’ve never had that happen on a flight before but I think pulling it once and asking loudly for them to remove their dirty, disgusting hair would be enough to keep it from happening again.

  3. Why are people so vindictive?Have some perspective about what’s actually important. So, someone threw their hair over a seat. It’s not the end of the world! In fact it’s not even a big deal. This puts you in a situation where you can accept your circumstances as they are, or change them. This is as petty as people getting mad about someone in front of them leaning their seat back. If it really bothers you that much, get up, take the two or three steps up the aisle it takes to see the person seated in front of you, and ask them to move their hair from the seatback. Whatever happened to just conversing with other people? Unbelievable! Grow up.

  4. So it is up to the One imposed on to have Manners,What about the Imposee U sound very Immature & Childish trying to play @ being A “Grown-Up”

  5. hygiene is way more of a factor then overlapping on space when packed into public transportation of any kind. Lacking both good hygiene and keeping to your own space is when it becomes worth while complaining. If I could choose my personal space invaded for an entire flight or my nose violated I’ll take hair all day long

  6. Replying to Brita Jo-
    So, you see Two pictures and assume that It’s All white girls who behave this way? Because girls of other races don’t have long hair and are never gross in their behavior? Your comment proves that to be false. I have also never come across any person who smells like a wet dog and I have dogs, so I know what that smells like. You are a hateful and ignorant human being. What these girls did, while inconsiderate and rude, is nothing compared to you. You and people like you, are everything that is wrong with this world. I pity you.

  7. BritaJo don’t hate because you have to buy fake hair….I believe it’s you that washes your nasty nappy stinky hair once a month…nasty!!!!! You could never compare to us white girls with good( real ) hair. You started with the racist shit stop being so jealous
    ..we already get the good jobs and take your men lol.

  8. I feel like it’s indicative of how today’s generation REALLY is! So damn entitled! Like seriously who do you think you are?? What makes you think this behavior is even ok? And that goes for you too Rick M!
    And BTW leaning your seat back crushing/making the person seated behind you completely uncomfortable not cool either; it’s called being a decent human! Whatever happened to being considerate of those around you? Have some respect!

  9. Unbelievable that this turned into something racial… This lady talking about white girls thinking like a dogs… I would rather a wet dog than smell of poo and fish mixed together downstairs

  10. Instead of putting a remark down saying for them to grow up maybe you should grow up And not Flap your hair over the seat So think about it you’re the one that should grow up

  11. If you ask them to move their hair then you start something else. So no it best not to converse with rude people. You throw your hair in someone’s face…take what you get.

  12. @BritaJo I can’t believe you took a moment from your day to be racist. That’s incredible. Feel good about yourself now? Somehow I doubt it. It really doesn’t matter what race they are, anyone of any race, height, weight, country, etc. can be a jerk (as you’ve clearly demonstrated).

    @Rick M the idea that you’d have to take time out of your day to tell someone to snap out someone out of their probably continuous self-centered haze is frankly offensive. People need better manners. But revenge? Meh. I also don’t usually have gum or lollipops on hand so I probably wouldn’t do that.

  13. I woke up to find the hair of a passenger in front of me in my glass of wine… wine. Not just a little a good 3ins. Blech!!!!

  14. BritaJo not sure what white girls you be sniffing to get the wet dog smell but you sound ✨racist✨

  15. Disconcerning personal manners arent observed on board flights Personal interjection by hostess/host would be welcome I’ve encountered back seat lowered over my food tray Host directly sat uncomplying passenger upright to her disgust He stood his ground as she attempted to lower seat again Somehow he ‘locked ‘ seat upright Many thank sir Was a long flight and ended up comfortably on a full flight

  16. Why not simply and politely ask the offender to move their hair? Why always assume they are purposefully being rude? Try taking the high road instead a of immediately going to angry mode? If you get a rude response or they will not comply and you’re still unhappy, let the people in charge help you. Life is too short to worry about such trivialities.

  17. I have never heard of this happening before, but I’d like to think that I would kindly ask the inconsiderate and/or clueless hairy intruder to please remove his/her Rapunzel-like locks from my space…

  18. Britajo that wasn’t cool….and everyone else that responded to her comment makes you all just as racist as Brita….smh….

  19. Happened to me with an entitled KAREN on a OHIO-FLORIDA flight. Politely asked twice, indignantly ignored both times. Wet caramel corn upon landing in Tampa without her noticing was great fun for all of the rearward passengers as we disembarked. 90%+ humidity did her entitled ass no favors.

  20. While I was in middle school, my mother couldn’t afford to have my hair cut. My hair is very fine and the length wasn’t past my waist. I always tried to keep my hair over my shoulder, but some of it would slip behind, onto my back. There was an empty desk between me and the next girl behind me. She was quite a bully and would wait until some of my hair fell between the back of my chair and the empty desk. She would catch my hair and slam the desk into my chair. I couldn’t turn around and I was terrified to tell the teacher for fear of retaliation from her and her friends. One day, I tearfully yanked most of my hair out and begged for her to stop. She finally did, after months of torture. I have never forgotten those days.

  21. @Beckygoodhair.. you are a sad human being… @britajo said something that wasnt right but you went overboard with what you said so it must be true for YOU.. you dont know obviously about different kinds of hair from your ignorant comment about washing.. white ppl NEED to because of natural oil and potential lice because of not washing and black ppl dont because will break off and hair is naturally dry.. oh and any men you supposedly “take” lol wasnt wanted anyway despite what you may think lol… it’s about seeing how the good not the bad black men are done and or used by other races for the most part.. people can want what they want.. not all black women want black men… ma’am you can have , not TAKE. who wants you.. just like everyone else does… lol “take” and my different race of friends laugh at people like you that feel good saying things like that… lol really because you’re so unaware of the actual truth… it’s ok you can choose to educate or not it’s up to you but I dont recommend you’re style of thinking unless you have self esteem issues and need an imaginary boost..good day 🙂

  22. Take a picture of the person’s hair blocking your lap top screen or in your drink. Tap the person in front and say this is what is going on behind you. That should solve the problem. If not… show picture to a staff member and let them address the person.
    How simple… and No race remarks was necessary.

  23. Brita Jo
    That was a racist remark so I’ll send you one back. Black women can’t grow their hair to look like this. If it was that long with true African American womens hair (no chemicals) it would be so big and frizzy that she wouldn’t be able to get through the door.

  24. Racist comments are actually frightening. No matter the topic once the mention of a person’s skin color is out the entire tone changes. I really can’t imagine people behaving so ugly about hair.

  25. I… Own TSA approved sewing scissors and would threaten her hair with them, perhaps show off my side shave and suggest if long hair is that uncomfortable she should cut it short like I did and offer to do so.

  26. This is a very recent addition to the collectives of disgraceful,inconsiderate ,narcisstic behavour perpetrated on civilization,mainly by modern youth ,inspired by the” I’m the only one that matters”Social Media Generation.I have travelled Internationally since 1970 and have only witnessed/heard of these activities in the last 3 years or so.

    I pity the current generation who are making such a miserably anti existance for themselves

  27. I would consult a flight attendant in a whispering manner. That should do that trick.

  28. Brita Jo You’re probably correct in that they are white women. Had they been black we would be reading about a flight forced to land due to a brawl at 35000 ft and BLM Attorneys meeting the plane to discuss lawsuit millions for emotional distress.

  29. I like how most of the comments are combating racism with racism lol. This is why we’ll never progress as a society and things will never change. People really need to wake up, grow up, and treat each other with respect.

  30. Don’t get jealous haters.
    Good hair is when you can put it in any style. That’s black hair. We don’t have to buy hair. Some of us chose to buy hair. And yes, a lot of us do have natural long hair without chemicals. Hell you uses chems too to get curly hair. Stop being ignorant to facts. And about jobs don’t fool yourself with that too. A lot of black women have good paying jobs.
    We are not the haters because we know that we can put our black hair in any style. Can you??

  31. Definitely would trigger my allergies I’d have to de mask and sneeze uncontrollably..As to where and what my sputem and mucosa landed on ..well hey..when you put a body part into an area that u don’t know is entirely safe and can’t see anything could happen…..
    Kinda like a glory hole only about less risky…

  32. Lice. That’s a real thing. Take a man, as enslave? Idk. This is 2021 and I see women of all races wear extensions some are even wearing their natural hair. reading is the cure to ignorance.

  33. So shocked by this thread and all the racism…
    All the hate in people, it’s so unnecessary.
    Just wanted to add that European hair doesn’t need to be washed regularly because of lice as one person wrongly commented.
    Washing hair does not get rid of lice.

  34. Even more disturbing than the comments in this thread is the fact the comments have to be reviewed before being allowed to be posted and all those vile comments were deemed fine…

  35. Just stop a flight attendant and point at their hair. She should handle it. I like the coke idea though.

  36. I really think some should really ask about a culture before thinking all long hair belongs to white women…
    Don’t believe the stereotypes, tropes, and ignorance… I wish, I had full voluminous hair… buying…never!!! All natural…
    Now back to the article…I would ask them to move their hair because it is blocking my screen or in my food or drink. I would then take a picture…someone mentioned it in the previous response…show them what is going on behind them…lol Then ask the flight attendants to assist… Suckers, gum, scissors, toenail clippers… NOOoooooo Please dont!!

  37. I have very long hair. I try to make a conscious effort to keep it from others face. Sometimes it just flows somewhere it shouldn’t be. Sometimes I lift it to get it off my neck. Have the thought that maybe she doesn’t know her hair is in your way. Give her a tap and politely let her know her lovely hair is in your space. I’d be willing to bet you’d get a kind “I’m sorry” and the removal of her hair since you said it in such a nice way

  38. I’m no gift to women in the looks category so if a woman did that to me, I’d play with her hair as sensually as I could and when she gets the idea of a guy behind her playing with the hair and leering at her, the disgust would be reversed immediately and the hair will be gone just as fast

  39. I plead the Blood of Jesus over every person who commented with and out of hate! God doesn’t deal in negativity or disfunction!

  40. Racist comments are really unfortunate, but it’s happening in the minds and actions of many all the time. That’s why it comes up in the most random unrelated uncalled for situations. It is caused by the actions of some and the silence of most. The comments and rebuttals are really annoying but speak to the truth behind the silence. We all must do better.

  41. People, think. What would Jesus do. I think He would take the way of peace. Hi Sweetie, your hair is in my way. So easy. But this combatant way is getting us no where. There is only one race with different complexions to choose from. The human race. So let’s practice humanity towards each other. It’s easy. Question to ask first. What would Jesus Christ do in this situation. And it would always be the peaceful way.

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