$10 Per Month In Free Stuff Per Chase Credit Card Plus $15 More Your First Month

GoPuff is an on-demand delivery service for groceries, food, and other items like tooth paste, cell phone charges, or over the counter medicines. Nearly all Chase consumer cards now have a $10 per month credit with GoPuff on purchase of $10 or more.

This offer runs through December 31, 2023 so potentially $10 per month per eligible card for over 24 months. Deliveries cost $1.95, so you need to buy something over $9 to get the credit. No registration is required.

This gets even better because you can get $15 additional credit with your first GoPuff order by going through the Swagbucks shopping portal, and these offers stack.

I currently have 6 open Chase consumer cards, so could see myself making a bunch of small orders every much, but even though I live about 12 minutes from downtown Austin my home is outside of their delivery area. I could do this while I’m traveling in a major city but I’m not certain that I will.

One saving grace may be that there’s a report of the credit working with gift card purchases, though the offer’s terms explicitly exclude this so I can’t promise it’ll work for you or if it does that it will continue working.

I hadn’t even heard of GoPuff until Hyatt announced a pilot partnership with them at a handful of Hyatt Place hotels. These GoPuff deals are perfect examples of merchant-funded offers that, when offered through a credit card, never last. You’ll note that the Chase offer has a defined end date (December 31, 2023). A hotel partnership could last longer because each Hyatt Place property is continually getting new guests at a more rapid rate than cardmembership turns over, so it isn’t just introducing the same customers to the brand.

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  1. Be sure to tip your couriers well. On a small order don’t use a percentage based tip. Give at least $10 tip. Can’t complain you can’t afford that as it’s literally how much the promotion gives you back.

  2. Minimum order for delivery is $10.95 (per the FAQs).

    And no service in Spokane, WA.

    Makes it easy to pass on this opportunity.

  3. The same sunflower seeds that sell in a grocery store for $1.29 for a whopping $3.47? And then pay delivery? And then add a “tip” for something that is somebody’s job? (Hey, if you don’t like the money you’re making, get a different job. Teachers, nurses, flight attendants don’t get tips. Most stupid and most American idea ever, the tip.) You gotta be pretty desperate to use GoPuff.

  4. Reading the terms again it appears to say you get one $10 credit each month you use one of the cards. To get multiple credits it appears you would need to open multiple accounts one per person and have that person as an authorized user.

  5. It’s looking like too much work for a relatively small return. I checked and they are available in my market, and I would be the kind of customer they might be wanting to acquire, but it seems to me the way it’s set up it only makes sense if I order something for delivery anyway; in that case it might make sense to compare prices and consider them, but that takes time. It’s not going to make me opt for delivery if I was going to make a quick run to a store after you consider the tip. I see only very niche use for me.

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