Passengers Were Urinated On Aboard JetBlue Flight to Portland Yesterday

So this happened yesterday:

An Oregon man faces charges after authorities say he urinated on passengers on a flight from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Rubin…had been sleeping for most of the flight. About 30 minutes before landing, they said, he stood up and began urinating through the crack between the seats in front of him — and onto the passengers sitting there.

The report says he lost his balance and fell backward, splashing urine on passengers, seats and luggage.

JetBlue’s Check-in Counter at Washington National the Last Time I Flew the Airline…

My favorite paragraph opening in the story: “Caldwell, who said she was not urinated on…”

The investigative prowess of the responding officers is worth noting as well.

An officer then began interviewing passengers.

“At one point, the officer was like, ‘Who got peed on?'”

The charges? Criminal mischief and offensive littering.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. With the introduction of Jet Blue Golden Showers, should Emirates be worried they are no longer the only airline to offer this feature?

  2. After this incident, JetBlue should rename their airline “JetYellow.” I hope they never become “JetBrown.”

  3. If this had happened on Southwest, a few posters who never fly Southwest would have written that this is what you expect from an airline whose customers are so low class. In reality, impolite and even mentally ill people fly all airlines. Some of them even fly business class if they can pretend to be productive despite their serious defects.

  4. I knew Emirates Airlines had showers that had gold in them but I did not know Jetblew had Golden Showers!

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