Police Bodycam Footage Of What It’s Like To Rent Cars From Hertz [Roundup]

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  1. The police call in to clear the white guy, arrest black woman, tell her to let the judge sort it out.
    Because America…..

  2. Well Gary you used to note “at least it’s not happening at Hurtz subsidiarys.”
    Not anymore…..

  3. @JorgeGeorge Paez

    Did you not pick up on the fact that the white guy had JUST picked up the vehicle and therefore probably still had the rental agreement with him to show the police??? Or are you just a race-bating BIGOT???

    Did the black chick have her rental agreement with her? Maybe not. It also doesn’t help that black folks make up only 12% – 13% of the population, but account for over HALF of all crime in this country (See FBI crime statistics if you doubt that fact).

    GFY bigot! Try pulling your head out of CNN’s gaping, racist backside and try thinking for yourself for a change.

  4. @ Gary — I am so glad that we have blacklisted Hertz, Dollar and Thirfty. I’m mot sure why anyone wouldn’t have expected this to happen at Dollar and Thrifty. It is the same crime ring running all three companies after all.

  5. @ Jefferson — Why WOULDN’T she have the rental agreement? Aren’t these generally kept in the glove box while driving the rental car? Duh.

    You always know the racist bigot when they start blaming black people for all crime. Orange people also commit crime, but they aren’t held accountable.

  6. I have yet to have seen an orange person, let alone an orange criminal or an orange criminal playing the orange card. That said, wasn’t Hertz slogan “Hertz puts you in the hot seat?” with a tagline “Small Cars, Big House?” I’m pretty sure no matter what color you are, or even if you are the invisible man, we can all agree that renting a car from Hertz is a big mistake that could cost you your freedom or even your life.

  7. @JorgeGeorge Paez
    Two different police departments in different states.

    But I’m sure it’s all a conspiracy to get black people

  8. I’ll be the voice of reason here in saying that as a moderate who appreciates both sides of the argument that, despite the differences in jurisdiction, common sense should have prevailed in the case of the woman of color. However, as seen with the white man, this was only done in his case. A few phone calls would have solved the entire issue and there was no reason to arrest her. Unless of course they were assuming the worst because she was a minority – than of course there was no reason to check with the source of the report as they were clearly profiling and not doing their job. And no, not producing a rental agreement (which we don’t even know was the case) is not enough…I have not carried a rental agreement in ages as most rentals are paperless now.

    This is disgusting on all levels. Starting with Hertz.

  9. What Stuart said!!!
    Additionally, no one cares that the PO-PO have been given carte blanche by SCOTUS to scan license plates at will? No one complains? This is acceptable, and not in violation of our 4th Amendment rights?
    And seriously, how many cops have to show up for a “stolen car” and “arrest” thereafter? That donut shop must have seemed quite empty for an hour…

  10. How about Cops acting with common sense? Several of the instances not just isolated to Hertz but multiple where a little thinking will go a long way in eliminating lot of trouble.

  11. The Police should charge Hertz 5x the value of the car each time they arrest an innocent person that rented the car legitimately.

  12. I don’t why anyone would take a chance and rent any kind of car. Hertz is affiliated with some of these other brands. When I go somewhere it’s public transportation for me and mine.

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