Bernie Sanders Caught Flying First Class

When Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 he charted a Boeing 767 to meet the Pope. Dinner included herb crusted lamb and fine cheeses along with lobster sliders midflight. While the democratic socialist does fly coach, even North Korea’s Air Koryo has a business class.

Senator Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, looked sheepish flying first class on an American Airlines Embraer ERJ-175 regional jet.

What caption would you give this?

(HT: Live and Let’s Fly)

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  1. Sanders is a socialist in the tradition of British and Australian Labour parties and much of the centre in Europe, Scandinavia. Only in America does the very word denote Marx and Engels, particularly for the fruitcake right, Ie about 60% of Republicans.
    He should be flying F all the time: pushing 80, recent heart attack, frenetic schedule. Give the guy a break…
    On the other hand, bloated horror in the Whitehouse wouldn’t fit in a Y seat.

  2. How can you say you are concerned about the climate and take a private 767 to Rome with less than 30 people on board. That flight used 33,193 gallons of fuel. That’s more fuel than I would use in 2 to 3 lifetimes in my car.

  3. If you look through the feed, you’ll see that twitter author posted this picture before, for attention.

  4. Frankly, I don’t care if he flies coach, first class, or private jet. Just don’t be a hypocrite. Let me live my life as I wish and as I can afford and you do the same.

  5. We don’t have enough details to condemn him for this flight.
    If he flies just a handful of times a year in coach, he may have earned status, granting him access to free uigrades on shirt haul flights. So have have purchased a coach ticket and been upgraded for free.

    I’m very dissappointed in View From The Wing…. Posting something with so few details (and so oddly written) is irresponsible.

  6. I’m sorry. Isn’t he entitled to normal upgrade benefits and rules just like anyone else? Please find something else if you’re trying to conjure up something like a scoop or story. My view of VftW has just been downgraded.

  7. This was in 2016 and we all know that last minute travel is usually first class domestic. We also know that he is a senator which means he can afford a shitty domestic American Airlines seat. And who knows if he was pumped up to first from economy for free. I’m not sure why view from the wing is promoting this!!!

  8. I usually find value in what you post, Gary. I honestly am dumbfounded that you posted something such as this. If it was tongue-in-cheek then that’s fine. I’m not actually offended by the post and it’s your site so do what you wish, but come on. If I wanted your view on politics, I’d go to a site where you post your political leanings. I don’t care about him or the other side. You’ve lost a reader. Not because of your asinine and non-travel related post, but because it was click bait-y and a waste of our time.

  9. EMMANUEL RUIZ says:
    February 14, 2020 at 12:18 pm
    Yeah, let post like this continue…esp. if its about the Communist Left!

    You Trump racists always Red Bait
    We get it
    Wear your white hood and move on

  10. I didn’t know this is a political blog. where are your comments about other candidates?
    I would bother to make an argument but you clearly are not interested in a discourse, just moralizing and making posts out of context. meanwhile millions are without healthcare and are burdened by debt. but you’re concerned about someone’s airplane seat?

  11. Limousine Liberal doesn’t even do justice to the modern US left . . . they usually travel by private jet, and Bernie — a multimillionaire who got rich while “serving” the public as a government official and who owns three homes — is perhaps the biggest hypocrite in American politics today (and that is saying quite a lot).

  12. I love how folks like Mak will just go completely apoplectic at “Limousine liberals” traveling first class and “getting rich” while a congressmen.

    But bring up the fact that Trump promised to never spend a day on the golf course, has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars doing so, and has gotten him and his kids VERY rich while fleecing the American public? “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME! ORANGE MAN BAD!…now back to my screaming tantrums about AOC, Hillary and Hunter Biden”.

    You all are cowards, straight up.

  13. Your blog posts a variety of topics, some I find extremely useful, and others not so much. I don’t criticize your selections. If I am uninterested or have a different point of view, I simply move on. It shows how far we’ve degraded as a society that people resort to name calling when they don’t like your views or those of others. Tolerance is a two way street but some groups feel it is one way. You either agree with them or you or wrong. My parents taught me I was no better than any one else. Good manners were also part of my upbringing. Perhaps a few of your posts are inaccurate, but let’s retain our civility.

  14. Seriously, why did you post this Gary? Are you trying to make a political statement? Who knows why Bernie was in first class and who cares? Lucky him!

  15. Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is second in line in the Presidential succession, right behind Vice President Pence. A person in that position would normally be in a military plane, especially considering the grief she would get from the MAGA crowd if she flew commercial.

  16. who the hell cares if he’s in first class. is there some insinuation that he paid for it? and even if he did, is that a bad thing? he has money. just because you’re a democratic socialist doesn’t mean you think people need to be poor. smh.

    we all know you dont pay for the majority of your first class seats. he probably didn’t either.

  17. And, by the way, there’s this little thing called google and then reading. and sometimes watching videos, I’m not sure if you’re incapable of managing these, but if you did avail yourself you would see that Bernie Sanders didn’t go to Russia on his honey moon. He went because of the sister cities initiative.

  18. Gary, that picture is doctored, it has been making the rounds (FB, twitter) for months, kinda bummed that you are spreading such obvious misinformation

  19. All of the politicos should take a charter flight to north Korea on a Boeing Max 8 with an Indonesian pilot!

  20. Guess no creepy, weird post from daily mirror/ny post to repost here, masquerading as ‘travel’ news from the emptiest of the thought leader blogger. Dude or whatever you are, have you looked into the mirror yourself?

  21. Gary, this was a frivolous cheapshot article with no relevance to the reason I gave you my email address. There are a multitude of bloggers producing the same travel articles. If this is what sets you apart, I’m no longer interested in being on your distribution list. Good luck and goodbye.

  22. Sanders is a typical communist. Do as I say not as I do. He is trash just like 90% of the rest of politicians including BOTH Democrats and Republicans

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