Pilot Pretending to Be Blind Walked Around Chicago Midway Airport for Halloween

CorkyBravo saw this pilot at Chicago Midway airport on Halloween.

He reports that “airline employees were all trying to “help” [the pilot] near every gate. He would refuse help, then go bump into a bunch of stuff while shuffling off to his next gate.”

It turns out this is a very old gag.

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel did it on The Man Show too.

And commercial pilots have picked up on the gag before.

Personally I find this airline Halloween costume even scarier — American Airlines CEO Doug Parker leads One Direction.

Or that time Doug Parker was John Travolta for Halloween.

And then-American Airlines President Scott Kirby went in 2015 as Taylor Swift.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. I am apalled and deeply offended that this man would mock blind people. I demand that he be fired immediately!

  2. This pilot needs to take sensitivity training if not be on probation/fired. It is offensive for someone to think dressing up as a blind pilot for Halloween is appropriate. This article should have shamed the airline.

    Does anyone know what airline he works for?

    Janice Lintz, CEO/Founder Hearing Access & Innovations

  3. No. There is nothing wrong with this. @Janice Lintz He doesn’t need sensitivity training, you do. People in this country need to be less sensitive.

  4. I’ve seen that in an airport before and it’s a riot. It’s Halloween. Everyone knows it. It’s a costume. Everyone knows it. Lighten up folks.

    If you’re going to ban that costume or try to create a public shame, you better ban them all. Because someone can find offense in LITERALLY every costume.

  5. Oh great. Let’s also laugh at cripples, retards, aspies, gimps, mongoloids, and schizos.

    Young children in particular don’t necessarily know the difference. Even if they do, what is OK with encouraging them to think “look at the blind guy smacking into things and falling on his face — HAHAHA”?

    @Janice, it was a Southwest pilot.

  6. Good Grief! Could we all just stop being offended about everything? My father, who is blind, thought this was hilarious! He was offended that you were offended!

  7. If this offends you, then may I suggest seeking a doctor and having the stick that is stuck up your ass – Surgically removed?

  8. Disability is not a costume you can put on and take off. You are talking about real people this makes fun of.

  9. For the offended weak-kneed, spineless, wimpy, cry baby, liberal snowflakes who need something to bitch about: get over it! Its’ Halloween….and that’s all. It was for fun and good entertainment compared to all the other garbage out there and on TV and in the media these days. NO ONE was hurt or injured here.

    Pretending to be blind was unique for any pilot who is required to have excellent eye sight
    and near perfect vision, so this little act was a spoof that was harmless.

    Dave, a pilot

  10. I got to this site late (November 1, 2022) because I wondered if the pilot who had great creativity was out this year. I did not realize that there are actually idiots offended by this man’s creativity and humor. Southwest has always been my airline of choice and will continue to be. That includes flying with the blind pilot, the eater bunny or on a pajama party flight for the last 737-200.

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