The Best Pizza In New York, From 8 Year Study

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  1. The best pizza in NYC is undoubtedly Sbarro. I remember some hot shot executive declaring this on TV years ago.

  2. @ Gary — If rich’s “troublesome” means virus, keystroke logger, etc, it should be taken down and ideally, details of what is wrong with said link shoud be provided.

  3. I don’t know if it is a bad web page or not for sure but it triggered Firefox to crash twice (immediately after I clicked on it).

    I did a scan from a 3rd party source and it revealed some issues although it wouldn’t surprise me if many web sites have issues. Issues ranged from high severity to low but multiples of each.

    This is the first time I’ve had a link actually crash my browser (Firefox on Apple/Ventura).

  4. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with that website that I can find? @rich want to be more specific about high severity issues you are finding in a scan?

  5. @ rich — I havent used FireFox for a long time, but it aways crashed when I used it years ago. Just sayin…

  6. The fact that Trump Pizza with Trump Pepperoni at the Trump Cafe in Trump Tower is not on the list invalidates the entire article.

    (And, Lombardi’s for sentimental reasons.)

  7. The best pizza in NYC can be found in any number of Astoria pizza parlors between Ditmars and 36 Avenue.

  8. Re: Russian plane: how does a plane door open in flight? I thought once the cabin is pressurized the doors can’t open because the door has to be pulled in before it can swing out.

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