Presidential Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Awkwardly Sat By Each Other on a Flight

Elizabeth Warren demonstrated her small-d democratic cred by flying out of gate 35X at Washington’s National airport. She suffers just like the rest of us.

But what about the feeling when you run into a co-worker at the airport unexpectedly, you awkwardly try to figure out how much you need to interact. What if you’re heading out on the same flight, do you have to leave the lounge at the same time and walk together? Will they be seated near you on the plane? What if the co-worker is up for the same promotion that you are?

Warren experienced just that as she and Bernie Sanders wound up not just on the same flight, but seated right behind the other in window seats — 15A and 16A — near the left wing of the aircraft.

The guy next to Senator Sanders realizes he’s about to have his picture all over the internet. Warren wonders whether a socialist would selfishly recline his seat? After all, he doesn’t deserve the ability to recline that he’s lucked into. And Sanders is thinking how much better the meals are when you charter your own plane.

Warren closed her window shade, perfect for working on her next policy proposal. Sanders gazes out the window dreaming of the heady days of the Third International. Meanwhile the guy in 18A sure looks like Mayor Pete.

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  1. OK, this is classic and the best of the year, Gary. Wow.

    Someone though needs to tell Bernie and Elizabeth that given the demise of domestic F the optics are not so bad now if they upgrade. Nothing like seeing them endure an AA domestic F Cobb salad to rally their progressive base.

  2. Totally agree that whoever took the pic needed to blur out all non public figures!!!!!! Shame on them

  3. Not only those two politicians. There’s a third. Sajid Javid, a British MP who was running for Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. He came in 4th, I think. He’s in the aisle seat in the same row as Bernie.

    I once met Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark on a plane.

  4. Nice, but you should really write about what each of these candidates’ positions are as regards the travel points hobby. If I recall, both have made remarks that any points redemptions should be taxed fully as a luxury, and that no one needs to travel in premium classes (or stay in premium hotels). I think we all need to know their positions on these matters, which would make for an informative column.

  5. More than possible that they’ll be the next Pres. and VP. They won’t be able to go on the same plane together if that eventuates.

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