Passengers Sing “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Goodbye” As Anti-Maskers Kicked Off Delayed Flight

American Airlines flight 1469 from Miami to Houston was delayed 8 hours on Friday, with the return 4 p.m. departure turning into a rare midcon redeye. And if that wasn’t enough of a drama, two passengers on the flight out of Miami were kicked off the plane after enduring that long wait – over their refusal to wear face masks.

They’d invested perhaps 10 or more hours into the flight already, but were unwilling to succumb to the sunk cost fallacy and decided to make a stand on masks that ended badly for their planned travel to Texas.

You can imagine, though, that all the other passengers who had waited so long for their flight to actually depart had little patience for anyone delaying their departure any further. So in a collective sigh of frustration – and relief that they’d finally be on their way with these two passengers removed – a group on board broke out in song as they left the plane: “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…”

According to an American Airlines spokesperson,

American Airlines Flight 1469, with service from Miami (MIA) to Houston (IAH), returned to the gate to deplane two customers who refused to comply with crew member instructions or adhere to federal face covering requirements. We thank our team members for their professionalism and apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.

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  1. The intial delay was over the masks or it was over something else then extended because of a refusal to wear a mask?

    Not that it matters, get them off of there!

  2. Wearing masks for a short flight is one thing but wearing one for the equivalent of a transatlantic flight is something completely different. Flight attendants have the option of being humans who don’t enforce other people’s rules instead of being malicious dunces

  3. @Jackass Waterson: do you make this stuff up at home, test it on your grandma, then post thinking it all makes sense? You never fail to disappoint me with your idiocy.

    Masks are ok on short runs but not on transcon distances/time. How does that even make sense in your peabrain? Either you are for or against: half way in can still lead to pregnancy.

  4. @Jackson Waterson I’ve completed a number of transatlantic flights during covid – it’s really not difficult at all to wear a mask.

  5. Jackson, passengers can behave has responsible human beings and wear the federally mandated mask or be escorted off the plane accompanied by the united singing voices of their fellow passengers.

  6. I think that was Jackson getting his luggage out of the overhead in the video. How embarrassing for you!

  7. @ Jackson , are you a nut bag ???? we as FAs have to follow rules and FARS or we can get fined personally.

  8. That’s great! If more of these jerks get shamed and laughed at, I think they’ll stop.
    It gets them the wrong kind of attention and dampens their support. They’re a distinct minority and need to follow the rules like everyone else.

  9. I just do not understand people’s lack of comprehension.
    No is NOT an option. Case closed
    or your ticket is…..

    Gary (or anyone), what is “sunk cost fallacy?”


  10. Sunk cost fallacy – The idea that what you’ve already spent should dictate whether or not you should continue, regardless of the future cost. Instead, only the future cost should matter.

    Example – You’re way over budget on a software project and it’s taken way longer than expected. Say you’ve spent $100 million out of the original $15 million budget and three years rather than six months. Frustrating, yes, but if it only takes another $2 million and a month to complete to get a working project, cancelling because of money and time you’ve already spent and can’t get back is foolish.

  11. Let us all face the facts. Rules are rules. You either comply and obey the federal mandate or drive. The choice is yours.

  12. @Jackson Waterson – Just did a RT Transatlantic flight from IAH (Houston) to EWR to FCO (Rome) and FCO to YUL (Montreal) to IAH (Houston). Not one, I repeat, not one instance of a refusal to wear a mask or a flight attendant having to enforce the rules (or on the train, museum, restaurants, etc.) Italy and Canada both have impressive Covid-19 mandates that outshine the USA by a wide margin and aren’t a bunch of “my freedom” cry babies.
    @Chris Topher – A garbage Governor yes, but not a garbage city.

  13. Nobody likes or enjoys wearing masks- Its still a mystery to me why there are still so many anti-social extremist willing to jump onto a no fly list with their willfully ignorant mask protests – The fact these fools are willing to inconvenience/aggravate & punish those around them with their repulsive attitudes is beyond my ability to comprehend. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a an FA haul off and slap one of these self centered clowns into next week- I have nothing but respect for the Cabin Crews who must deal with these clown acts.

  14. @Franklin Souza: to answer your question, I think the anti-maskers are willing to go without is the US treats people like they are 3. What do these people have to lose. I doubt many are seriously fined or given any jail time. Doubt they even get added to the no fly list and if they are they will be dropped soon enough. Hell, if you can storm the Capital to block a Presidential election from being certified and get a misdemeanor than not wearing a mask is child’s play.

  15. If you are scared of people not wearing a mask, why are you flying? You can always get vaxxed to protect yourself.

  16. Protest in its finest form. Nonviolent, cause some uncomfortable and inconvenient situations, clearly stating your views and demands. Textbook “good trouble”.
    Better than burning down police stations and beating up cops and destroying businesses while everyone is confused to what you are even demanding.

  17. Jackson: That dumb ass snake just reached up and bit you in the throat and there’s nothing you can do about it!

  18. @Jerry – Where have you been? Don’t you know that some people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick because no vaccine is 100% effective, especially in crowded settings like airplanes, buses, etc. Masks have offered on extra safety measure on airplanes. Those who refuse to wear them (correctly or at all) remove that extra safety net that the vaccine may not provide. Why should I stay cooped up at home and not travel because of someone who doesn’t act like an intelligent (masked) human being like the rest of us?
    @Don – “Good trouble” not wearing a mask. Nope, not the same. Just plain selfish and possibly deadly.

  19. American enforces the federal mask mandate?

    Twice in the last month I have been on United flights, SFO-IAH, in a lie flat seat in first class, and the person across the aisle from me was maskless for over 3 hours. On both flights I asked flight attendants why the federal mask mandate was not being enforced but…crickets.

    After each flight, I emailed United customer service with all the details, including pictures of the maskless from the first second, and third hours…crickets.

  20. When the revolution comes, it’s quite clear who on this comment thread will be signing up for elite Stasi Informer status.

  21. @C_M – If you see something that seems off compared to what you know to be right, say something, especially if it puts you in danger.

  22. @Jerry: it is the regulation. That is why we wear it. We also respect the safety of others. Now Bozo: you can’t fly without so how you getting around?

  23. Jerry is nothing more than a troll. Don’t want to wear a mask, as required? You can walk. YOU are the one with a choice. Stop being such a f*cking imbecile.

    Some people’s kids…the reason the rest of us can’t have nice things.

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