Police Take Trump Supporter Away From Phoenix Airport

A Trump supporter brought a Trump flag – emblazoned with “Make America Great Again” on it – to the Phoenix airport. I’m not sure who brings one of these as a carry on item, but it’s fairly predictable that if you do you’re going to get recorded.

The passenger with the flag, though, didn’t take the inevitable recording lightly – confronting another passenger who was recording the one with the flag. And – as we see from still a third passenger who was recording the incident – the two had words.

The one with the Trump flag demanded to know if the other passenger “had permission” to record. Of course they did not need permission to be recording legally, Regarding the audio here Arizona is a one party consent state. The recording was taking place in a public space. Airlines may have rules against recording in areas they control (rarely enforced) but that’s not a legal issue, just a contract of carriage one.

The Trump-supporting passenger smacked the phone out of the hands of the woman she was arguing with. Seconds later police offers show up and once says, “Well, you don’t have permission to smack people’s hands.” Then they lead her off. And for good measure she’s not wearing a mask.


Only at the Phoenix airport LOL. my cousin send me this earlier 💀💀💀💀

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The woman being dragged away told the police she “didn’t care” that she lacked permission to strike another passenger, noting she “already has a lawsuit.” I imagine that she’s judgement-proof.

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  1. Hmmm…So someone is carrying a large flag in public and then get upsets when another person takes a picture of them holding it. And for all she knew the person recording her could have been an avid Trump supporter. I stopped trying to make sense of these emotional issues a long time ago.

  2. Meanwhile, we have BLM supporters purposely running down dozens of people in Wisconsin, killing several. Keep up the TDS.

  3. “So, are you allowed to film someone without their permission? I guess so.”

    Short answer – In a public space, yes.

    Can you use is commercially? Entirely different question.

  4. @Truth…guess you are behind on your news watching or your biased news coverage neglected to mention a few facts …which would then not
    Be the truth. As to the post here, I don’t understand either person but to carry on the tradition of some on the left that when their side is wrong, they rationalize the event by saying the other side provoked the event….hum…..let’s see, I have seen some strange stuff at airports, and never once did I get in the face of the person to take their picture or take video. On the other hand why respond that way knowing that whacking someone’s phone is not legal….but neither is harassment and if someone was bothering me at the airport I call security but then again bias seems to be running amuck these days

  5. If it’s in public, you can record it wherever your eye can see from public grounds unless there are signs saying no photography or video, according to the Supreme Court.

    My favorite line is, “I already have a lawsuit.” Like you’re proud of that????

    Also, for those who are saying Gary isn’t discussing other incidents: This is a travel blog. Not a “Whatever crazy event happened in the world today” blog.

  6. Let’s say on-topic. Let’s focus on this one person. Let’s not get into, “Oh, yeah. Well these other people did this or that.” Which is then answered with someone else is doing another thing. Is Attention Deficit Disorder pervasive among Gary’s readers?

    All too often a post on any given topic — say, resort fees — somehow evolves into immigration policy, abortion policy, social justice, and even . . . yes . . . one individual even advocating Nazism.

    Recording in a public space without posted restrictions is legal. Striking another person who is recording you is not. Irrespective of any other circumstance. Leave the discussion at that and be civil.

  7. Laws don’t apply to Trump supporters…or any right wing supporters! The right does whatever they want including killing people!

  8. I’m sorry but if you’re running around an airport wrapped in a flag of WHAT THE HELL EVER…just EXPECT someone to film you, I don’t care if it is the PETA Flag, the NY State flag, the Confederate flag or the trump flag…We are all subject to being recorded NEARLY EVERY WHERE WE GO THESE DAYS so WHY WOULDN’T YOU EXPECT THAT YOU COULD BE FILMED? You could be put on Tiktok or any other SM as well so why act stupid about it? Ummm…these same people think they “won” and despite countless lawsuits and judges saying over and over again they lost, despite their attorneys being disbarred & fined for LYING to them and the public, about all of it, they just refuse to believe it…so that indicates to me that they are likely DELUSIONAL. She’s fortunate that the woman she slapped didn’t knock her out, crazy or not, you don’t have the right to assault me or my $1000. phone.

  9. @Kenny

    Your mother would be ashamed of you for twisting and misrepresenting a tragic accident to support your false narratives. But, I suppose it’s par for the course. Exhibit A: Alex Jones. Exhibit B: Kenny

  10. @Vv Neither you nor Kenny know enough to support either theory, but that doesn’t stop either of you from popping off with your preconceived narratives. At this point, either scenario, or something else completely, is possible. Is it really that hard to wait for the facts to come out? But hot takes are so much more fun, right?

  11. “(Peaceful Places) So, are you allowed to film someone without their permission? I guess so”, asked and answered. Yes, in a public space.

    “(Mark Rascio) … get in the face of the person to take their picture or take video …”, don’t know what happened prior to the video, could have been videoing from a distance and the moron with the flag got in the videographer’s face.

    (Kenny) “ … “, not even worth addressing this drivel.

    The title should read “Police Take Trump Supporter Away From Phoenix Airport Directly to Prison”. TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a disease of his supporters, not his detractors. Predisposing factors are stupidity, bigotry, hatred, gullibility, hypocrisy. Symptoms are violence, assault, insurrection. Absolutely amazing how Trumpanistas claim to be for “law and order” but are often law breakers and supporters of those who break the law. Trump belongs in prison for several reasons (sex assault, tax fraud/evasion, real estate fraud, inciting a riot/insurrection), many of his supporters should be in the cell next to him.

  12. So now you report political crap? I haven’t seen any articles about BLM supporters or Antifa (all left wing supporters). I also don’t see “Trump” supporters running down innocent people in parades. Why don’t you stick to reporting air and hotel programs instead of stirring an old pot of hate towards people with a different opinion than yours and the left. I am neither party and like it like that. Good responses Kenny and Mark.

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