Plane Full Of Heroes Flies INTO New York To Help COVID-19 Patients At Great Personal Risk

The saying ‘not all heroes wear capes’ has become trite and is frequently used ironically. But how else are you supposed to describe a Southwest Airlines plane full of doctors and nurses flying into the hardest hit region for the novel coronavirus?

As I write this the U.S. has approximately 125,000 confirmed cases, half of which are in the New York-New Jersey area alone.

As makeshift hospital beds are set up, the city tries splitting ventilators so that they can support more than one patient at a time, and experimenting with whether the blood plasma from a recovered patient can help fight the virus in a sick patient, there aren’t enough medical professionals to care for everyone who is sick.

This twitter thread shares what it was like in New York hospitals a week ago, before things had even gotten so bad.

Each of these women and men are taking on real personal risk to help the people of New York. There’s not enough personal protective gear. Over 50 doctors have died of COVID-19 in Italy so far. And yet they’re all smiling, even knowing what’s in store.

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  1. Heroes !! God help us all here in nyc as it looks like it will only get worse this week

  2. Why aren’t these nurses and doctors on the USNS Comfort heading to NY?? They ill be doing the same thing?? Is this picture even real??

  3. @angie, the USNS Comfort is fully staffed already, and will be used for non-covid patients so those patients aren’t being treated in the areas with the covid patients.

    The existing hospitals and the non-military temporary facilities already need more nurses and doctors because their current staff is working busier and longer shifts than normal. Also, many medical professionals in NYC will get sick and will be pulled from the line—and sadly, some will probably die from covid19.

  4. Thank you Jesus for sending your Angels. I Thank You over and over. Protect your Angels as they come to save your People. I’m Grateful for your Grace and Mercy. I love you all. Be safe my Angels and Heros❤️

  5. Thank you all for your selflessness and caring hearts and hands. Most of us have only heard of Pandemics. You are taking on the COVID 19 virus to be where the greatest need is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will help many suffering from this overwhelmingly lethal illness. I applaud your mates and families willingness to share you all with such necessary skills. Please fight every day to stay safe yourselves. Again, thank you

  6. They are our heroes, Thank you all we would all be dead without your concerns, hope and respect thank you from our hearts.

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