Pet Owner Books Entire Business Class Cabin For A Dog

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  1. Gary, you are peppering readers with TOO MANY EMAILS per day. I know that it is for the clicks, but they are getting to be a BIT TOO MUCH. Sorry to complain. The articles are interesting, but might we opt in for single, one per day, compilations?

    Thanks, DJ

  2. Off topic, but @DJ has an idea worth considering, although I would also chip in that if you go that route, keep it an OPT-IN option — some of us actually don’t mind the emails 🙂

  3. Well, DJ could just look at his (?) ( see how woke I am) emails once a day and solve this issue immediately. I’m quite happy with the current configuration.

  4. Only dogs and rats can be comfortable flying Air India Business class. Pathetic airliner with an atrocious 2-2-2 angled lie flat business class configuration on the long haul 777s. How are they even part of star alliance god only knows. Bring back Jet Airways!

  5. Seems awfully cheap for a business class seat, then I realized you can book a regular seat on this flight for as low as $26 each way.

    I believe the words in the description of Sen. Blumenthal “in aviation” are superfluous and can be struck.

    Never been to Hong Kong, I should go before it fades, but I’m wondering if it’s slowly going to fall off the map as an important part of the business world, since it’s basically just part of China now. It’ll take a long time to unwind, but lacking it’s “special status” as a bridge between China and the rest of the world, what is its future? A southern Shanghai? Or is it just part of Greater Guangzhou?

  6. Hi @DJ that’s what most people get, feel free to unsubscribe from the email you receive since it sounds like you are subscribed to ‘every post’. Then go ahead and subscribe to the daily email. Thanks!

  7. Hey Gary, personally am ok with the emails they keep me updated haha. Love reading your content.
    A dog for a business class wow. Way different level. It’s called life!!

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