Passengers Fight On A Plane, Then Take It Up A Notch Back Inside The Terminal

On Monday two passengers got into a fight on their plane departing the San Juan airport. The pilot turned the plane around back to the gate (“by activating the COVID-19 protocol as a passenger was feeling unwell”). That wasn’t the end – things really escalated when made it back inside the terminal.

This ended badly (in arrest) for our heroes. And surprising no one – based on the departure board that’s blurry in the video – this appears to have been a Spirit Airlines flight.

With fewer people traveling, and a sense that ‘we’re all in this together’ during a global pandemic, is it naive to have thought we’d see fewer inflight altercations?

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  1. I think I saw someone (an older woman in a wheelchair) who was not filming the incident. But I’m not sure.

  2. There seems to be a common denominator running through these recent videos. What happy times we currently live in.

  3. Was the plane heading to PHL?

    Btw Gary I’m sure you know but the “we’re all in this together” vibe lasted about six weeks before we split right down the middle into the usual factions.

  4. It’s like some people don’t have anything but uncontrollable anger against anyone they out number

  5. Spirit, UFC, and HBO/ESPN should become strategic partners. They can sell PPV packages of Spirit’s gate areas and inflight brawls. “Philly flight fight nights“ are just the start…

  6. This has nothing to do with Spirit, they actually run a solid operation. This is the population today. Trash people are going to be trash no matter where they go.

  7. Spirit airlines has had many fights on their planes they’re known for this!! I would like to know what the fight was about and who got arrested and why they didn’t arrest the ladies who were ganging up on the lady and the guy? Wow this would never happen on a JetBlue flight they all would’ve been arrested immediately

  8. Idiots. Lock THEM up. Causing a flight to get delayed and inconveniencing others because of your own ego is sick

  9. What happened to existing safety measures? Why weren’t all of these people wearing a mask? An aviation terminal is a high risk and security threat location. Was anyone ever six feet apart? Was the plane crowded? How many flights to Puerto Rico and from what states? Everyone in the melee should have been arrested and all the looky loos making videos and photo ops compelled to resume their “ safe” positioning. The whole thing looks like a death wish to me. The fight on the plane could have been contained by crew and those individuals held away from the terminal, and thereafter put on a no fly list as a danger to themselves and other people. Failing that, step two: Contact tracers ought to have collected data to follow everyone present in the terminal melee back to their home states and regions to track the potentially deadly advance of this virus to unsuspecting people. Everyone! no exceptions needs to be held accountable. If individuals won’t monitor, contain and police themselves, they must be monitored, contained and policed by somebody with the authority to do so. It’s terrible: all of it, even the possible solutions like better security and enforcement of existing health protocols are no more than a strain on already over stressed people and systems. Not a good look people, nothing to crow about! Jesus weeps.

  10. We’re missing some of the context, but this is NEVER appropriate in public… Nevermind when there’s a pandemic. What is wrong with people?! Doesn’t anyone ever think about how their actions are going to impact everyone around them?

    Especially at the end where the girl seemed surprised they were taking her away, and was arguing with the police. It never dawned on her that maybe it was the giant brawl she was in, at a secured government facility???

  11. Its a shame that cheap flights bring ghetto hood people to islands like Puerto Rico. The woman fighting and jumping the girl seem tacky and hood. You can tell by the cheap braids and lazy bum attire. The big girl should of been ashamed of herself for traveling with these clowns. Typical black people.embarrising the island of puerto rico and continuing to humiliate themselves and the stereotype of black people. Whether the girl was sick etc deal with it accordingly and act appropriate. How dare passengers get mad for someone sick or whatever the case was to cause the flight to return. Then to start filming as they came off the plane is embarrassing and wrong. They should have been filming the planes and the scenery of there travel home. Instead they look bored,broke and miserable. They should have been arrested and banned from the island so people that continue to do this nonsense will learn to act like a mature adult. Now if the idiots cops would have arrested them and or gave them a ticket for disorderly conduct or assault then we can have an appreciate some justice. Honestly when the video came on the news before I could see clear I knew it was typical black people who fight everywhere for nothing. I would never date these hoodrat woman and if I had the opportunity to tell them about themselves I would proudly. They had to jump her because there skinny asses knew they couldn’t handle her one on one. Black girls always want to jump someone and never really fight straight up. My aunt got jumped outside a club few years ago because the black girls never fight head up. Someone tell this hoodrat to get her hair done,buy better clothes,gain some weight and take a real flight. Cheap flight cheap service with chessy people. This is another reason why my black ass is turned off from certain black woman like this. What man is dating these trashy woman? Im so disgusted people.laughing filming and acting like this shit is funny. What goes around comes around watch and see!!

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