Presidential Candidate Redeemed Delta Miles to Visit His Mistress

Mark Sanford is running for President in the Republican primary against Donald Trump. He is best known for disappearing for six days while serving as Governor of South Carolina. He had told staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. He didn’t return calls from staff, or check in with his family on Father’s Day.

It turns out he was in Argentina with a mistress he had met 8 years earlier, and with whom an intimate relationship began a year earlier. The revelation scuttled plans to run for President in 2012. He served out his term as governor, and ultimately retook the House seat he had previously held. He lost his seat in the 2018 Republican primary after being opposed by the President.

There’s one little known fact about the man and his six day disappearance that may help underscore his record as a fiscal conservative. He redeemed Delta SkyMiles for his famous trip to Argentina.

The Atlanta – Buenos Aires flight was historically a difficult booking to secure, though had become much easier in the midst of the Great Recession when this all played out.

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  1. In other more exciting news, I had oatmeal, a sliced banana and buttered toast for breakfast.

  2. 1) Why does it matter how anyone uses frequent flyer miles?
    2) Why is a 10 year old story relevant today?

  3. From the concerned reaction on some of the comments above, looks like you identified a worthy competitor to trump in the eyes of the traditional family values evangelical trump supporters…

  4. At least he’s not paying porn stars for sex. Or grabbing women by the P because when you’re famous than you do that. Or started a beauty pageant so he could go into the dressing room to ogle them naked. And he cheated on one wife, not three in a row.

  5. Good thing he was able to keep his doctor when he got the clap. I wonder if he used a cigar like Slick Wills.

  6. Unbelievable you would feature a story like this. Who cares! You should be more interested with our current president who pays off his mistresses with campaign funds. Geez!

  7. Actually, SadStateOfOurNation, Andrew, and Linda L Defurio are all Trolling Trump voters.

    I got the idea from Dan and Christian, who both called me a Troll for arguing with Trump Trolls. Instead of arguing, I am just going to disclose.

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